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  1. I just want to say that this completely shits all over Silence in the Snow.
  2. Discord is great. This would be great.
  3. Limewire was lame. IRC was where it was at, but some early copies had watermarks anyways put in from the record labels. Anyways this is gonna be good, Their transition from post hardcore style to this seemed to worked out well for them.
  4. I first heard these guys in 2003 also when "A Snow Capped Romance" leaked a few months before release. So glad they're still around. I miss Poison the Well though.
  5. Seriously these guys have never disappointed me. Great album.
  6. oh my god super stoked to listten to this!!!
  7. Lol ok weird choice for a cover but I usually enjoy Nik Nocturnal's covers so i'll check it out.
  8. Lol, heard about it earlier today but didn't bother looking for it anywhere else, Figured it would be posted here all in good time.
  9. Yep no problem Thanks for posting this one.
  10. My favorite single so far from this album. btw this song is tagged wrong, shows up as Death Eater and not Wars to Walk Away From.
  11. Losing Control and Still Alive.
  12. Song is fucking good.
  13. tbh I've never been a big fan of RED but I'm digging these 2 new songs.
  14. Another good track here folks.
  15. Chorus is great on both of these songs I think.