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  1. Only one I’m interested in is the used. pass
  2. Hey I used to play in a band with one of the members. Never met the rest but he was very dedicated to this group. Can’t wait to check out
  3. If this were a Senses Fail cover I would just die.
  4. Happy New Year! 1. Bilmuri - Wet Milk EP 2. Breathe Carolina - DEADTHEALBUM 3. Bring Me the Horizon - Amo 4. Issues - Beautiful Oblivion 5. Lil Nas X - 7 EP 6. Tiny Moving Parts - breathe 7. Watsky - COMPLAINT 8. Amarionette - Evolution 9. The Dead South - Sugar & Joy 10. The Chainsmokers - World War Joy
  5. Huge fan of the band but not of this. Cool to see the info above as well
  6. Little rough but so glad to hear a return. Loving it!
  7. Instrumentals were fine but the lyrics left a lot to be desired. Neck deep just can’t find a way to stay relevant for me. WSTR hope you are looking better lol
  8. Greatly missed :p I always liked Jordan Blake. Trances was cool he just couldn’t seem to keep anything afloat
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