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  1. Nope, the hype was only for this three songs. Hope they announce a new album any time soon, because their last single Apollo and this are so fucking good.
  2. Oh yes, sounds great. It's like a german Counterparts, but I love it. 👌🏼 @LKA the headline is wrong. It's silent bird, not hollow at heart. :b
  3. Really nice, catchy song, but after those singles it should be clear, they cut all the heavy parts, which isn't the worst thing, but fuck that Breakdown in 'Bring It On' was awesome in my opinion and I kinda liked these parts on their debut album.
  4. I really like these guys. Nothing spectecualar, but a nice listen. Their Album last year was really good in my opinion and the Three Singles released so far, too. Sooo Let's See.
  5. It's a deluxe edition with a few new songs. - Ghosts - Bury Me - Winter Sleep (Acoustic)
  6. both singles are good, but a bit generic. nevertheless it should be a solid album.
  7. Can't wait to hear the full album. It will be an absolute banger. 😍 Great single tho. 👌🏼 And I really get Silverstein vibes from it.
  8. This song didn't make it on the album "Better Days". They release it now, because their vocalist left the band. Nevertheless it's a good song.
  9. It's just bangin from start to finish. Fantastic album.
  10. I followed them since they were called "Atlas" and released their debut EP "The Lost Boys". I'm really happy to finally have a full album from these guys. Hope it won't be the last. Nice that they re-recorded some of their old songs. Can't wait to hear it.
  11. For me these guys have a really Silversteinish sound. Shade a little bit more than this song but still. Nevertheless I'm fucking hyped for their album. Already pre-ordered.
  12. Oh yes. I'm really hyped for it. I absolutely loved their 'Shadow Thieves - EP". It will definitely be on my AOTY list, for sure.
  13. Zippyshare, because it's faster in Germany, but on mobile PTL most of the time, because of the Pop ups