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  1. Oh buzz off nerd. In your own words, why should I let a stranger take up my brainspace? Now again, go away.
  2. Now don't use that passive aggressive excuse. I'm literally working 6 days a week,engaged and getting married this year, rescue stray animals, game, and still have internet time when winding down for the day. If you really gotta use "I have a life" as an excuse, on the fucking internet, that just screams insecurity about indeed not "having a life". Idgaf dude. Again, was fucking around. Don't spaz out over it so much. I wish you all the luck in the world with your life. Sorry Jesus. We're sinning. Don't tell God plz.
  3. Some gets it. Either they're mad I like a band or they're mad I'm fucking around. I guess the cowboy emoji literally has lost it's meaning on here.
  4. For some maybe. But points for grabbing that article so quick. Actually impressed. +respect
  5. I don't think you understand. It's not back pedalling. It's explaining that I was being sarcastic since that went over your head. Considering how many shit takes you have given on KL, one would think you'd learn the difference between a sarcastic post and genuinely shitting on something. And no I don't. I was suggesting it would've been easy to see. I didn't say you should or could or if I gave a cold shit. Now, go away.
  6. And yet you fools all gobbled that bait. Hook and all. Good job. If you weren't so caught up living in a bubble, it's very easy to see I'm being a shit head and in fact listen to half of those artists and bands. Both living and dead. Not at all bb. Already addressed this, retard.
  7. That's barely a list. Good chunk of those artists are dead too. And the ones still living are pretty trash.
  8. I think I'll wait until the 8MB Playstation SD card quality is posted.
  9. Yeah, it's cashing in on all the hipsters and their niche interests in retro audio.
  10. Pass. Not even close to their best work. Not total trash, just not up to their standard imo. But could just be a weak single. Might just be me. Thanks for posting!
  11. Honestly folks, do not sleep on Oliver Tree. The dude is super talented. Music is catchy as hell. Been listening to his stuff for almost a year. Dont be suprised to see/hear him a lot in the coming months/year.
  12. Is there any synthwave stuff worth listening to on this album? Album art gives me big replicant hunting energy but not sure if any is to be found.
  13. I know a guy who said his grandad got the vinyl in at his barnes&noble. Will post later if he comes through and edit my comment here. edit: his grandad got crowd killed by someone listening to Imagine Dragons. Sorry lads. He said he's gonna bury the record with his grandad to honor his memory. This is so sad. 1 like=1 prayer. Thinking about making Slipknot grandad merch to donate 10% of every purchase to bookstore security to prevent future grandad crowd killers.
  14. These guys have yet to put out a track I don't enjoy. Excited for this. Thanks.
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