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  1. You mean one more concept album... he's not quitting after four albums and a handful of mixtapes
  2. J.cole Ab-soul Tech n9ne only good band album to even come out this year is Shadow Of Intent IMO
  3. TDE is the best record label putting out GOOD artists
  4. nah this isn't as good as I thought it was going to be
  5. never knew their was an Anderson Paak production
  6. thank you for this!!!! black hippy remix blows kanyes verse away tho haha
  7. Refuse to listen to this guy, I know he's trash I can feel it in my soul
  8. downloading because that album art is pretty cool
  9. there would be no Drake without 40, but this is really chill and not over the top for Drake thanks for the upload!!!
  10. Not really having much exceptions but here we go
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