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  1. Disturbing artwork but the record is wonderful. They're getting better and better.
  2. I liked only 1 of the first 4 singles, don't think that this album will be on the same level of quality of their others. Saw their show last week and some of the new songs are really weak compared to their previous.
  3. 320 please
  4. hmm yes, I was saying that I don't find her music as interesting as Lorde
  5. ...so? Taylor Swift has never nearly released an Album Of The Year
  6. 320 please!
  7. I confirm they already released 3 songs: J-Boy, Ti Amo and Role Model. The other 2 were not so good as J-Boy in my honest opinion.
  8. Worked using Chrome. I think the problem was Safari.
  9. I click "download" and then the 10sec countdown reappears everytime and nothing happens. I disabled ad-block and it doesn't work too. Maybe i should change browser?
  10. files deleted, could you re-upload it? thanks
  11. I hated Badlands, I won't even give this a try.
  12. 320 kbps please!
  13. both links are down, could you re-upload? thanks
  14. Probably the worst song they've done so far. 0 hype for their next album
  15. I found on the web that FHG encoded clips the highest frequencies and this: "While encoding and transcoding both represent ways of converting files between formats, there is a distinct difference. Encoding, by definition, takes analog source content and converts it to a digital format, such as converting your old family Super8 films to DVD. In contrast, transcoding takes an existing digital format and converts it to a different digital format, as is the case when you take a Flash video and convert it to an adaptive bitrate format such as HTTP-Live-Streaming. Despite the clear differences by definition, only the truly geeky (like me!) use the term with distinction"