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  1. How is this new? It's like a lot of Reputation, but more shallow.
  2. I dont mind some of her newer material, but this is not good imo
  3. Great single! Old vocalist is missed a bit but this is a strong song for them.
  4. Quite amazing, and a release that I'll be digesting over the next couple weeks. It'll certainly be at least an 8/10 for me. It's fitting that this is a self titled record, since this is Chon through and through, just turned up to 11. Not much sampling is more proof of that. They ended up with some weird shit too like the majority of Pitch Black. Rosewood is also favorite, a perfect example of a "beautiful" song. Cloudy, Petal and Thanks round out my favorites, with Thanks having a really good acoustic guitar part.
  5. This is the best song I've heard all year. That should say enough.
  6. Sean is a god damn animal. This is great metalcore.
  7. Love this song, so different from the other two, too. This album will likely be top 10 material for me. EDIT: Various sets of time changes starting at 2:07 is just wtf
  8. Good month. 1. Employeed to Serve 2. Tyler the Creator 3. Denzel Curry 4. Sleep Talk 5. Kurt Travis
  9. This definitely isnt the Microwave from Much Love & Stovall...right?
  10. Worth even more than 1 listen, actually. Honestly each song has multiple parts where it just feels different than the versions with lyrics, so they feel like fresh songs in a way. It’s weird but I’m enjoying it.
  11. Unholy and The Most are good. The rest are fun and listenable, but I'd rarely find myself in the mood to listen to Miley Cyrus rap about having sex and doing drugs.
  12. Loved Taboo, this is stellar too. Shit kinda get samey at some points, but there's a lot of hype moments on this thing. I think Zuu, Ricky, Wish and Speedboat are my favorites.
  13. The vocalist has improved a bit, I think. I think he's pretty not great overall and really holds the songs back. I love the art work too.
  14. Definitely worth at least 1 listen. I've certainly found new appreciation for some intricacies, and certain parts within the song. I discovered a new little riff in Bloodsucker, for example.
  15. Honestly one of my favorite bands. They mentioned one last AYP b-side, but I'm not sure that this is it.
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