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  1. Quality is atrocious, don't bother until the quality leak comes
  2. Sounds like Thrice, its surprising that no one is picking up on that
  3. Every time a song pops up I think it’s the album dropping, so excited for the whole thing
  4. Albums are supposed to ebb and flow, constant repetition is BORING, they need to vary the pace, style, momentum, and delivery. Check back after a dozen listens.
  5. It means this song sounds like MCR, its poppy emo mall punk, need I say more. All the purists out there dying for "pure progressive" rock have got to get over yourselves, listen to what they are talking about in the interviews, this is a continuation and growth from what they did before.. listen to the old albums if you wanna hear man your jackhammer.
  6. This album is going to bring alot of fans back and bring in a slew of new ones..This one is closer to an MCR feel, which I think will entice their fans as well.
  7. Wonderful EP I’ve been obsessed since their last album, Plum, cannot get enough of this band.
  8. I’m getting major Linkin Park vibes, and that’s not ok ?
  9. If you don’t like psych mixed with synth, then you don’t like MGMT and that’s ok. Your comment doesn’t have much relevance to this album, which is fantastic.
  10. Cool, thanks for the update glad you like it.
  11. This single artwork is that I mean awful and the opposite of art, it destroys art
  12. All the records he's been putting out under his name were recorded 6-10 years ago, he is just finally releasing it. Nevertheless, his output is mindboggling at this point. Between this, ATDI, and Antemasque would be one heck of a year not mention all of the solo releases. This album is amazing, thanks KL!
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