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  1. Thanks! One summer album I've actually been waiting for and now I can enjoy. Midsummer Sad got me hating life all sorts of ways the past couple weeks. This and the upcoming Blue October album are coming in clutch though.
  2. Eh this is still my favorite of the two Uchiha brothers tbh. He's not as intentionally edgy.
  3. Idk why he's even doing another solo project. Tbh I wish he sang less on the latest DGD. It feels like they tried to build a DGD album around a Tillian solo album. Overall not as groovy or flowing album as the previous two albums. I like Tillian a lot. But that DGD album just felt off or rushed out for summer sales/tour. Idk. I still bought 2 seperately limited presses and that dumb ass puzzle lol.
  4. After many listens, and the fact that these fuckers still haven't sent my merch my honest review of this album is pretty disappointed. In my honest opinion it falls VERY far below the expectations of the bois. Especially after the solid track that was "Summertime Gladness". After a couple singles I thought "eh those were probably the weaker tracks and the rest will be groovy af and full of bangers where Jon will go off like he did in Mothership. Sadly, this is not the case. The album doesn't groove as well as the past 2 albums and honestly doesn't have many memorable songs compared to those 2 previous albums either. It felt rushed, and didn't flow as well as previous releases. Each song felt static and the rhythm never gave me that smile or groovy feeling when normally listening to DGD. I'm actually very disappointed. I also thought perhaps with all the great releases that preceded this one maybe my opinion was obscured so I ask my gf before giving her my take on the album. "So what do you think of the new DGD album?" And she responded "I like it...but it's nowhere near as good as I'm pretty upset about it. It's not as groovy. And after Summertime Gladness I figured the new album would be as fun and groovy but it just feels pretty lame. They have and could have done better tbh." So I think this year Bleed From Within, Parkway Drive, Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin, or someone else will get my vote for AOTY. Not to mention if As I Lay Dying drops their new album this year then forget about it. That new single was a great tease for an upcoming record. Closing thoughts, this is a good album BUT not a great one and certainly not a great DGD album and could have been so much more. As someone who loves DGD, buys their merch, albums, even vinyls I can honestly say that if it were possible to get a refund on my merch bundles that are still "delayed here's a 25% off next purchase coupon to compensate you" I would. I really hope they get some inspiration or take some time off touring before the next album and really write and record a much more groovy,flowing, banger of a record. This album is literally ArSe. Hopefully the next one's better. ):
  5. Out of all the goofy mediocre shit people clammer for on this site idk how more people aren't digging this. 88 has a lot of groovy talent under their name. Rich Chigga Brian and Joji alone are dope. Been listening to this track since it dropped and it's still as catchy and fun. But that's just me I guess lol. I try not to frequent the site as often nowadays because it's usually just a bunch of leeches looking for the latest core/hip hop stuff then they quickly leave. And the only conversations usually turn into shit posts. Still, I love KL and maybe it's just my midsummer sadness/depression getting to me. Thanks for the post. Would've downloaded it sooner but I've been busy/sleeping 14 hours a day. One big post now I'll be gone again. See ya in 2 weeks or so KL lol.
  6. If anything the full album will likely be metalcore/deathcore considering Tim's vocal capabilities. Hyped nonetheless.
  7. To be honest we don't even know the full details. There was a lot of he said/she said on the whole thing. But, Tim humbly took the blame he earned like an adult and admitted his sins/crimes and wishes nothing but the best to his ex wife and hopes that I'm time, the fans can forgive him one day and he knows it may take time or never happen but that he's going to pursue his passion and ability as an artist. I'm not gonna forget the dumb shit he did, but dear God I love AILD. THIS is metalcore at its purest form besides KSE.
  8. Anyone know when that Post Malone/Kanye song that's been leaked all over in fragments will be out? Did it already come out? I've been sick af so haven't kept up with releases of any genre the past few weeks )':
  9. I grew up enjoying his memes over all the years and now that he's grown up and we're both adults I enjoy his sad boi music. I remember when the meme community finally discovered his "Chloe Burbank" account and found songs of his like "Medicine" which I can listen to on like a 10hr loop when I'm writing. I am glad he's not only a lot happier but he's successful doing what he loves. I hope he considers doing more Pink Guy albums under 88 kinda like those few tracks that got music videos I'm fairly certain 88 signed both him and his Pink Guy persona. Those albums are like the wacky fun early Slim Shady days of Eminem. Regardless I'm glad Joji is making sad ni🅱🅱a hours tunes. Now I just wish he and Post would collab already. I mean they know eachother through H3H3's Ethan and Hila and probably could make that shit happen. Thanks for posting this man.
  10. Risen is how you'd describe my pants after the song starts. So far my favorite track. But so far I've very much enjoyed every song.
  11. Awesome! Wasn't expecting this today. Thanks!