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  1. Yep, just finished the album. I really liked Beautiful Death, but this is levels above. Whole thing is just so catchy. Hope that they can kick on now and get some real success.
  2. The intro is dope as fuck. Don't think I've ever heard another one like it.
  3. This is great. Love how you can hear some of the ethereal instrumentals from Earthwalker in the background.
  4. I think I prefer the Catastrophist just because of how mental the 2nd half of the song gets. But this is really good, always a big fan of little things like the "aaaaaooooh" background vocals in the chorus.
  5. Getting better with each song, and I've liked them all so far.
  6. Yeah, when you posted the last one I checked them out on spotify and was a bit confused. Because the "indies best" album you posted sounded different to what was on spotify. So I went off to do some research and found out that it was a reissue of their first album but with the new line-up. So when I saw this today I was buzzing because I prefer Stand up over Indies best and didn't know they were gonna do this album with the new members as well.
  7. When you posted their other album like two weeks ago I decided to give it a listen and proper got into them and have been listening to them a ton since. They're a really fun band, so cheers mate.
  8. Fucking great song. I already liked it after the first 3 mins or so, but after it changed it got so much better. Absolutely buzzing for the album now.
  9. Yeah this is another great song from the boys. They are in such a ridiculous run of form. Loved the inclusion of the lower growls as well.
  10. Very big fan of this. Liked the other single, but this feels kinda like old Lacuna Coil (especially the intro). Love what Cristina has done with her voice in this song. It feels like she's leaned into her accent a bit more (which I love), changed her dictation a bit, and ofc that high note.
  11. There were only a couple of songs on the album that I was a fan of. But this is really good, defo best song so far.
  12. Strange album imo. After the singles (Dingbats excluded), I was expecting this to be a lot heavier than it was. First half of album is reasonably heavy, but then it totally drops off in the 2nd half (apart from The Lake), and then finishes on another heavy song. Also, is that Thomas Erak at 2:30 - 2:46 on Alive?
  13. Enjoyed all the singles, but wasn't convinced after my first listen of the whole album. But after a few more listens this is my second fave RR album (We are the Royal is still top). Really funky album, personal highlights are: Flower Power Madness, Fireman and Dancer, and Anna-Leigh.
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