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  1. Why do you even say this ?There's barely anyone who criticizes this change of sound, so...
  2. How can an album with some of my favorite bands covering some of my favorite bands be so boring ?
  3. Same here, I hope this will live up to those singles, if so, that's going to be a solid release !
  4. Man, listen to it, really, these two songs are straight up the same !
  5. 1 - Don Broco - Technology 2 - As It Is - The Great Depression 3 - Twenty One Pilots - Trench 4 - Dead! - The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying 5 - The Kooks - Let's Go Sunshine 6 - Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked 7 - Orelsan - La Fête Est Finie - Epilogue 8 - Boston Manor - Welcome To The Neighbourhood 9 - Caliban - Elements 10 - Crossfaith - Ex_Machina
  6. Classic comment but still... I don't see how they are like betraying the old fans, considering the fact that these old fans, so as the band, have grown up, and not every former fan listens to metalcore/deathcore anymore, and on the contrary, I can recognize myself in this kind of evolution rather than in a band which would keep playing the same violent music for decades... Still, love, those three singles, and I can't wait for this album !!
  7. Well I remember Sempiternal did leak waaaaaaay prior to its release... I don't think that BMTH has leaked since then (moreover, it's not as if Who Do You Trust was the most anticipated release of the year ^^)
  8. So we're not allowed to have our opinions, to like these songs ? ^^
  9. You're lucky then... I wish everyone here knew Sleepwalking ! But here, they would be "a bunch of screaming dudes, omgwecan'tunderstandwhattheyresaying" you know... like the heaviest stuff we had on the radio in the 2010s was 5SOS I guess ^^
  10. I think your reasoning is mainly right, but from our point of view we think they broke into the mainstream... I think they haven't really, they've grown bigger in the overall rock/metal scene, but I'm not sure most people know them, not even their name (like most metal bands)... But still they became pretty big and I think it's awesome ! (This is my point of view as a French guy, may not be the same in the US, as here there is NO rock music in the mainstream)
  11. Album is really cool ! A bit let down by both first songs, but the rest is catchy AF!
  12. Thanks, even if I'm afraid I'm not going to like this as much as Would It Kill You?
  13. Really liked Crooked Teeth, like how they keep having consistent releases over the years !
  14. Saw the artwork. Thought it was a new BMTH single (visual identity close to Mantra's). It was not. Got disappointed. Listened to the single. It's pretty cool.
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