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  1. bruhhh i click this bookmark like 5 times a day looking for new uploads. how am i supposed to exist without KL i can't believe you've done this
  2. apparently mallory knox splintered into two mediocre bands that's cool i guess
  3. enjoyed this way more than i expected, vibes are more like gravity and noir than the last album. tobias is solid definitely feels a little manic with the EDM in 2nd verse, but the chorus is catchy, breakdown is chonky af, and Flo's guitar work is 10/10 as always
  4. this is real good so many different vibes that all feel vaguely familiar, yet unique
  5. this album won't get the attention it deserves. holy shit.
  6. yeah i just read about the breakup, had no idea what the story was. bummer. oh well. vennart.
  7. his vocals have improved so much over the years. bring oceansize back, you bitch
  8. another set of bangers. this guy
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