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  1. i mean yeah this album is basically 1975 + louder snares, but this band was doing cheesy synth pop before it was hip
  2. i like the harmonics in the chorus.. in any song, really. this song is basic as hell though.
  3. it's waayyyy better than the last album, IMO. was not a fan of that one.
  4. track before that is incredible as well.
  5. super happy it was re-released, cause i totally missed this. good shit.
  6. whoa, thought these guys died out a long time ago. cool.
  7. been worried since phil left, but this is solid enough.
  8. doesn't have that Jason Rauch crunch that Red is known for, but it 100% sounds better than release the panic.
  9. another solid track. so ready for this album.
  10. weird project. infinity stoned is straight up stupid, but the rest of the EP is kinda beautiful.
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