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  1. RIP means no making new albums bro but thank you mac, catchya on the flip side.
  2. Ah yes, BMTH after Kojima. Excellent. The darkest yet happiest.
  3. Literally the only good Star Wars related viewing experience in modern times. Captures so much of the original Star Wars charm and feeling. A lot of love and care is being put into this show. Music is great too. When Pedro Pascal can deliver a more emotionally complex character when he's wearing a helmet the ENTIRE TIME than the entire cast of the recent Disney Star Wars films, that speaks volumes.
  4. This is enjoyable. Tbh it gives me Linkin Park post-Minutes to Midnight vibes meets BMTH's Sempiternal. Got the catchy LP flow but has that Sand Pit Turtle electronic distortion and heaviness. And all the rest is ADTR. Solid. At this point, either you liked ADTR and still do, or you never will. No need to have flamewars or winch about it. Enjoy it, or pass it. Simple.
  5. I mean to be fair Ben has sounded the same since 2004. His voice ages like Keanu Reeves.
  6. That's actually still Death Stranding art. From the Luden illustration on the cartridge, to the Kojima Studios logo. If Phantom Pain was anything to go by, this track will probably be on a cartridge like that and can be found and listened to in-game. Kojima has always been very meta with his visions for his games. Absolutely love the artwork though. Saw it on Insta a few days ago, glad you posted it incase anyone missed it This track only got me more hyped for this game. Only about 22 more hours
  7. Best thing about that breakdown was that classic Oli deep growl "OOH". Song is catchy. My main interest is where it will be in the game 🤔
  8. Tbh I was hoping Dear Agony would just be Ben. Especially on that song specifically due to it's subject matter. But I'm still pretty excited for it.
  9. He does. Dave does all vocals (apart from a Kyle line they sampled from an old song as a touching addition to the track) on both these singles. And going forward I would imagine that will continue to be the case.
  10. That's because these are probably not gonna be on an album but rather the band letting out their grief the way they need to. And their previous album was basically a WCAR reboot and cranked to 11. If the previous album was any indication, they usually don't drop the heaviest tracks as singles either. I'm hopeful for whatever they dish up. Only thing I slightly disagree with is not coming close to the better half of the last album. Especially 'Carry The Weight'. It's a banger. But to me, and probably most, these songs are for grief/remembering.
  11. Nah man. It's okay to be in your feelings. Let it out homie. All the edgy contrarians on this site that are negative about "RIP Kyle" or even "RIP Chester" or any other artist are just dysfunctional, emotionally stunted/immature man-babies who still cannot handle human emotion. It's annoying af tbh. People feel things. And other people don't need to be assholes about it. Especially when both these singles are basically all about Kyle, the grief in his loss, and following his light he left behind on their path forward. And fuck me, the way they mixed Kyle's old lines alongside Dave was chilling. I got choked up. Not even afraid to say it. That, and the way Dave's cleans and singing are clearly very inspired by Kyle's. There was one point I almost swore it was somehow new lines from Kyle like perhaps a demo they were working on before he passed. But it was Dave. Don't reject those feels mang. Bottling up feelings is like bottling up sharks. Eventually they start to eat you from the inside out.
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