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  1. yeah wow, someone fucked up. single bops though.
  2. have always dug sahaj's vocals. no idea what this project even is but i'll peep it.
  3. LD has sold the fuck out. good for him, i guess.
  4. that single is a JAM. will check this out.
  5. one thing i've always hated about rudess' playing is that so many of his songs end up sounding like some kind of circus where he just plays whatever the fuck, melody be damned. ruined so many good dream theater songs. this single is a perfect embodiment of this phenomenon.
  6. i miss crooks but i'll give this a shot.
  7. not shabby at all. reminds me of the great alt. rock bands of the 00's.
  8. they jacked that piano melody from somewhere. i dunno where, but somewhere.
  9. i hadn't even heard that he'd died. that sucks.
  10. cave in is back? i'm okay with this
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