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  1. Their last album was one of my favorites of 2015, and this one sounds really good so far too. Sam Carter could be feature of the year, that sounds amazing. However, I dislike when bands release the closing track as a single but whatever.
  2. Release - 5/19/2017 Genre - Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3 320kbps Tracklist: 3. Heaven Sentt // Hellbound 6. Paper House (Leaked 5/21) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  3. Personally I think they all sound quite different actually
  4. My least favorite song they've put out but still solid. This band is so good and fun
  5. Release - May 4, 2017Genre - PopQuality - M4A 256kbpsTracklist: 3. Eyes ClosedDownloadSupportFacebook / iTunes
  6. This album is so great. Right from beginning, the haunting intro sets the tone for the record by exemplifying a feeling of dark desperation and grief, one of the coolest intros ever. Then the next 3 songs are all ones we've heard before with Trace the Lines being my favorite. I'll say this now, but the lyrics for the whole album are 10/10 as expected with this band. The Smoother the Stone is a perfect interlude for this record. It continues the feeling and theme, while instead having some cool string and piano parts along with cool electronic beats; it just was a nice palette cleanser. Also it leads into one of the best songs on the record with Infinite Chances. Infinite Chances perfectly encapsulates regret, while having beautiful gang vocals at 2:00 (more on that later). Further Below combines a haunting feeling with one of the more 'heavy' songs on the album very nicely. Good Soil, Bad Seeds is definitely one of my favorites. The top-notch melodies performed with the unique lyrics and vocals are impossible to miss. Then part at 2:27 on is one of the most beautiful parts of any song I've heard. Combined with the mini gang vocals of "you don't have to fall apart", just wow, just listen to it instead of reading my futile attempt at explaining it. Then the closer, wow. One of the best and most unique closers I've heard. It wraps up the theme, lyrics, and sound of the album all on one epic song. Also those waiting for screams would finally get some. I'll admit I was waiting too. I'm still trying to decipher "do we all arrive at the same place, when we began?" Those lyrics are in the intro and closer. This album is great to me because it's different. Not only is the vocal style, song structure, and instrumentals all fresh, but the album overall just invokes a different emotional response than any in the past. Oh and it is a very cohesive project that cannot be fully appreciated without listening to it completely multiple times. 8/10
  7. 6ix (his producer) saves this album. The lyrics are too preachy and about so few topics, but the production is INCREDIBLE, so vibrant and unique. I will elaborate. I am a huge Logic fan, TITS might be my favorite hip-hop album ever. I respect what Logic did here; the stories of his youth he includes (and those from other albums) show he absolutely has a right to make an album about this and he dos it well. But it's not exactly what I want to listen to. SO many straight up ridiculously good beats are wasted, like Take it Back having him just talk for 4 minutes, like dude you're a rapper and we know you can spit bars, so do that instead. I really thought the whole "rapping from the perspective of other people" thing would be more fleshed out. Instead it feels a lot of the same topic and a lot of himself. Also Neil DeGrasse Tyson's dialogues are great and adds a lot to the album but I wish it was more that style than what this is. With that being said, there are some great songs and straight up beautiful parts on this record. Anziety, Killing Spree, and AfricaryaN are all amazing, with AfricaryaN being a perfect 12 minute song which says a lot. Also, I like the singles a lot more with how they are led up to with the dialogues, like the waiting room talk to 1-800 really put it in perspective and put me in the mood for a song like that. Also hallelujah to Everybody was smooth af. Also spoilers for the last song: J.Cole's feature was incredible. I wont delve into the meaning behind it all because I think it should be thought of yourself. Also it seems like Logic might be making one more album based on what Tom and Kai said and that upsets me. 6.5/10 and for reference: Under Pressure - 9/10 The Incredible True Story - 10/10
  8. I like this album a lot more than I thought I would. The melodies performed by the vocalist(s) are very smooth and drag you in. Also the mid-scream grit is done really well among the cleans and screams. Instrumentals seem more varied than previous releases which is nice. Frequency is one of my favorites even though it's one of the softer ones, like the pseudo breakdown at 2:50ish with the riff is really cool. My other favorites are Nomad, Arrow, Waterborne, and Elemental. They all stood out with their song structure and simply goodness (I'm tired, it's finals week). I didn't dislike any tracks which surprised me. My obey gripe with the album is even though the lyrics are well thought out, they didn't do much for me emotinally. Oh and I'm a huge Halo fan and no Halo announcer breakdown - 0/10 Jk 7/10
  9. @Crust threw in track lengths for you guys
  10. Release - May 4, 2017Genre - Metalcore / Progressive MetalcoreQuality - MP3 320kbpsTracklist: 1. ApneaDownloadSupportFacebook / iTunes
  11. Leaked Release - May 4, 2017Genre - Alt. RockQuality - MP3 320kbps; FLACTracklist: 10. None of the AboveDownloadSupportFacebook / iTunes
  12. Release - May 3, 2017Genre - Progressive Metal / MetalcoreQuality - MP3 320kbpsTracklist: 1. BloomDownloadSupportFacebook / iTunes
  13. FLAC added!
  14. Release - May 5, 2017Genre - Indie / Psychedelic Rock / Psychedelic PopQuality - MP3 320kbpsTracklist: 1. 30000 Megatons 2. Sweep Me Off My Feet 3. Paint Me Silver 4. Colder Than Ice 5. Edge Of The World Pt. 1 6. A/B 7. Zen Automaton 8. All I Want For Xmas (Is A Tascam 388) 9. Edge Of The World Pt. 2 10. The WeatherDownloadSupportFacebook / iTunes