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  1. sold me on that single. will peep this.
  2. light me on fucking fire. i don't remember any Erra song sounding this djenty. ..and it's just a QOTSA cover.
  3. they had to change their name due to another band called The Novelists getting butthurt. this is nice. production is a little weak, but it's more Novelists.
  4. bout time edit: sidestage should have been the closer.
  5. if it's on dreambound, you know it's bound to be good. i'll see myself out.
  6. why are the cleans louder than every goddamn thing on the planet? edit: just realized this is the same band that put out spirit vessel. also realized that this is a re-release of an old debut. ..i'll let it slide.
  7. nothing groundbreaking, but it's well done.
  8. easily worse than any song on the last album.
  9. the production is so, so good. princess catgirl is a bit grating tho.
  10. you'll download this if you know what's good for you
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