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  1. If amo is so good why haven't they made amo2 yet? "yet" being they key word.
  2. For me it's that there Space EP. But Transit Blues is neck&neck tbh.
  3. Tillian? I think you mean Mess. We a big gay mess for DGD.
  4. Best part is on Track 20. _3 at 2:39 because it's finally over and sweet release of all that life has to offer that's not this, washes over you like cool water on a summer's day. Went in open minded. Boy, the only thing "Bad" here was that idea of mine. Was Not Good/10. Cannot recommend. But if you like shallow lyrics that are written by a group of trend watchers, performed by a sort of annoying clout chaser with an ego that would fill up your average shopping center, over lackluster and repetitive beats, then hey this is for you!
  5. Kinda late coming across this since I don't venture into pop much these days but holy hell 'Say So' is so groovy my ass was almost pulling a Spiderman 3 Peter Parker sidewalk strut at work haha. Calling it now 'Say So' will almost certainly be on the pop station in GTAVI one day. Can see myself and the bois driving around the city at night bumping it. So catchy. Honestly not bad tbh.
  6. John sounds so good in this one. And Tillian screams are dope. Album shaping up nicely.
  7. Pretty solid. Love that wonky distorted guitar riff stuff. Starts off real chaotic. But eases into a sanity later. Not too shabby/10
  8. RIP means no making new albums bro but thank you mac, catchya on the flip side.
  9. Ah yes, BMTH after Kojima. Excellent. The darkest yet happiest.
  10. Literally the only good Star Wars related viewing experience in modern times. Captures so much of the original Star Wars charm and feeling. A lot of love and care is being put into this show. Music is great too. When Pedro Pascal can deliver a more emotionally complex character when he's wearing a helmet the ENTIRE TIME than the entire cast of the recent Disney Star Wars films, that speaks volumes.
  11. This is enjoyable. Tbh it gives me Linkin Park post-Minutes to Midnight vibes meets BMTH's Sempiternal. Got the catchy LP flow but has that Sand Pit Turtle electronic distortion and heaviness. And all the rest is ADTR. Solid. At this point, either you liked ADTR and still do, or you never will. No need to have flamewars or winch about it. Enjoy it, or pass it. Simple.
  12. I mean to be fair Ben has sounded the same since 2004. His voice ages like Keanu Reeves.
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