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  1. Listened once and I was pretty underwhelmed tbh, it's ok
  2. I was digging this for the first 5 songs or so then I got bored
  3. Tracks 2 and 3 are fucking killerrrrr. Rest is good too.
  4. Thanks for the effort and organization of this all
  5. I actually love this album and may end up spinning it more than Invent Animate and Code Orange. Still pinning down favorites but I love every track till Baby Cobra, then Ask For Anthem is amazing too.
  6. I do really like this. I like the first half substantially more though, with my favorites being Rabbit, In Fear, You and You Alone, Who I Am, Cold Metal Place and Sulfur Surrounding. Literally the first half of the album Second half is good too, but less noticeably so with less to talk about in it, imo. Overall, I love the industrial sounds they incorporate accompanied by the straight up metalcore and alt metal. The pinch harmonics in songs like Cold Metal Place are some of the best moments on the record. This is just a great heavy album. The 2nd half loses my attention a bit though. Def feeling an 8 7-7.5 on this or so. Lastly, I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the "glitches" that some people are mentioning, like the pauses in some songs. I think they're incorporated best in Rabbit, but I'd still rather do without them.
  7. A fantastic month quite honestly. Voted Loathe since it's a contender for AOTY for me, though HMLTD gave it a run for it's money. My top 5: 1. Loathe 2. HMLTD 3. envy 4. Satyr 5. TWA . . . 50. TAA
  8. Not my favorite production selection of theirs, but I do like it. But I absolutely love Lynn here, both her vocal melodies and her overall attitude.
  9. Alright so I listened to this album 6x in 16 hours and I really do love it. Close to hitting that 9 mark, but def in the 8-9 range along with Circles and I Let it In... as my current favorites of the year. I recommend EVERYONE check this out. Favorites: To the Door, Satan Luella & I, Mikey's song, Nobody Stays in Love, and Blank Slate.
  10. A little late on this one, but I love it already after just 2 listens. The post punk aspect is very strong, but they incorporate so many other sounds too, including goth rock, industrial, and even trap. These are all used so methodically though for perfectly crafted songs among a wide soundscape. You'll get equal parts ethereal and beautiful as you would dark and gritty. Speaking of dark, the lyrics might be my favorite part of the album. They're mostly dark, with a heavy commentary on social issues, but they give a lot to think about too, which I enjoy. Also lyrically, it feels like the band is telling a story throughout the album, and throughout each song as well. And listening to this album continually, trying to piece together both stories has been a constant joy as I dissect the extravagant sounds as well. Still identifying my favorite tracks, but there are a lot of them. I think everyone should listen to this album, shame I'm the third comment weeks later.
  11. I hate this EP and used to hate this producer. Now I'm just more indifferent.
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