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  1. Thanks @KidA24 for the bonus track! Now to wait for my pre-orders to come in
  2. @KidA24 Upload it to somewhere like and submit it with the submit a leak button at the top of the page ^ Unless you mean copying the track to your computer aswell
  3. Would love the Target/Japan bonus track for this if anyone can share!
  4. I have a proper full 320 of this session, if anyone wants
  5. Not available for me to buy just yett. Sometimes you guys are quicker but i can make it happen!
  6. Pushing my luck here i know but.. time for another?
  7. Thankyou for this. I was hoping Sparkle Motion would be a new recording but it's great to finally get So Hot And You Sweat On It in FLAC!!!
  8. Thankyou Voinolin! Can't help but feel this release is a little lazy, they didn't even re-record Your Ego's Writing... or For Our Fathers! They've just used the leaked mp3 & the webcam video rip
  9. Yess! Thankyou @Lord Kingdom!!!! A preview & a full track, you are awesome!! It is very different & will need time to grow on me i think
  10. Never understood the way they do things. I mean they got successful after Rise or Die Trying so they decided to follow it up with the covers album which was also a strange choice
  11. Track 5 isn't legit, it's just ripped from the music video on youtube.. still has 911/Mr Lonely at the end!
  12. I have a copy with a slightly different tracklist (12 tracks) and in a better bitrate (192). The demos and album tracks have been removed but things like Naivety acoustic, All Signs Point acoustic have been added and If It Means Alot has been changed to a proper acoustic performance. Drop me a pm if anyone is interested
  13. Fuck yes, thankyou so much! Liking what i'm hearing so far
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