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  1. Track 5 isn't coming through for me on either link.
  2. Oh wow I had no idea. Wonder how it came about. Thanks for the info
  3. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection Lil Peep - Come Over When You're Sober Pt 2 The Story So Far - Proper Dose Diplo - California EP Twenty One Pilots - Trench Levi the Poet - Cataracts Silent Planet - When the End Began Belmont - Belmont Hail the Sun - Mental Knife Turnstile - Time & Space
  4. Lol I still need to get their covers of nirvana and Christmas tunes!
  5. Why does this look just like Cane Hill's album art?
  6. Always stoked to see a release from these guys!
  7. Can't wait to catch them at Warped. Too bad the album drops after my date..
  8. I voted Royal Coda but could have easily went with Underoath or Hawthorne Heights.
  9. Acoustic or softer versions I suppose? that artwork tho
  10. Love seeing locals from my area on here!!!!
  11. Hxc Senses Fail was weird but I was hanging in there. Didn't know what to expect after Speak the Truth dropped but this album turned out great!!
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