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  1. International orders were shipped last week, UK orders were just shipped today. I know the mail service here in the UK is struggling right now so i can only imagine it's pretty fucked everywhere else. I can't honestly see pre-orders arriving for anyone by Friday since they weren't sent out nearly early enough. They said early shipment and then just sent them out at the same time they have for previous albums.
  2. The Australian Weekend EP isn't real 320, i have yet to find a proper rip of it... the spek looks weird as hell.
  3. That’s not all of it either, you should see my collection.
  4. Thanks @KidA24 for the bonus track! Now to wait for my pre-orders to come in
  5. @KidA24 Upload it to somewhere like and submit it with the submit a leak button at the top of the page ^ Unless you mean copying the track to your computer aswell
  6. Would love the Target/Japan bonus track for this if anyone can share!
  7. I have a proper full 320 of this session, if anyone wants
  8. Not available for me to buy just yett. Sometimes you guys are quicker but i can make it happen!
  9. Pushing my luck here i know but.. time for another?
  10. Thankyou for this. I was hoping Sparkle Motion would be a new recording but it's great to finally get So Hot And You Sweat On It in FLAC!!!
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