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  1. dayseeker - dreaming is sinking // waking is rising
  2. i am in love with this album holy shit the last track as well
  3. knew this was bound to come out sometime. they played this live when i seen northlane a few weeks back. sounds pretty good
  4. these songs are catchy now im getting outta here before jarrod catches me
  5. let the ocean take you
  6. you should totally do an in hearts wake one
  7. So much better than the last 2 albums holy shit
  8. P I Z Z A

  9. Never really got into northlane on Node but this album is really good. I love the artwork as well
  10. i am ready for 2017 DANCE GAVIN DANCE ALBUM OF THE YEAR
  12. gravity - architects
  13. same i clicked on it for that reason but they are pretty good
  14. such a hard bunch to choose from. amity is my fav band but i think ill vote for architects