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  1. Slightly disappointed. I was really looking forward to this album. Even tho 7 rings and bad idea were bangers ,I feel this was just another cash grab breakup album...
  2. True. Its a nice album as a "farewell" from him. R.I.P Oli
  3. This album was kinda surprising. Have not been into them since For We Are Many. Theres' couple of soft moments here and there but as a whole the album is banger IMO.
  4. ohhh boyy! edit. Holy shit this was good. Easily tops last album with this single and I really liked Awakened
  5. This was surprising. I have not been into amorphis since Silent Waters but I might have to check their new album out.
  6. I was kinda expecting more at first. How would i describe this... feels that this has a little pop vibe in it. But this really grews the more you listen to it.
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