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  1. loving the rawness sound from some of these tracks, I like how their going towards their original style, not that anthem sellout sound. I can also appreciate them opening up on controversial topics such as their religion and gun control. I really like the album and so far my favorites are Everyday Life, Daddy, Guns, and Trouble in Town.
  2. this band is so good man... seen them live many times, they never disappoint btw this fucking slams, they get better with every release
  3. imagine having their drummers brain...for just a day even... such a wildly talented band
  4. im sorry...but this shit is ass to my ear buds
  5. someone should dub trump's "bing bong" spheel on this track and watch it go this is amazing
  6. dude's scream reminds me of michael barr
  7. perfect fathers day gift for the old man, haha
  8. this fucking slams, adding this to my gym playlist for sure
  9. this band has something special going on
  10. bands needs more attention, this is freakin good stuff!!! *commence headbanging*
  11. the screaming reminds me of Mike Hranica's scream's, pretty gnarly!
  12. reminds me of acceptance...pretty catchy stuff!
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