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  1. Saw them live last year and they played this song, it is absolute fire live !!
  2. If people were disrespectful towards the band’s work I’d be ok with you but I think it’s good if people voice their opinion, whether it’s positive or not. And we’re talking about one of the biggest releases in this scene this year so far, so.. i feel like people are a bit disappointed that a band they probably loved and had affection for is becoming a bit dull, so that’s why there are such disappointed reviews but still I notice that (almost) no one’s going “that’s sh*t f*ck this band” so that’s cool
  3. Pre-ordered the album right after listening to it here, my AOTY so far along with Kvelertak !
  4. So boring... couldn't listen to it in its entirety, album feels dull..
  5. This is so forgettable, that's a shame since I really like this band, but I don't feel like it brings something new to the table
  6. I don't see where you guys see the comparison with FDTD, these singles feel like they're going to release a softer S/T, not a heavier album, but I might be wrong! (and it's not necessarily a bad thing when bands go soft so i don't care)
  7. was wondering why I was quoted in this topic as I have no interest in 5FDP, saw that some butthurt guy quoted one of my posts in an Anti-Flag topic in order to claim that "there is only two genders", was not disappointed. PS: here in France, FDP is the acronym for the transation of "son of a b****", so I let you imagine how 5FDP is a cool band acronym!
  8. *In any website comments And AF isn't really radical about politics... what a time to be alive, with punk-rock-loving people unable to handle the fact that they are listening to an anti-hate / anti-intolerance scene!
  9. Bums me to see people complaining about a punk band being anti Trump..
  10. Listened to the songs thanks to the mean comments, wasn't disappointed. Fun song!
  11. Digging this sound (previous single and now this), never been into DN, does the rest of their discography sound like this (a bit like The Golden Age from Your Demise), or is it more like straightforward hardcore ? Cool song though
  12. Good ! Reminds me a bit of Dead! (the band) , which isn't a bad thing!
  13. This is quite underwhelming, considering all the good songs they've written before... like I gat that they're trying to reach for that angry sound, but it feels kind of empty... Nevertheless I'm really looking forward to seeing them for the first time ever, in 2 weeks !!
  14. Why do you even say this ?There's barely anyone who criticizes this change of sound, so...
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