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  1. Hmm I'm thinking Liars, Holy Fuck, No Age and Xiu Xiu.
  2. good shoegaze from my nation here (Italy)
  3. Forget was one of my favorite record of 2017
  4. Florence's worst album but still better than average pop music.
  5. Love Delta Sleep. This is brilliant, expecially the outro.
  6. > overated trash > favorite artists: Enter Shikari lol
  7. Their genre is more like shitty pop\dance now than alternative rock. Guess it will be one of the current year's worst reviewed lps.
  8. Bet she did it again, it debuts at #4 position in the albumoftheyear best albums of 2017
  9. What a record! it could be my october's favorite release
  10. Is it good? Their previous record was a disappointment imho
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