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  1. He does. Dave does all vocals (apart from a Kyle line they sampled from an old song as a touching addition to the track) on both these singles. And going forward I would imagine that will continue to be the case.
  2. That's because these are probably not gonna be on an album but rather the band letting out their grief the way they need to. And their previous album was basically a WCAR reboot and cranked to 11. If the previous album was any indication, they usually don't drop the heaviest tracks as singles either. I'm hopeful for whatever they dish up. Only thing I slightly disagree with is not coming close to the better half of the last album. Especially 'Carry The Weight'. It's a banger. But to me, and probably most, these songs are for grief/remembering.
  3. Nah man. It's okay to be in your feelings. Let it out homie. All the edgy contrarians on this site that are negative about "RIP Kyle" or even "RIP Chester" or any other artist are just dysfunctional, emotionally stunted/immature man-babies who still cannot handle human emotion. It's annoying af tbh. People feel things. And other people don't need to be assholes about it. Especially when both these singles are basically all about Kyle, the grief in his loss, and following his light he left behind on their path forward. And fuck me, the way they mixed Kyle's old lines alongside Dave was chilling. I got choked up. Not even afraid to say it. That, and the way Dave's cleans and singing are clearly very inspired by Kyle's. There was one point I almost swore it was somehow new lines from Kyle like perhaps a demo they were working on before he passed. But it was Dave. Don't reject those feels mang. Bottling up feelings is like bottling up sharks. Eventually they start to eat you from the inside out.
  4. On a real note this gives me strong TaTu vibes both in style and delivery. She's gonna blow up like crazy sometime soon. That epic dance off in the bridge of 'Gone' sold me. She knows she's got sex appeal and embraces it in her choreography like it's just another emotion and not something taboo or risqué. Which is a nice change of pace from the "I'm a woman so by default I'm beautiful so if I act or perform slutty for attention don't shame me" attitude of most Western artists. She knows she's an attractive woman. She's not trying too hard to convince everyone. Instead she focused on her zany all over the place music videos and her contagious music and flow. Honestly, I could be a shithead all day and make meme after meme, but at the end of the day she makes enjoyable music that I plan on showing friends.
  5. Finally. Some real music. Anyone who hates on this must be homophobic. It's almost 2020. Not cool bros. Not cool.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure she didn't oil up before posing naked and having a liquid chrome substance added in post just to cover her nips for anything but artistic purposes. It absolutely had nothing to do with the fact that sex appeal sells units, or grabs attention, or even generates conversations or news articles. How dare you horrible sex fiends assume this absolute saint of an artist would even consider such raunchy business tactics. why can't a woman just express herself without all you wretched perverts making it lewd? Ugh!😤👀😃😆
  7. As if Northlane even started it lmao. Bands/artists been doing it for ages.
  8. Game is great. Not sure what all the fuss is about. But then again, I guess that's what happens when studios pander to try to dodge bad PR. I'd rather play games for the experience, and not to feel like some faceless company is patting my back for my orientation. It's very disingenuous and actually more offensive. Same composer from GoT so obviously the score is wonderful. All this unnecessary bickering is not.
  9. I don't think you'd be destroyed at all. While Stoney imo is still his best album when it comes to Post dabbling in different genres, I think Hollywood's Bleeding is overall his best start to finish album. It's got some genre blending, albeit not as much as Stoney, but it's overall quality and replayability is more on point. With Stoney, eventually I skip my least favorite tracks after a few repeat listens. But I literally listened to this one on repeat for 2+ hours at work the other night and never skipped a track. Just a solid mix of beats,grooves,guitars, and features. Beerbongs&Bentleys was almost an entirely hip hop album with the exception of maybe 1-2 songs. Best way I can describe this album is "a Post Malone album". Sure it's got hip hop but it's also got a lot more. Doesn't feel as samey as B&B does after you listen to B&B hundreds of times. And I loved B&B. I even bought merch after I had my physical album for a couple weeks. I regret none of it, but you can bet your ass I'm gonna cop me some Hollywood's Bleeding merch. In short, you have an entirely agreeable opinion and anyone who disagrees is likely just wanting the artificial attention from an argument online.
  10. He did a good job with that unfinished XXX song and was cool since X wanted to work with Kanye before he was killed. But other than that he's been making flops. That goofy ass Roblox lookin ass song was dull but catchy. But like I said, Yikes was probably the last noteworthy stuff I've heard from him. He's been buggin tf out.
  11. Absolute Facts. I think the last somewhat recent song Kanye put out I liked was Yikes.
  12. Outdated lyrics? Which ones? Been a while since I gave the original a spin.
  13. Okay so here's my review after 3 listens. 01. Hollywood's Bleeding such a great intro. Almost gives a western vibe like when a lone cowboy strolls into town and all the snakes and rats are sizing him up at first sight. Clearly about all the fake and unoriginal leeches in Hollywood and in the music industry but how it almost traps you once you enter. 9/10. 02. Saint-Tropez "Versace boxers on my dick" catchy track with good bass. Gives me Stoney vibes. Feels like a return to form for Post. Feels good. Solid listen. Could almost be looped after the 2nd verse and you probably wouldn't notice. 7.5/10. 03. Enemies relatable af. Catchy,groovy, Posty's chorus melodies are great and so are the features. "Used to have friends but now I got enemies. Used to keep em close but now they dead to me." 9.5/10. 04. Allergic this song is so good. It's something I could totally imagine hearing off Stoney. Such a catchy genre change and fun af. And that fringe radio rock in the chorus is catchy as hell. I could see it making it'sway into racing games or even onto a radio station in a game like GTA. Great track. 10/10. 05. A Thousand Bad Times a very soft start and the song is very chill and almost happy sounding but it's all about a girl that just makes it so damn hard to love her but he can't help it. It's relatable, catchy, and chill. I could listen to it on repeat easily. "It's gonna take a lot more to kill me biiiitch so thank you for the grave I needed me a place to sleep." 10/10. 06. Circles chill, happy, alt/radio-rock/pop-rock classic Post sad boi vibes but happy singalong that's contagious and would easily listen on blast while driving or cruising at night. 9/10. 07. Die For Me Chill flow. Features are good. Relatable lyrics for when you're in your feelings about a bad ex or even a bad friend. 6/10. 08. On the Road Solid. Probably a solid somg for the gym or working out in general. All about fair weather fake friends. Features are slick. Sometimes Post really shines when he's focused on the chorus like this track. Especially when it probably comes from a real place. 6/10. 09. Take What You Want Ok. This cane out of nowhere but was a real treat. Any legit Posty fans know he's a big metal fan so the fact that this dude got Ozzy as a feature alone is cool af but he even got Travis Scott on the track too. Ozzy was fantastic. I'd be hyped to see Ozzy come on stage for this at some point. 9.5/10. 10. I'm Gonna Be such a mellow mix between some indie sounding track with huge bass and happy vibes. The semi-looped notes in the background almost have a lofi quality but the piano and bass help make it it's own thing. 8/10. 11. Staring at the Sun Let me start by saying if the groovy vibe right off the bat doesn't hook you immediately you need to get checked out. This shit is groovy. Like DGD minus the hardcore groovy. And what do you get when you take the hardcore out of "Post Hardcore"? 10/10. 12. Sunflower if you haven't seen Spiderman ItSV or listened to the radio in the past 6+ months I guess you might have missed this one, but it's chill,it's sweet, it's a feel good jam. There's a reason it gets played so much. 8/10. 13. Internet So this was an actual surprise. I wasn't expecting to ever hear this track without the Kanye feature but it's actually really nice. Not sure if Post and 'Ye had a falling out or if the single is it's own thing but I did enjoy this one just a bit more personally. I like Kanye, just not his mumble rapping he tried to do on the original track. 7/10. 14. Goodbyes so when this track first came out I kinda wasn't the biggest fan of the Young Thug feature but each listen grew on me more and more. Until the point where if I was singing along at home I'd start raising my pitch during that part. Solid Post Malone track. I won't be suprised to hear this one along with 'Circles' on radio stations soon. 8.5/10. 15. Myself this is some campy catchy stuff. It just reminds me of an old movie or show where someone has been down on their luck but shrugs and starts picking themselves up. In fact I bet if you put it over random footage of old shows or intros it would fool some people. 7.5/10. 16. I Know shout out Jonas Brothers. This song will likely be base boosted and bumped in clubs or in hair salons. Short song. Pretty catchy. But felt like it was a little short. Still not bad. But not the best. 5/10. 17. Wow. "pull up to the house with some big b u t t s". This track has been out for a while and it's a banger. I remember it came out just in time for New Years parties and it bumped like crazy. Catchy fun song. 7/10. Overall I'd say it's a good blend of what genre splicing Posty became known for from Stoney and the catchy beats and bass from Beerbongs&Bentleys with a handful of it's own diamonds throughout. Stoney is still my favorite Post album so far but this comes close. After a week with it I'm willing to bet I'll say this is my favorite Post album. A worthy successor to B&B and overall better than B&B as a whole I think. But that's tough because I love B&B and still listen to it regularly. A solid 9/10 Post Malone album.
  14. He's dead man. She dropped the allegations. So who cares anymore?
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