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  1. I suppose I'll give it a spin. Kinda not a fan of intentionally anti-politician/anti-religious stuff. It's one thing if it's metaphorical and could be up to interpretation like a lot of Disturb's lyrics, but hopefully the album art is the most noticeable bit. Kinda why I lost interest in FFTG. Like I get it, people don't get along, and that sucks, but that's not what I dig in my music lol. But enough ranting time to listen. Thanks for the post either way!
  2. While I doubt it'll ever compare to "The Blue and the Grey" by Parkway Drive, I still dig songs about the ocean, depths,and the Abyss. Pretty hyped.
  3. Wow, blast from the past. Is it the same members that were originally in the band? I hope they also get better album art for a full album lol.
  4. Ah. I see. I might stay clear from it myself then. Appreciate your thoughts. I hope you haven't seen spoilers because it's so good!
  5. I have yet to sample it myself but by your comment is that because they're less the band you used to like or is their style different like heavier/softer? Just curious because I've never been a fan of SWS so kinda wanted an opinion of someone who once enjoyed them/their old stuff. p.s. how great was GoT S7E5? Opinions of course without spoilers out of courtesy of any who haven't caught up or watched GoT yet lol.
  6. Oh shit my bad bois. Indeed you are correct. Thanks @Smash_Adams
  7. That album art. As I scrolled by I was like "wait wot. She has 4 arms" gonna give this a listen. Thanks @LKA
  8. I see potential. Especially once the main vocalist learns to control his medium pitch in between his highs and lows better he'll be killer. Especially once he learns to fluctuate between pitches smoother. Really interested in where this group goes. The other vocalist does indeed seem to be taking inspiration from Beartooth with that sorta off tempo intentionally off sounding style. Pretty snazzy.
  9. Well, the looking straight into the camera music video may be cringe but the music makes up for it though. Good stuff (:
  10. Not too shabby at all. These guys show potential. Thanks @Aria for the post.
  11. Yes it is a song. It's one thing to be a meme, it's another thing entirely to think it's cool to be an asshole. Also the next few words that you didn't include in the quote by me was "BVB ain't my cup of tea but that's just me" so I kinda feel like you didn't necessarily advise me to not listen to it lol. But no worries boi. I don't plan on partaking on any future works by BVB or their frontman unless there's so much hype around it and they changed styles or something. Also to just say "lol wtf it's just a song dude don't take it serious" is a tad obtuse. I don't know about everyone else but I personally enjoy serious music/ music from the heart or with meaning. If you can say "it's just a song" then that probably means there's not really any heart or soul put into it. And if there's no soul or emotion in the music it's just noise trying to be music. But that's me being overly descriptive of what music means to me and what I think music is. Don't get me wrong I also listen to loads of electronic stuff which is arguably just different sounds. Same thing with certain meme songs. But I just don't see a point in 2 vocalists who are pretty well known as being assholes making a song about being an asshole. I'd rather hear a song by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson about being a rock than the aforementioned song about being an asshole. To each their own ya know? Just not into em. Simple as that. I even still expressed gratitude for the upload. Personal preferences and all that. By all means if you like BVB cheers man I wish you all the best and I hope they keep making music you really enjoy even if it's not what I like. I believe it's possible to coexist lol.
  12. So much truth in these words. Honestly I used to tolerate/not mind/respect BVB/Andy Ballsack but once he did that edgy "I'm an asshole" collaboration with Ronny Radkle any and all respect I had was thrown out the window. I can admit he's got some decent vocal skill but I just can't vibe with music when I know the vocalist is a self aware and self admitted asshole. If the music was amazing I'd almost be able to give him and others a pass on being a douche, but BVB just ain't my cup of tea. To me they'll always be in the shadow of BFMV but that's just me. Still, nonetheless thanks Aria for your continued music you share. Even if it's not my preference I'm always thankful to you and the other lords who provide music for us.
  13. Tbh that's my 2nd pick on covers of Enjoy the Silence xD
  14. Oh boy, weeb shit!
  15. HEY, it IS pretty good thank the gods for fast dl speed.