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  1. Never posted a concluding comment here but yeah aoty material for me. It'll be fighting with Alien. I do wish they went even weirder, like I hope LP4 (if it happens) is more like Flexin, cause I feel like they could flesh that sound out over an entire record to make something special. I'm very happy with what we got here though. Favorites in order: Beautiful Oblivion, Here's to You, Second Best, Downfall, No Problem, Drink About It, Flexin, Find Forever. Least favorites are Get it Right and Your Sake, with the latter being one I skip almost every time. Not a bad song, just not something I want to listen to usually. At least a 9/10 on this one. Issues
  2. I love this album about as much as I thought I would, and it's easily my new favorite tdwp record. I love allll the singing, and the moody instrumentals with the poetic style of vocal delivery works really well. I honestly like the non-metalcore moments more than the metalcore ones on this album. Favorites are: Chemical, Wave of Youth, Please Say No, Numb, Even Though. Solid 8-8.5.
  3. This might've been the best release today. Holy. Shit.
  4. I can still love new dgd even though it's samey, this is different enough. I love the 80s pop sample during the "River..." part.
  5. Had to vote Microwave, as I thought it was much better than any September release, other than VoV which was a close 2nd. Microwave will be top 10 for me for sure. My top 5 for September: 1. Microwave 2. VoV 3. SWS 4. Posty 5. Dayseeker
  6. Release - October 4, 2019 Genre - Indie Rock, Indie Pop Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Friends Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  7. I didnt believe you but holy fucking shit you're right. I'll check it out
  8. Title track is actually my 1st or 2nd favorite with Downfall btw, it's amazing
  9. It really is. It surprised me how great it was.
  10. It's heavier than I expected tbh, and I was happily expecting very pop
  11. My most hyped release this year. Cannot wait to get home and listen. I know it’s gonna be something special.
  12. This is a good summary of the song tbh. I'm not a fan myself though, just doesnt entertain me sonically. Might hold a nice spot on the album overall, though.
  13. Those are similar but not enough to say this isnt unique It's not objectively bad though. Especially if you like it dont overthink it
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