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  1. The ending of this song blew me away
  2. Fucking spectacular
  3. It's an old album (2009) for my staff pick, we can post old ones for that.
  4. Great stuff as expected, my favorite parts are the instrumental breaks.
  5. Release - September 18, 2017 Genre - Pop-Punk Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Alive Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  6. I always love me some Lights, ever since The Listening
  7. Leaked Release - September 22, 2017 Genre - Pop Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR *Thank you @HelloDarkness!* Tracklist: 1. Intro (00:34) 2. Skydiving (02:55) 3. Until the Light (03:26) 4. Savage (03:19) 5. New Fears (03:46) 6. Morphine (04:04) 7. We Were Here (03:49) 8. Kicks (03:17) 9. Giants (03:16) 10. Moonshine (03:13) 11. Interlude (01:07) 12. Magnetic Field (03:47) 13. Fight Club (03:20) 14. Almost Had Me (03:53) Total length: 43:46 Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  8. So I LOVED Madness, but this...hard pass. Some good moments but overall I'd rather not waste my time with it when I could listen to something else. Hopefully they find their audience with this.
  9. Release - January 1, 2009 Genre - Alternative Rock Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Wishing Well (03:57) 2. Papillon (03:17) 3. Gasoline (03:20) 4. Happiness Is Overrated (03:11) 5. Does This Mean You're Moving On? (02:13) 6. This Is Nowhere (02:49) 7. Sometime Around Midnight (05:03) 8. Something New (03:07) 9. Missy (03:39) 10. Innocence (06:49) 11. The Winning Side (Bonus Track) (04:13) 12. This Losing (Bonus Track) (03:35) 13. The Girls In Their Summer Dresses (Bonus Track) (03:18) 14. Gasoline (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track] (03:36) 15. Sometime Around Midnight (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track] (04:52) 16. Sometime Around Midnight (Bonus Video) (05:02) Total length: 01:02:01 Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  10. Before anyone says it, this is absolutely listenable at 128kbps. Also this is one of my favorite releases of the year. Full review to come. So I really love this album. Each song is very different from the next and they're all full of emotion and musical expertise. The electronics are scaled back a bit, but they're used more as another instrument and accents the rest, instead of being an overbearing focal point of the songs and I think it works better. The Sights is a great upbeat song with a happy chorus and solid use of the accented electronics I mentioned. Live Outside is more of the same and has a good message behind it and it definitely grew on me from being meh about it when it first released. Take My Country Back has one of Rou's best vocal performances imo, and the bridge during it is so cool and vibey, powerful chorus too. Airfield is beautiful, and reminds me of Dear Future Historians; some GREAT lyrics in here. Rabble Rouser is the only song to have electronics at the forefront but it was a nice change of pace and the song is just a great listen. Shinrin-yoku has great trumpets at the beginning and the whole nature/air related lyrics actually made me feel refreshed. Also the brief heavy part at the end was awesome. Undercover Agents utilizes the synths well and is just a staple ES song. I love The Revolt of the Atoms because of how cool the concept is and how well it's written, but maybe that's because I'm a chemist. Lastly, An Ode to Lost Jigsaw Pieces is just a simply beautiful ES song and Rou packs so much emotion into it. Lyrics like "I'll wait this out" and "we all cope somehow" are masterfully delivered. I can't say I'll like this more than Mindsweep but I still love it and will probably make my top 10. Solid 9/10 from these guys.
  11. Leaked Release - September 22, 2017 Genre - Alternative Rock / Electronic Rock Quality - MP3 128kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. The Spark (00:49) 2. The Sights (03:20) 3. Live Outside (03:40) 4. Take My Country Back (03:43) 5. Airfield (04:52) 6. Rabble Rouser (04:25) 7. Shinrin-Yoku (04:15) 8. Undercover Agents (04:30) 9. The Revolt of the Atoms (04:44) 10. An Ode to Lost Jigsaw Pieces (05:57) 11. The Embers (00:48) Total length: 41:03 Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  12. It's his brain ft. Lil Dicky! Last song is all LD though and it's fuego
  13. Release - September 14, 2017 Genre - Hip-Hop Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. rockstar Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  14. Actually hold up, rip is messed up EDIT: Download is correct now, sorry for any inconvenience.