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  1. I'm gonna wait for the full thing, but thank you so much anyway
  2. How one of the dullest, fakest metal bands ever got to become an interesting poppy alt-rock band: a thread by Bring Me The Horizon Love this song, loved all records post-Sempiternal. Before that one, I only liked Suicide Season.
  3. This is exactly what I thought while listening. If this record (and everything they've ever done, actually) was cut to 12 tracks it would've been an incredible one, but it's full of filler, useless tracks that make it difficult to listen from start to finish. I mean, I don't know if there's something that I'm missing out, but it doesn't seem something brilliant to me - it seems something pretentious. Anyway, the singles are great and those three songs before Guys are the non-singles that I'm liking the most. I appreciate the techno/idm experiments but they get a bit stale to me.
  4. That's probably because people like what they like, but I might be wrong (and I don't even consider myself a DGD fan, I just like some of their music)
  5. I found it pretty enjoyable. Not a masterpiece, there's some great tune, feels way more inspired than Artificial Selection, but it certainly is no Mothership. A good 6/10
  6. Can't stop listening to this record. Also, the chorus in Monuments is like the best thing to happen to emo in the last 5/6 years
  7. I listened to it three times and I can say it's AOTY material. The glitches are great, it goes really hard and really melodic. I only think that the second part of the album feels a little bit less coherent than the first part, but the songs are great. It's a brave record that kind of reminds me of Ire Works by Dillinger Escape Plan but with more melody and more industrial sounds.
  8. The soundtrack for being quarantined in a small town in Italy is here, thank you guys
  9. I'm loving it so far. Can't wait for April!
  10. That song with Kyle Durfey really crushed my soul in the best possible way. Great album.
  11. I love the industrial elements in this, but I think it's a bit boring as a whole. Pretty sure it will grow on me and I'm really excited for the album
  12. oh god i love old school muse so much.
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