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  1. I think the first half of this thing is pretty perfect, but then it falls off. Solid 7/10 I think
  2. This is great, but also a loooot to take in. I'll return to this post with final thoughts after I digest all the elements in these songs. For now, favorites: Nasty, OD, Drown, Saucy, So Strange (love the vocals, but I wish a different vocalist sang them), GOAT. Should be at least a 7/10. EDIT: Every song is pretty great. I wish the album overall was a bit more focused with the dark trap element they had on GOAT. Lots of songs do follow that trend, but I wish they executed it better overall. Also, I was super hyped for Death Note and it let me down. Similarly, Yas had more potential with the CHON boys. Rich Kids is also a least favorite track. Favorite tracks above ^. But yeah pretty great album overall. Lots of cool elements and it all sounds so fresh. Top 10 material for the year.
  3. This feels like a lazy album. Couple good songs, couple bad ones, mostly average ones. No parts that really impressive me, just some decent songwriting here and there. There are a couple songs I might not skip if they came on, but I feel like I'll never have a desire to listen to them. Through Glass, Overthinking, Tilt, No Man's Land, Half-hearted and Black are all decent to good. Feeling a 5/10 on this.
  4. Release - October 5, 2018 Genre - Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR *New solo (I, The Mighty vocalist) EP out 11/2!* Tracklist: 1. Cloud's Song Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  5. I like Jaden a lot and I love DBZ but this kinda sucks. Sounds like generic Skrillex. Also why does your card getting declined make you feel like Goku?
  6. Release - October 4, 2018 Genre - Pop Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Without Me Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  7. Release - October 5, 2018 Genre - Hip-hop/Rap, Electronic Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Goku Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  8. I knew this album was special after 1 listen, and that thought is maintained after listening to it for days straight. I think above all, this album stands out. No artist or band is making songs like these and each song is so different. Overall, it sounds like a mix of self titled and Vessel, but with 10x more vibrant production, which is insane and no one expected that. Jumpsuit into Levitate is such a strong start; that transition is god tier. It also sets the stage for the over arching narrative in the album. But then comes Morph, probably my favorite song on the album, and one of the best songs in the last couple years, for real. The chorus is just perfectly crafted and absolutely stunningly - "I'll morph to someone else". The beat selection throughout the song perfectly rides the wave between hard af, ethereal, and synthy. There's so many subtle aspects to the song too that just proves how amazing it is. Next song of interest is Chlorine, and it's probably my 2nd favorite song. How does Tyler come up with such unique lyrics that are so infectious? The chorus instantly ingrained itself in my head for the rest of time. "Let the vibes slide over me" was a good choice in the chorus too cause that's exactly what the song feels like as you're listening to it. Second verse was more pulled back, but worked so well to transition back into, once again, an expert chorus. Then that bridge into the outro left me speechless. Man, this album started strong. I love Smithereens even though it's not everyone's favorite. It's the "Tear in my Heart" of the album and it's almost just as good. I'm nowhere close to in love but Tyler's got me stepping to a dude much bigger than me anyway. THEN continuing the strong start in "Neon Gravestones". I'll come out and say one of the most hauntingly beautiful and important songs in the last couple years. Everything about it is perfect and everyone needs to hear it. "I'll mourn for a kid but won't cry for a king." RIP Chester. Every song after that is great too. The Hype and Nico are better than 99% of alt. rock/pop songs. Cut My Lip and Bandito are essentially ballads but with such care taken in the songwriting, both lyrically and instrumentally. So many cool keys moments in both and 10/10 vocal melodies. Songwriting care is evident in Pet Cheetah too as it goes so god damn hard with its hip-hop influence and insane electronics. Lastly, Legend and Leave the City were a beautiful way to end the album. One gripe that I have is that a lot of Tyler's flows sound similar, but it works really well anyway. Also the lack of a true uke/sing-a-long song is noticeable, but that's so minor. I really just don't have many issues with this album. It's so colorful sonically, and hits on so many emotions. Favorites: Morph (!!), Chlorine, Smithereens, Neon Gravestones, Bandito, Pet Cheetah Strong 9/10 for me and front runner for AOTY.
  9. 10 track Palisades album that comes out between January-March (Dec 28th is close enough), sounds about right
  10. This is so good. I love how (spoilers:) the hardcore part from the teaser was right at the end. Looks like a new album is coming already too since "This Too Won't Pass" on the art isn't the name of the song.
  11. Leaked Release - October 5, 2018 Genre - Alt. Rock / Emo Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR *New album 11/16!* Tracklist: 1. My Queen Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  12. Release - October 2, 2018 Genre - Progressive Metal / Post-hardcore Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. E.M.O.J.I.Q.U.E.E.N (feat. Jared Dines) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  13. Much more “hard rock” than anticipated with some guitar tones and vocal melodies. Not bad though.
  14. MP3/320 FLAC/Lossless Twenty One Pilots - Trench (2018)