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  1. This is straight fire. 🔥 Wade is such an fantastic vocalist. Nice to see more of the heavy side of Secrets.
  2. 1. Northlane - Alien 2. Imminence - Turn The Light On 3. Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love 4. NF - The Search 5. While She Sleeps - So What? 5. Hoodie Allen - Whatever USA 6. Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust? 7. Sum 41 - Order in Decline 8. Zebrahead - Brain Invaders 9. Whitechapel - The Valley 10. I Prevail - Trauma
  3. Oh yeah. I loved Above The Broken. I'll definitely check this out. ??
  4. Very surprised to see this band here. A very unknown band near my hometown in Germany. Solid album all in all. ??
  5. Ah you're right. Totally forgot about this. But nevertheless it was so much better than ETGUH and close to Fragile Figures. Imo
  6. I'm so hyped. ? Their last album was just an absolute banger for me and on constant repeat. I hope this will be such as good. ?? Their best decision was to leave RR and do their own thing.
  7. Yes. Love this! Hope there is an album announcement any time soon.
  8. Oh yes. My bois are back. ?? Loved their first EP and their debut album. Can't wait for more. ❤️
  9. After I saw the runtime, I thought this would be a heavy short hitter, like every other modern metalcore/Post-Hardcore has nowadays. So I was a little bit surprised, overall a solid single. Pretty hyped for the album.
  10. Nothing really special or groundbreaking, but it's a solid song. Classic 2012 Post-Hardcore sound and the vocals are kinda cool. ?
  11. Oh shit. I totally lost this band after Machine 15. The first song in and I remember why I love them. Just great Punk Rock/Pop Punk!
  12. 1. Secrets - Secrets 2. Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame 3. LANDMVRKS - Fantasy 4. Architects - Holy Hell 5. Crystal Lake - Helix 6. Parkway Drive - Reverence 7. Fit For A King - Dark Skies 8. Wind Walkers - The Lost Boys 9. Palisades - Erase the Pain 10. If I Were You - Inner Signals
  13. Love these guys. They always release nice EP's. Solid Pop Punk.
  14. I kinda like this album. They really suit each other imo. ??‍♂️
  15. Yeah I agree with that. But all in all a really solid album. Silence is the best track imo.
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