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  1. Prog metal fans don't pass these guys up. AAL influences are heavy
  2. this is top notch prog, the drums are what make this so epic, imo
  3. If there is an afterlife, this is the music I want playing on repeat. So beautiful ahhhhh I can barely take it.
  4. Chhinnamasta is so good. It's literally getting harder to breath by the fucking day and Vincent is all "I can't fucking breath". SPOT ON.
  5. this song sounds badass. I hear some textures influences in the guitars and drums
  6. honestly pretty underwhelmed by this release...repetitive AF and the drop came WAY too late
  7. The band is so much tighter sounding with Barr back. His musicianship brings out the best in all the other band members. I hope they stick with that mix for the new album, its raw and adds to the heavy imo. Drumming here is fking fire btw
  8. It's good, but I think I like their previous material more. Perhaps it will grow on me
  9. Seriously talented, that breakdown at the end of Wildfire destroyed me.
  10. loving the rawness sound from some of these tracks, I like how their going towards their original style, not that anthem sellout sound. I can also appreciate them opening up on controversial topics such as their religion and gun control. I really like the album and so far my favorites are Everyday Life, Daddy, Guns, and Trouble in Town.
  11. this band is so good man... seen them live many times, they never disappoint btw this fucking slams, they get better with every release
  12. imagine having their drummers brain...for just a day even... such a wildly talented band
  13. im sorry...but this shit is ass to my ear buds
  14. someone should dub trump's "bing bong" spheel on this track and watch it go this is amazing
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