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  1. saw them at Riot Fest when they debuted Double Helix. love them to death.
  2. always loved this song. not sure why they finally decided to release it as a single though. maybe to have a little publicity during their off season.
  3. really enjoy it. their 7 inch really was a taste of where they were going, at least it appears that way.
  4. i think you're missing one off of their demo. This Sun Has Set.
  5. i manage the Kingdom Leaks subreddit.

  6. i want sinners 2.0 and i was hoping this song would deliver.
  7. i am going to cry to this record a lot.
  8. i just might download this to get me though the next 9 months it is off television.
  9. i know, but just in general! they remind me of brand new. just not so cryptic.
  10. the song is interesting. i hate how quiet the band is on social media's all the time.
  11. i get the same vibes. pretty good song. probably the second best they have released off of this record so far.
  12. i really hope that this record makes them more prominent and that they are able to do headlining shows on a larger scale. they deserve it.
  13. i watched their i've part documentary and it pretty much included the whole live DVD show in it. it sounded pretty decent and video quality was really good despite i haven't been much of a fan of Of Mice & Men since after their second record.
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