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  1. I absolutely loved their EP. Great album!
  2. A really good unknown post hardcore band. Loved Dreameater and this is really awesome too!
  3. something different, but really good nonetheless. Stoked for the album!
  4. after 3 albums and hearing this single... At some point you just get over this sound.
  5. Great album. Saw them on Rock im Park and it was so amazing.
  6. I Love them so much. Tanks Lord Kingdom.
  7. Oh yeah. Richtig geil. Ein etwas unerwarteter Sound, aber hat was.
  8. oh yeah. i'm in love. These dudes never disappoint.
  9. the intro is absolutely Asking Alexandria. This song sounds so Reckless and Relentless, but it's good nonetheless. Just the cleans.. meh
  10. Read their band name and recognized how much I miss For All I Am
  11. oh yes my german mates. absolutely love their music! I don't know why they changed their name, but hey. Still really good music.
  12. First Our Hollow Our Home, then Villain of the Story, now that. What a perfect day.