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  1. Enjoyed all the singles, but wasn't convinced after my first listen of the whole album. But after a few more listens this is my second fave RR album (We are the Royal is still top). Really funky album, personal highlights are: Flower Power Madness, Fireman and Dancer, and Anna-Leigh.
  2. Absolute cracker of an album, easily their best release so far. Don't think I'll ever get tired of the opening to Taking you out.
  3. Yeah its great that they've finally been able to release this. It's a fantastic album and 1000x better than the "official" Astral Rejection.
  4. Just finished listening to this. It's really good. Lauren has been on fire lately with this and C88.
  5. Yeah, really enjoyed Day X and even though I can't understand this, it's great as well. But any Russian guys here know what the deal is with this album? They released Day X less than a year ago, and all of a sudden they announce a new song and release this album in a really short space of time (and its all in Russian) without doing any long term promotional stuff (that I have seen). On Facebook someone asked them if they had given up on English lyrics and Wildways replied saying "Pretty hard to be a band that sings in English when English isn't our first language". Does this bode for the future at all? Or were they just able to create and release this album so quickly because it's all in Russian and therefore was much easier to write? And that they're next full album in a year or two will be in English?
  6. So happy they're back, Bryce has such a great voice. I think the song is good, not great. Not really a fan of the chorus. 2:00-2:48 is fire though.
  7. I thought Walk the Plank was their best album since Phoenix (and those two are tied for my fave ZH album). I think this album is close to making that a three-way tie, will take a few more listens to decide. I love when they go really in your face like in "Ichi, ni, san, shi" and "When both sides suck, we're all winners". Also, some of Ali's vocals were very reminiscent of Waste of Mind, which was great to hear.
  8. Another great release from these guys. Cigarettes is wild.
  9. Their last album, Walk The Plank, is joint with Phoenix for my fave ZH album, so i'm pretty hyped for this.
  10. AOTY. The remastered songs sound great (sounds like they've pumped up the bass a bit, which is always a plus), as does the whole album. Love the female feature in Reminiscent as well.
  11. I think it's really good. Glad I backed it, actually prefer this version of Shinebox, which is a nice surprise.
  12. Really like this album. Only song I don't like is Two Wrongs... (but that's less than 2mins thankfully). Feel they could have done more with the Heafy feature though.
  13. Another great song from these guys. This one features Toli (Wildways) as well as Jared.
  14. Tbh that was pretty funny. Anyway, releasing this now and with Rap Devil is just a good business decision. I don't know how many of these songs have already been released as singles or whether some were just quickly thrown together in order to release something. He knows that he's never had the spotlight on him more than right now, so releasing an album now rather than a couple months down the line where he's disappeared from the spotlight is smart.
  15. Thought Long Live was a really good comeback album, and I'm liking these singles as well. Hopefully they tour the UK this time around though.
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