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  1. Now let's wait for the clapback from Backwordz
  2. Honestly I'm amazed this is getting so much praise. Aside from isnt it strange and the breakdown in spiderhead I thought this album was awful. Mike's vocals are headache inducing and really don't fit with the slow style of most of the songs. Such a disappointment coming from transit blues.
  3. i just wanna know whats up with rappers and using their baby pics as album covers its hella weird
  4. God damn the space vibes in this album are so good especially the intro song. I've never been big into these guys but this is in my top 5 albums of the year so far for sure. Would love to see them play this live while The Devil Wears Prada plays the Space EP.
  5. Someone tried to take control of the band or something and they split. The bassis, Fatal, also does the electronics. He took their singer and some others and made Fatal FE. The New Horizons EP is one of the best electronicore albums around. Recently Fail Emotions came back with their original singer and put out a reimaged album of all their songs. But yeah Fatal FE is where its at. Theyre coming out with a new album soon
  6. Is it better than Binge? Because binge was fucking terrible which was surprising because Bloom and Lace Up were so good
  7. This is legit one of his best tracks god damn its so good. I just pretend Binge never happened because that shit was terrible
  8. Both of the 320 downloads are blank when opening the this normal ._.?
  9. Holy shit what happened to this band? I was weary after how bad Dissonants was but JESUS this is awful. The mix is muddy, so many of the songs are bland and boring, and the rhythm of the lyrics just sounds off on so many songs. The entire album feels like you're sitting on a plane waiting for it to take off and nothing happens, especially the first song. This band died after the reimagined EP ugh
  10. Is there a legit new black veil brides single called that or is this just a joke because the song sounds kinda similar to their style? Asking for a friend >.>
  11. In our wake felt incredibly underwhelming and I'm honestly disappointed...but anger left behind was really good.
  12. I just hope this is more like Unimagine. The singles for Dissonants were amazing but the rest of the album was generic and pretty awful.
  13. Might be because it's still my first listen but my god I never thought I would actually be bored listening to a Kamelot album. On song number 8 now and I hope these last few can turn this album around. It feels like it builds up to nothing, and takes all of the bad elements of their last album then makes this with them. Oh welll.
  14. This so hard. If you're taking Attila seriously you're doing it wrong. Just blast it and have fun jesus fuck.
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