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  1. Abyss, Watching Me - Ignite (2017)

    Oh shit I feel like I'm 16 in highschool and jamming out to ADTR's Homesick album that just dropped and I'm clicking related bands on iTunes like Greeley Estates and Scarlett O'hara because I was one of those kids that saved up to buy the 250GB ipods just for finding new music. This music makes me feel good man. Thanks. Nostalgic sounding post hardcore is good. Now that I'm done listening I feel as though I've aged 8 years
  2. Parkside - Whenever You're Ready [EP] (2017)

    My brain at a glance of the upload "PARKWAY DRIVE OH SHIT CLICK Oh, aha 'Parksiiiiide' not 'Parkway Driiiiiive' aha I'm bummed...Guess I'll listen to this Parkside since I'm here... oh hey that's pretty good I'm not as bummed out at the lack of new Parkway Drive. This is some solid Pop Punk." But this is still good (:
  3. Hate in Hands - Evolve (2017)

    Final impression
  4. Hate in Hands - Evolve (2017)

    This IS pretty goooooooood.
  5. Eminem - Untouchable (Single) (2017)

    That's literally what every pop/hiphop/rap/songwriter says about a new album bruh.
  6. Asking Alexandria - Alone In A Room (Single) (2017)

    Well, I didn't think something could be better than 'Litmas'.
  7. Death & Vanilla - The Tenant (2018)

    This is good shit thanks for sharing. The sample track reminds me of Diablo OST from Tristram and that's good.
  8. Tommy Genesis - Tommy (Single) (2017)

    "Then she beith a thot." -The Lord lol
  9. Tommy Genesis - Tommy (Single) (2017)

    Part of the problem.
  10. Senses Fail - Double Cross (Single) (2017)

    Speaking of which, how come people are just recently getting into Brand New? Especially that song. Shit is old (but gold) lol. Like I noticed even the local Hottopic just started carrying a Brand New shirt with that album art. About to boycott the store though, they get exclusive rights to sell some band merch but never carry it here. But I digress.
  11. Senses Fail - Double Cross (Single) (2017)

    It's okay to be wrong sometimes bb. 'The Fire' was lit. Pun absolutely intended.
  12. Minas Morgul - Kult (2017)

    Minas Morgul? *sigh* We'll, I guess I'll rewatch the LOTR trilogy again this week. Lol.
  13. Conjurer - The Mire (Single) (2017)

    Good music. Good artwork. Feelsgoodman.
  14. The Parallel - Time Tunnel (Single) (2017)

    For the record, I fully welcome the goodgood.