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  1. Secrets - Five Years [Single] (2017)

    Waste Away which they released last year was great, too! And Turn the Page and In Loving Memory weren't that bad on ETGUS.
  2. Story Of The Year - I Swear I'm Okay (Single) (2017)

    Sounds like 30STM. But I really love Dan's voice. Nevertheless Bang Bang was better, but it's good. P.S.: is there somebody who can upload the whole SOTY discography (I just have 128 kbit)? Would be really nice.
  3. Secrets - Five Years [Single] (2017)

    FANTASTIC! With this, Incredible and Waste Away, I am really exicted for the new album.
  4. Anti-Flag - American Fall (2017)

    Great. Thanks!
  5. Anti-Flag - American Fall (2017)

    I absolutely love everything they've ever put out. Great album!
  6. We Came As Romans - Cold Like War (2017)

    The singles really gave me a hype. And I just describe this album with one word: MASTERPIECE ❤
  7. Hollywood Undead - Five (2017)

    I've never been a huge fan, but somehow I dig it. Really catchy and the heavier songs are good to. Nothing great, but a nice listen now and then.
  8. Resolve - Reverie (2017)

    Rapture is a absolute banger!
  9. Resolve - Reverie (2017)

    Out of nowhere, but this EP is fire. Absolutely great!
  10. Thousand Below - Sleepless (iTunes) (Single) (2017)

    Great to finally see a new good post-hardcore band. It's been a while since I discovered the last one.
  11. Great. I'm so stoked for the album. The Ninth Wave is such a banger.
  12. Alazka - Phoenix (Preview) (2017)

    Guys, you're killing me with those previews. Everytime I think it's a leak.
  13. For The Win - Heavy Thoughts (2017)

    I never thought this day would come. But here it is. So half of the songs are already released, but I don't think the others are weaker. Good heavy Pop Punk.
  14. I just don't know what's better. The show or its soundtrack. but i love both.
  15. Story Of The Year - Bang Bang (Single) (2017)

    Yeah. If I'll get the chance, nothing will hold me back.