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  1. See Ya Space Cowboys I kinda figured this would happen in the bext year or so. Which is why I steadily became less active. Having just moved into our first home ourselves, I fully understand letting go of some things for the sake of your future. Be well, and stay safe. Not just the big wigs, but all the contributors, mods, doners, and just regular users. To everyone who has entertained my ramblings and reviews. Whether by debate or friendly agreements or even toxic disagreements. Thank you for the interaction, large or small. Whether ot be roasting me saying "where can I buy your book?" because I type so much, or just friendly annoying memes in the chatbox like "stop being pussies and leak wage war" years ago. Both good and bad, this site and community have been one I have kept coming back to for years. I have made friends, enemies that later became friends, and witnessed a lot of great friendships between others grow here. I'm not sure where I'll find new music after this tbh, the featured releases was always such a blessing. Just like this community. It's the only music site that felt alive, on the level of a social media site. And that's rare. To all of you, thank you. Good, bad, all of it. Hopefully will see some of you on the Discord. -Savage
  2. I think it's just the generalization. BMTH played at the Royal Albert as they were evolving their sound, now Architects are going through a similar transition in sound and on an artistry level, probably really wanted to perform at the Royal Albert with the backup orchestra. That, and everyone tends to compare everythingin the scene to BMTH for some reason.
  3. Uh-oh! Better not tell the band this guy is disappointed, they might just back pedal and make another samey sounding, strictly metalcore album! Your opinion doesn't make you any less of a disgrace to the music community. Hmm. Too rude? That's how you sound. Stop. p.s. I'm sorry for being rude. Was just making a blunt comparison and point but I don't wish you ill wiil or bad vibes and don't like being rude. Hugs and kisses. Stay safe.
  4. I can see the similarity tbh. And ngl, with Architects starting a new sound and chapter it would be cool af to see a band that's been experimenting sounds for years collaborating with them. Almost like a "keep going, we got your back brothers". It's not Oli but it would be a cool feature.
  5. I finally realized what BVB reminds me of. Nickleback. The cadence of his voice, the super repetitive yet catchy lyrics, just more metal inspired instrumentals. And nobody but their fanbase takes them seriously/ gives them the credit for it but rather makes memes or jokes. While neither are my go-to, you can't deny their talent for writing catchy songs. I don't think I'll be checking out the album, but I don't doubt it will be a fun listen for any who do. While I'm not a fan of Andy since he's quite an asshole, I can't knock his vocals. I'm just glad that they are still the BVB I remember hearing years ago. To clarify, this wasn't an insult to the band or it's fans. If anything it's a compliment. People often clown on Nickleback, yet look at their success. Look at their charts and platinum records. Sure, edgy people online will act like they're above liking Nickleback, but deep down they'll feel that nostalgia of being on a roadtrip and "I'm Falling" comes on the radio and next thing you know their head is bobbing and by the end they're singing their hearts out on that 10 hour drive. This was a lot for 1 song, but alas I have done it again. Apologies for the long-winded "not really a fan but it's catchy like Nickleback on the radio". Have a nice day and stay safe. Much love.
  6. I hadn't felt a song slap this hard since the most recent Gravemind LP. It was like if Cthulu himself climbed the top rope and pile drived down onto my ears with one cymbal on my head and the other on his eldritch elbow. That switch at around 1:42 was sick.
  7. Just when we thought 2020 was lightening up, Thy Art basically handed out this death threat to any who enter the pit once this gets played live. Jokes aside, this is absolutely filthy. Those switch ups, those pace changes, both vocally and instrumentally, that real glitchy sound at parts, that absolutely fetid drop towards the end. You know, I'm not one for off-roading and intentionally getting a truck muddy as possible, but listening to Thy Art kinda makes me get it, ya know what I mean? I think that's the best metaphor I could reference. The pure bliss of getting filthy on purpose.
  8. If that's a legit track listing I'd be hyped. Not enough bands feature Winston when he's got great vocals that stand out too. And Simon Neil would be cool af as I love me some Biffy Clyro.
  9. Finally got around to listening to this. I like it much better than their past couple albums that sounded samey to me. I know there was loads of emotion and grief but to me, his screams/growls always sounded 1-note to me. Like the fluctuation in note wasn't as noticeable or attention grabbing as say another vocalist from the same genre like FFAK or ABR or even WCAR. That's not to say it was bad by any means. In fact Architects has always been my Metalcore Moby Dick. I know they're a huge beast, but I just couldn't get into them like everyone else did. Maybe I'll give em another shot after all these years. After all I still have their song 'Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat' on my phone, and now 'Animals'. I know the normal listeners that are wanting essentially more of the same from them, I really dig this Quakecore Synth/beatdown vibe. Gives me BMTH 'Ludens' vibes with alarms and synths that sound right out of Death Stranding. Very atmospheric and I love it. And vocally this was a fun time. Listened to this on repeat as I typed this out. Nodding and bobbing my head everytime it got to that gritty quake quad damage sounding bridge/breakdown. I know this will likely get downvoted because I like this but hey, it's making me wanna give Architects another go, and highly anticipate an album a song like this might be on.
  10. Much love to you as well. I appreciate the feedback. While I understand everyone has their own opinion on my posts, I try my best to have a very open mind, even if it's a band I have a lot of history with and am familiar with. As I mentioned somewhere, I welcome criticism of bands or their work, as long as it's a genuine conversation or memes. But, not mindless toxicity just for the sake of getting a rise out of someone by being a contrarian. Especially with everything going on these days. Music has a way of bringing us together, we shouldn't squander that energy by just being a bunch of asses to each other. You never know what someone's going through. (:
  11. Well that I agree with, and negative comments usually lack creativity and are repetitive. Then again, so is "lets gooooo" or "fuckin AOTY". I don't mind negative comments, as long as they're worth reading. Whether they be constructive criticism or sarcastic and put a smile on people's faces. Not just the same, thoughtless negativity that nobody needs more of these days. And it is 100% okay to not like something others enjoy. That's life. But to just shit on it or make borderline culturally offensive comments about it is...uncalled for to say the least. I forget sarcasm and cheekiness doesn't translate well via text. 0% angry (: just real energetic. Nothin but love. And memes.
  12. Nah m8. Talkin about the gutterals Oli tracked for a song we haven't got yet.
  13. Okay, after listening for days now I can say this is my favorite era of BMTH. I love their staple albums, I even really loved their 2 more recent albums. My god Kingslayer is one of my all time favorite BMTH tracks already. Long winded honest thoughts time. To me, BMTH is the next-gen Linkin Park of today. Trying new sounds and subjects to tackle lyrically. It hurts to think or say out loud that Linkin Park will never recover from the loss of Chester, not just vocally, but the energy and soul. It hurts to admit, and I love Mike and the boys, but Chester was the Pillar of LP. I eagerly await to see how they move forward, but I also won't be the toxic fan that puts even more stress on their hearts. And if the rest of these Post Human EPs are going to like this but cover different topics and tones for example this one is clearly influenced by the virus,the phobia, the overwhelming government presence throughout all of it, the paranoia and unrest from the virus and the state of the world. Not to mention the outro track clearly leaves us hanging. It ends in a feeling of disconnect and separation. Not just from a loved one, but a way of life that now feels like a bygone era. I imagine the next one will focus on the mania of being isolated and coping with it, and end on a very frustrated and angry cliffhanger. EP 3 will probably be a lot of anger and rage and letting loose and lashing out not just on the state of the world, but the powers that be these days that are pulling the strings. EP 4 will probably start with a trailing anger that turns into understanding and acceptance and resolve but bleed into the confusion this firstone starts with. Making a full circle. I think this first one is simply little bits of several moods and mindsets that have been swimming in circles in their heads but each EP going forward will have a much more concentrated tone/topic. Dear Diary-anxiety&worry Parasite Eve-Uncertainty&Change(inevitable) Teardrops-Loneliness&Depression Obey-Paranoia&Distrust(w/Gov) Itch For the Cure&Kingslayer-Flicker of Hope While stuck in a broken system 1x1-Nostalgia&Fears and dealing with them. Ludens-Separation/Divided People Butterflies-Having to Let Go&the Anger of it. I don't care if anyone doesn't like this. This project is fucking stellar. It's fun, it's creative and catchy. Babymetal was great (fuck you, fight me). Amy Lee is still a vocal goddess. The Linkin Park influence is welcomed. The manic writing style is a vibe. I should note while I have seen the name Babymetal before, I had never listened to them until this track, and it's great. I'm glad they make music they want, it's enjoyable af. If your only argument is about the song structure or how this isn't Suicide Season 2.0 why are you even still here? Just to make others suffer your company and comments? Let others enjoy what you refuse to and move on.
  14. Probably gonna be on the next batch or 3rd one. Whichever Post Human drops closest to the time they're gonna try to tour again I bet. To build hype. After all, we got 3 more of these coming in the next 11 months. a l l e g e d l y .
  15. But...wait a minute. Where's the gutturals they teased? Where's "Pass the flask cuz I'm bathin in blood" ah man. I think that means they teased us with stuff that might be on Post Human as a whole...and not this single EP/LP under the name. Image related.
  16. The "what have I becooOOooOome" is the tell it's Chris. I recognize that Breaking Benjamin doppelganger anywhere and I love it.
  17. Kinda sounds like Emmure at points. But not in a meme. Or even BFMV. Those cleans are angelic. This goes hard, it's not jelly, it's a jam.
  18. That intro sounds like it's right off Reanimation. God, I cannot wait for the rest of this album.
  19. This track isn't the only thing that's MASSIVE after 5 listens. Tbh never really listened to babymetal but F, respect. I could honestly seeing Linkin Park, were Chester still alive, getting back to nu-metal and collabing with Babymetal, cold rain, and Crystal Lake on some special project celebrating the anniversary of HT. It really feels like Oli took the passing of his own hero to heart and refuses to just make music for the drones that want There is A Hell... or even Suicide Season. He's experimenting and making music he likes. And that's how we get bangers like this featuring baby metal which I am now promptly looking into.
  20. Finally it's out. Been somewhat ignoring it gor months to speed up the wait, but Justin doing live stream sessions made it a chore to not get hyped. That and lue October is almost an everyday listen for me.
  21. Listen, if you expect anything but experimental albums from this band at this point, you're the one to blame. It's been several LPs. Some people enjoy variety. Some don't.
  22. It's the level flow in his pitch/tone when he does it. It sounds specifically like Maynard. There's whosper sing in Ludens but I wouldnt say it sounds at all like Maynard. I didn't say "that part he sounded just like Maynard" I said the vibe of it. Specifically how Maynard does that kind of structure.
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