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  1. The Australian Weekend EP isn't real 320, i have yet to find a proper rip of it... the spek looks weird as hell.
  2. That’s not all of it either, you should see my collection.
  3. Thanks @KidA24 for the bonus track! Now to wait for my pre-orders to come in
  4. @KidA24 Upload it to somewhere like and submit it with the submit a leak button at the top of the page ^ Unless you mean copying the track to your computer aswell
  5. Would love the Target/Japan bonus track for this if anyone can share!
  6. I have a proper full 320 of this session, if anyone wants
  7. Not available for me to buy just yett. Sometimes you guys are quicker but i can make it happen!
  8. Pushing my luck here i know but.. time for another?
  9. Thankyou for this. I was hoping Sparkle Motion would be a new recording but it's great to finally get So Hot And You Sweat On It in FLAC!!!
  10. Thankyou Voinolin! Can't help but feel this release is a little lazy, they didn't even re-record Your Ego's Writing... or For Our Fathers! They've just used the leaked mp3 & the webcam video rip
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