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  1. It also looks zoomed in so there's likely a bigger album art. Hyped af.
  2. "Mrs. Buttersworth you're all that I'd imagined, and really got that fucking wagon." Lyrical. Gold.
  3. "They try so hard just to fuck shit up" big mood Posty. Big mood.
  4. Tbh the ending of Breaking Bad just felt like fan service tbh. Was a good show but season 1-4/5 of GoT beats any show imo. It managed to bottle just a bit of the same lightning Peter Jackson did with the LOTR trilogy. Just a higher caliber of quality. But alas...the writers are sellouts. HBO and GRRM both wanted 10-13 seasons...
  5. Honestly, when the writers are such sellouts that the main character's actors had emotional/mental breakdowns from reading how they wrote the character they've portrayed for a decade in just 6 episodes that's a problem for me. Such a shame. We deserved better as viewers, and the actors and crew deserved better for their passion and hard work.
  6. Personally, I never liked Euron Greyjoy.
  7. Not feeling it. Maybe if the whole song was AJ.
  8. It was Em's way of showing love to Chris D'leia who has mimicked Em a couple times. And Logic thought it was good fun. It's also lowkey Em's way of basically saying "look even this comedian can do this shit better than you autotune losers." But I get what you mean. It goes from 100% fire to 100% meme.
  9. Dear god that makes my eyes water and skin crawl haha. This aint 0w0 chief.
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