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  1. Well @cabose369 tell your brother Hey, that's pretty good for me will you? This is some good stuff. Would listen to in car on trips with m'lady. Solid. Thanks for sharing (:
  2. As always, thank you for your honesty BRDSX.
  3. Kinda the point I was pushing haha.
  4. I'm being mostly sarcastic btw. I mildly listen to Death genre bands. Usually regardless of font or band name. Deathmetal is usually what I gravitate to due to how much Metalcore I enjoy haha. That's why you'll see many a post of mine about waiting for Parkway Drive's newe stuff lol.
  5. Man...Deadly Dull hits me pretty deep. Reminds me of my great grandfather whom I was taking care of. He had alzteimers so most days he forgot who I was. It was pretty soul crushing knowing he just thought I was the help most days. But I'm glad I was able to take care of him before he passed at 94 years. RIP great grandfather. Thanks for this album post. I been busy and was back logging a lot of tunes including this. Oh yeah and thanks for posting good thought/emotion provoking tunes (^: lol.
  6. Digging this. 2 deathcore posts that don't have the edgy spider Web font or a name like "intense baby killing" it must be my lucky day haha. Album art is dope too. Reminds me of Avatar the Last Airbender meets Trials of the Nine from Destiny 2 lol. Normally not a big fan of Djent but it fits nice for these guys sound. Thanks for the post.
  7. Lol yeah. It's just off-putting. Wish more bands took the TAIM approach with cover art and not the path of the edgelord lol. I'll have to dip my metaphorical toes in the death pond. END was really good. Even if my favorite band used that generic death font I'd probably be a good 15% or so less enthusiastic lol. It's the principal of it haha.
  8. Finally. A decent/solid death-anything band that doesn't have the super unoriginal "deathcore font". It's flirting with it but it doesn't look like the work of an edgy Charlotte the spider. Honestly, I'd probably give more deathcore/metal a chance if they weren't trying so damn hard to be edgy. Both in font and name of band. Especially when 80% of them sound generic af on top of being basic edgy. Digging this though. Thanks for the post.
  9. Damn this is pretty good. I vibe with "The Beast Inside". Kinda hits home for me. We've all hit certain lows in our lives and that breakdown sold me on these guys with that "I used to have a life so full of regret but now there's nothing....I used to have a life full of regret but now there's nothing leeeeeeeeeeft." Good shit. Gotta start finding new metalcore to jam until PWD finally stops touring and doing shows and releases their new album (': lol.
  10. I've seen it and it's great. A true sequel. The atmosphere was so good especially with that OST. Gonna go see it again.
  11. Album art reminded me of this and that made me sad because I miss FATS ]:
  12. Any time a band that's well known for a certain genre lowers their own potential for the sake of MAYBE peeking the interest in new radio rock fans, put the nail in the coffin because the band's passion is dead if they're willing to sack integrity and meaningful content for a few fake ass new fans. I'll be the first one here to say I don't like AA, never did and I doubt I ever will. I like Danny's vocals but AA has never been more than "that overrated band that every fake scene girl at school gets moist for" AA is still overrated. I guess with WCAR,BMTH,ADTR, TDWP, and Parkway Drive I never needed the basic post-hardcore that is AA. I don't hate them, or all their fans, but many an AA fan really put the "fan" in fanatic. It's ok music that happens to have a skilled vocalist who I personally is squandering his potential with an old fling of a band. I respect that some people enjoy or really vibe with AA, and I'll admit I was interested when I heard Danny was finally coming back after hearing his featured vocals here and there. He could easily be in a heavier and better band. But, oh well, that's life. Hope everyone that was/is hyped for this is pleased.
  13. No, because AA is far from being God-tier.
  14. Nice. Gonna save my first listen of this for Trials in a few hours. Thanks.
  15. October is already my favorite month so the return of WCAR to their roots gets me even more hyped. My body is ready. sp00k me up fam.