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  1. These are very good imo. It's your typical pop/phc blend, but with a unique percentage of each compared to past projects that they've been in.
  2. This is closer to iridescence than the Sat trilogy, but still very different than the former. The production has a different overall flavor than in the past, and the song writing is still crazy, but more focused I'd say. First 3 tracks are absolute fire, with No Halo close to BLEACH level of epic. If You Pray Right is also a favorite (minus the outro), as well as Big Boy. Dearly Departed, though not a favorite, is an interesting one. I love tracks where you can tell that a lot of emotion and passion were put into them, and Dearly Departed fits that criteria without a doubt. That is also the cause for the title track and Love me For Life. Lastly, shout out to Joba for killing every second of his input on this record. This feels like a strong 7 to me, with potential to jump into the 8 range. About the same as iridescence quality-wise, but different enough to be super fresh. Edit: Least favorites: Ginger and Victor Roberts
  3. I like it sonically, and there's multiple cool parts in the song. Enough for me to stay hyped for the album, though I've never loved an entire TDWP project, just some songs. I definitely think the later half of the song is the better half too.
  4. Big fan of all 3 singles, especially 'Carry'. Top 10 material for me easily
  5. Release - August 22, 2019 Genre - Rock, Contemporary Rock Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR *New album 'Death is a Warm Blanket' out 9/13!* Tracklist: 1. Float to the Top Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  6. I know I'm gonna love this, really excited to listen. Also this should be trending.
  7. I liked Play Pretend quite a bit, but not too keen on this.
  8. They've dropped 2 of my favorite songs this year, and yeah this is much better than Death of Me. This is so full of an energy that Pvris hasnt exactly shown before. That production is so god damn clean too. Soooo good.
  9. Leaked Release - August 14, 2019 Genre - Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Scorched Shore (2:49) 2. Red Hen (3:43) 3. Deleto (2:47) 4. Lifeguard (3:13) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  10. Not too bad, I can tell they had fun with it. The Spark had plenty of songs past the singles that had crazy structures and song writing, so I expect some of that. As a lead single, this is alright.
  11. Fans of Kimi No Na Wa, I see. EDIT: Oh, the mv is a cringy re-telling of the movie, and the song sounds like it's from 2009. I see.
  12. I get the criticism, but at least no one can say they’ve heard a song like this, which is rarely the case nowadays, I feel. I think this song has a really good vibe though and does lots of cool stuff.
  13. I LOVE this. I wanted them to fully lean into a dark djent sound with their weirdness thrown in there too, and they did just that. Tyler’s vocals are a bit to process, but I think they’ll grow on everyone. I respect that they’re different for sure, and I feel like it’s cool to do something weird to make up for no screaming. And that bridge is god damn spectacular, a meticulously crafted climax to the song.
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