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  1. Sounds like Parkway Drive's 'Deep Blue' album in the best way. This is great.
  2. Big sad. They're mad. Stay mad. This is one of many reasons I hate this site and ghost out regularly. I'm sad to see you go brother. Out of the sea of degenerates and lack luster staff members, you were always a beacon of common sense and understanding. On the contrary, I think your ability to decide quickly on banning or muting toxic users was a gift. Maybe if other staff members had the grit and vigilance you possess, this site wouldn't be such a cesspool for cunts to argue or bait arguments over music or other forms of media just because they lack the attention they crave in other parts of their lives. I've seen your name almost everywhere on this site for years now. Whether it be providing content on leak days and working all day because the bots are busted, dealing with toxic members swiftly, helping new members with questions, or just holding up conversations in the chatbox. This loss is the equivalent to Ned Stark in GoT. An unnecessary and avoidable loss of one of the best this site had. One less familiar and friendly face. One more reason to ghost and stay away. I hope you'll find peace of mind and appreciate yourself as you should. Always a DM away. Much love, and a lore book farewell. -Savage.
  3. My guy really did put all the singles from like over a year ago on here. Like over half the album. Now that's a shekel scheme if I've ever seen one. But yes I'm still gonna listen regardless soooo it's working?
  4. Raaad. Been waiting for the studio version ever since Ryo cane out on stage and shredded this track with FFAK.
  5. Sadly it's likely they're done. The lead vocalist was a real asshole. Said he was sick and couldn't tour but then still was able to post gym pics and sleep with one of the other member's girl. Real scumbag. That's why they were taking a break to begin with. But since it's almost been a year since they were a band looking for a vocalist, sadly it doesn't look too great. Especially with COVID still gunking up everything. In the very least, indefinite hiatus. Big sad.
  6. I am barely getting to this 2 years later and am genuinely frustrated because Howard doing 'Almost Easy' would be amazing and now my life feels empty without it. In fact I would've been happy with just getting rid of all these bands besides UABB, bring in Light the Torch or atleast Howard, and Slipknot. Might seem odd when I say this but personally I think Falling In Reverse would kill a few tracks. Ronnie's god a helluva range and even can get that country twang like A7X has in the vowels as displayed in 'Drifter' and 'The Westerner'. This could've been HUGE. I hope if a Linkin Park tribute that's worth a shit is ever attempted they just get everyone from the memorial show and the artists from Reanimation. Not butcher an iconic band to try and help put shitty lesser known bands on a platform.
  7. I'd rather sacrifice Scar to Satan, resurrect X for that. X had the better screams/harsh vocals. After all, Scar is just a shitty watered down X. On god. No cap. 💯 X may have been a recovering shitty person before he died, but atleast he isn't as shit as Scarlxrd in music. Groggy highschool yelling and 200% base boost with a mediocre beat and boom you got any Scarlxrd album. nice shitpost btw man lmao my ass off.
  8. Jimmy Neutron was waaaaay ahead of the game.
  9. Actually no. Like they are making millions off their shows which primarily feature their last 3 albums. Also, no. I did come to give it a listen. Wasn't for me. Simple as that. Just because someone doesn't love what you do, shouldn't matter enough to you that you are willing to break site rules to try and take someone down. It's petty. With your logic, might as well delete all comment sections because god forbid someone not like something that you or another sensitive member likes and bruise your banana-like ego. Now, that's the last response you get because as I said, this album was already a considerable waste of my own time. So I won't be spending anymore having a pointless exchange with someone like you.
  10. I wish. Samuel Hayden reminds me of DOOM, which reminds me of Mick Gordon, which reminds me of BMTH, which reminds me IT'S THE PARASITE EEEEEVE.
  11. Not sure what you mean. Parkway Drive was selling out Mega Stages just before COVID and continue selling albums. But I'm assuming it's because you lurked on my profile, saw that I like them, and are now ANTAGONIZING A MEMBER because you didn't like that I didn't love this album you won't stop arguing about apparently. @Summers book him chief. I did nothing but give my opinion with a little sarcasm and he's trying to start something.
  12. Figured I'd see what the fuss was seeings how the replies were popping up in the feed, and kept seeing the name. How underwhelming. Album art wasted on a mediocre album. Since I can't physically get the time I wasted returned I will accept cash in multiple forms as payment for misleading me to think this might be worth my time. Very disappointed in you fellas/10.
  13. "Once, there was an explosion, a bang which gave rise to life as we know it."
  14. "Are you fucking ready? I don't think you're ready. Let's take this back to 2006" proceeds to perform Pray For Plagues outro breakdown flawlessly in 2019
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