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  1. Why does this look just like Cane Hill's album art?
  2. Always stoked to see a release from these guys!
  3. Can't wait to catch them at Warped. Too bad the album drops after my date..
  4. I voted Royal Coda but could have easily went with Underoath or Hawthorne Heights.
  5. Acoustic or softer versions I suppose? that artwork tho
  6. Love seeing locals from my area on here!!!!
  7. Hxc Senses Fail was weird but I was hanging in there. Didn't know what to expect after Speak the Truth dropped but this album turned out great!!
  8. Hopefully the heaviness isn't reserved for random solo Eps now but for what it is worth I am digging the new album!
  9. This really does sound like a great Emarosa follow-up that just never happened. Good stuff!
  10. Loving the album so far! Glad to see this band back..
  11. Interested to check it out after these mixed reactions. Folie is the only album by them that I don't listen to.
  12. Baths - Romaplasm Emmure - Look at Yourself Geotic - Abysma Hail the Sun - Secret Wars [EP] I, the Mighty - Where the Mind Wants to Go.. Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter Kublai Khan - Nomad Landon Tewers - Ai640 pt 2 [EP] Polyphia - The Most Hated [EP] Speak the Truth... Even if Your Voice Shakes - Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You
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