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  1. Is MTS going to be in July poll? If not, it's a glaring omission that would get lots of votes. 1. MTS 2. RTJ4 3. Covet 4. TGI 5. Currents
  2. who tf says "dick deep". Also he looks like he's been doing harder stuff than psychs
  3. I remember that. I was happy to see it on the tracklist here. Maybe they just decided to put it off till an acoustic release.
  4. Structure feels a bit messy, and it’s probably my least favorite single but still solid.
  5. Quite solid. Is this the opening track? Sounds like an opening track
  6. Very cool. Album will be a gem, but probably just short of something super special
  7. I love the heavy parts but the album doesnt grab me consistently enough for me to really like it overall. I respect the sound though.
  8. The vocal performances have no high points and the instrumentals are not interesting, at least to me. 1 listen and done on this one.
  9. Holy fuuuuuuck. I've really started to love this band after the last 3 singles (including this one). I should re-visit their older stuff now that I'm acclimated.
  10. Closer best song. Other than that, not really for me.
  11. Pretty good, especially lyrically.
  12. Will probably end up my 2nd favorite album of the month behind MTS
  13. Wanted to leave one more comment on this thread to confirm that this is my current AOTY. It's actually crazy how the singles were all good songs, but not really up to MTS quality, but then every other song on the album was spectacular (as of when the album leaked, who knows what singles they will release before 7/24). As for those 3 singles, I see how Drown With Me and Soul Decay fit into the soundscape of the album, and Drown With Me grew on me quite a bit with the whole album in mind. Erase Me is the most simply structured song on the album but worked really well as a first single and it's a good song, but definitely falls into the background with respect to the record as a whole. My favorites, as I've alluded to, are every other song: Step One, Falling Ashes, Bones, Fake Your Own Death, title track, The Attendant, and That's Just Life. Most of these are just ignorantly heavy in what may seem as generic djent at times, but there's so many layers to the heaviness that I'd have to refute anyone trying to make that point. The tone of the ending of Step One is just more enjoyably heavy than most songs that bands in the scene put out, and that continues with Falling Ashes. The album as a whole just feels like a cohesive project that's brutal in its heaviness and ethereal when it needs to be, as well, and it does both aspects in super interesting and entertaining ways. EDIT: I also do think it's better than WA even though I loooooved WA. I just think this one is more consistently enjoyable to listen to. Gotta go with a 9/10 on this and yeah AOTY so far, just edging out Loathe.
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