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  1. Yeah so definitely a big fan of this. There's a cool pop-punk/emo vibe, kinda like The Front Bottoms, but way more mature lyrically, and with more varied instrumentals. Feeling a strong 7 on this, maybe an 8. Favorites: Morbid Stuff, Kids, Free At Last, See You at Your Funeral, Scorpion Hill, Full Blown Meltdown. Least favorite: Closure, City.
  2. The more I listen to this album, the more I love it - to the point where it's sneaking into top 10 material. The entire album is uniquely heavy and Mess shines consistently in ways that he cant during dgd songs. Within the first 25 seconds of Upgrades, I knew this would be great. Favorites include: Upgrades, Lightning, Rabbit Hole, Get You Some. Least favorite: No One I Know. Solid 8/10 I'd say.
  3. 2 songs in and I know I'm gonna love this
  4. This is really good! I like basically every song, and they do lots of cool stuff on here.
  5. im smoking your pee pee and drinking all of your poo poo poo
  6. I loooooved Homey. This is a slight departure from that summery sound and instead a more peaceful one. This is still very solid though, and the LP comes out on my birthday if anyone's tryna get me a present.
  7. I'll always love Andy's voice. I've liked the past 3 singles a good amount actually, with 'What I Am' being my favorite.
  8. I'm a fan of this actually. Lots of cool sounds, easy to vibe to.
  9. I actually didnt fully listen to any March releases. Any recommendations?
  10. That's a nice butt. Also pretty excited to check this out.
  11. I think their last album is their best overall project imo
  12. Not as good as most of last LP unfortunately but it’s solid. Bridge had potential but fell a bit flat.
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