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  1. It's like they took everything that made LNOTGY great with all the progression and production, binned it, and came out with this. I was such a big fan of the first two releases but these songs are way too predictable and poppy. Ben's vocals lack the sound that was starting to develop on the last alb and the randomly placed high pitched gang vox give it a sound like new Sum 41/Green Day and not in a good way.
  2. Grayscale - Adornment (2017)

    10/10 for me. Tight, riffy, grooving bass, solid drums, and dual vocals. What more could you ask for on your pizza? 'Forever Yours' is an acoustic done right too it just hits you right in the gut.
  3. blink-182 - 6/8 (Single) [2017]

    Travis' insanity on the kit is the only redeeming thing about these new songs. The lyrical content on the other hand is so cringe especially on this one with Mark's worn out delivery that it's instantly forgettable. They should just do another +44 album and stop dragging Blink's legacy through the dirt.
  4. Have Mercy - Coexist [Single] (2017)

    This song owns. Can't wait to scream it loud at the shows
  5. blink-182 - No Future (Single) (2016)

    This song feels like it came right from a Goldfinger record.. John Feldmann manages to do that to every band he produces. RIP Blink, what a shame.