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  1. Dear god that makes my eyes water and skin crawl haha. This aint 0w0 chief.
  2. If you actually believe those articles that make those allegations you're pretty naive. 5 minutes of research debunks that shit. Your user name and frog boi pic just got you a like my dude.
  3. 'My Heroine' will still always be my favorite song. But this was my 2nd fav. "Discovering The Waterfront" still my favorite overall album though. 10/10 would listen again.
  4. You're not the REAL Benjamin Burnley. Imposter! Stop right there! Stop right there criminal scum! I'm confiscating all your stolen identities and memes. Now, pay the fine or it's off to jail with you.
  5. Man that's so shitty. I really hope it doesn't fuck them over. They're a really solid band. A couple weeks is one thing but damn near 2 months...that's pretty fucked.
  6. Uh...why did this leak so early? Like yeah I'm stoked af, but a month and a half? That's really too early to leak something. If it leaked elsewhere I guess I kinda understand but it feels pretty scummy. Probably gonna wait for higher quality and closer to release. RIP Demon Hunter. I bet they're pretty upset about this.
  7. I heard this was a really solid release so I came here.
  8. Bless you KL. Time to take a feel trip through this this next week. they say who cares if KL posts one more LP discog, well I do. This is such a great collection. The time and care that must have gone into collecting it all shows a lot of love to one of the saddest losses the music industry suffered in recent years. Many users and their friends and so on here on KL especially and even the normies. Truly a band of the ages, a wonderful artist who shall be deeply missed in the world of music.
  9. 1. Post Malone - Beerbongs&Bentleys 2. Bleed From Within - Era 3. Parkway Drive - Reverence 4. Joji - Ballads 5. Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth 6. Breaking Benjamin - Ember 7. Sevendust - All I See Is War 8. Getter - Visceral 9. Crystal Lake - Helix (or The Browning Geist if Helix is being considered 2019 due to US vs JP releases) 10. 88rising - Midsummer Madness This was actually tough. Lot of great music this past year. Notable mention to Kanye's Ye album. Holy Hell by Architects. Dark Skis by Fit For A King. Caliban's album etc. In the end I had to list based off what I personally listened to the most. Cheers KL. Here's to 2019.
  10. Howdy there partner. You have a good day now.:cowboy:

  11. Oh no I agree. Even by memes alone. It wasn't a comparison of equals. Just more of an observation. If abyone thought I was saying they had equal fame, well they must be pretty fucking stupid lol. Shit Papa Roach was in Mech Assault. I was bumping PR during LAN parties for Halo 1&2 back in the day.
  12. Catchy. He dropped it just in time for all the Christmas/New Years parties.
  13. This leaked a bit too early lads. Not cool. Last time an album leaked this early they disbanded. I'm having For All Those Sleeping 'Incomplete Me' ptsd. Hopefully leaking this early doesn't fuck em over too bad. Appreciate the post but I'll hold off for now. A week or 2. But a whole month? Goodness.
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