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  1. Sounds like the second band at every show I went to in 2007.
  2. Usually their records have a couple stand out tracks and some that are okay. This doesn't have quite the highest highs but I'm still so pumped on it. I'm ride or die.
  3. Agree and disagree. Peach is too Jack Johnson for me and I love Mississippi.
  4. Hahahaha that is oddly so true. Song is a bit more mid-tempo rock than I tend to like but I'm forever a sucker for these guys. Production sounds great and I love how the intensity builds throughout. Can't wait for this record.
  5. Hell yeah! My friends band from back in the day. Hoping they actually do a re-mix/remaster of this soon. One of my favourites in the genre.
  6. Every record they release has one or two instant classics. So stoked on this!
  7. I was looking for this yesterday. Thanks!
  8. So different but I get what they're going for with this one. We'll see if I'm into it in a couple weeks.
  9. Thanks for this. Was looking for it on bandcamp or anywhere not streaming.
  10. I shouted WTF when I saw this. Did not know this was coming.
  11. New to this band but wowwwwww. Big thanks for this.
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