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  1. Was there someone else who did the cleans in their earlier records? Skin and bones is one of my favorite songs but when slave to nothing came out the cleans sounded completely different.
  2. I feel used at this point after the constant delays for this thing
  3. I havent listened to this yet but Im a major fan of TPIFTS. IMO Polaris put out such a solid record but it didnt really do much different. I havent listened to Loath. DGD was amazing but didnt top mothership (still better than artificial selection though). The new Amity on the other hand was mostly terrible. The single was good but theres so much repetition in every other song and I just wanst a fan. But all these bands are definitely top of their genre for metalcore/posthardcore goodness.
  4. This is so dope but that missing solo hurts my soul, but that ending breakdown is honestly better than Ronnie. Overall really solid cover!
  5. Imagine if Issues kept their DJ and went as heavy as Hakai. This shit is SO fucking good.
  6. Man its so depressing to see a band fall this hard. Unimagine and reimagine were masterpieces and this is what they've become.
  7. OH SHIT That's awesome! And it has another Eidola guest vocal!
  8. Man I'm so disappointed with this album. It opens with such a damn good heavy track but after soak me in bleach its borderline unlistenable save for fever dream and the non chorus parts of catatonia. I usually listen to these guys for the cleans but they're pretty awful here, and it has to be due to the repetitive nature of almost every single chorus. They're slow, almost single sentences repeated over and over and its mind numbing. Joel's screams are top notch however so I'll give credit where its due. At least with The Word Alive I expected trash, but this hurts honestly. I even loved most of Misery too.
  9. That comes this year I'm judging these albums on their entirety as a whole. Slipknot had absolute BANGERS but there's still songs I would skip, plus they had a lot of filler. Every song on Amo and Alien are all worth listening to IMO.
  10. Kinda what I expected. Honestly I expected BMTH to take it. Slipknot was amazing but Amo definitely pushed the boundaries. I REALLY with Northlane would have won though. I have never been so impressed by an album just from the first song in years. The tones they used were so unique and Alien is definitely a 10/10 album.
  11. This band is literally the most incredible elctronicore band out there. Every album has been a banger and this is amazing. Some of the wildest edm i've heard in songs.
  12. Now let's wait for the clapback from Backwordz
  13. Honestly I'm amazed this is getting so much praise. Aside from isnt it strange and the breakdown in spiderhead I thought this album was awful. Mike's vocals are headache inducing and really don't fit with the slow style of most of the songs. Such a disappointment coming from transit blues.
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