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  1. Says file is corrupt, anyone else having that issue?
  2. I'm looking for Gretta Van Fleet albums and ep's. Any help within the kl community would be greatly appreciated

    1. LKA


      Requests are reserved for donators on the site and have to be made in the request forum :)

  3. Filecrypt thanks for everything you do to keep these links up for all of us to enjoy.
  4. Macklemore didn't want to stand in Ryan Lewis' way. Ryan has had opportunities to work with other people and to make his own album for awhile so Macklemore stepped aside so Ryan could persue another project while Macklemore worked on this solo album. Ben and Ryan are still friends and Ben was in Ryan's wedding as his best man a few months ago. Nothing to worry about!
  5. Super stoked this is up. Love 311, been following them since before grassroots. Easily one of my favorite bands of all time.
  6. @MusicOblivion dude thx for the UP, California 2.0 is the shit. I love the first disc and still listen to it alot since its release from last year but this second album is soooooooo fucking good. Skiba sounds amazing, the drums are so sick on this 2nd album. Kinda wish they just named this as a new album instead.
  7. Album is actually really fucking good, wasn't expecting it to be good at all. I like how they go back to the infest days and then do a hip hip song with MGK and then some alt rock/metal and through in some of the punk roots they have.
  8. "Pray" is open to interpretation. It's a song to open up communication not anti-white. You can listen to it and think what you want, open discussion is what it's meant to be about.
  9. I've been following Flobots since Fight Your Tools and I can say No Enemies has out ranked that album leaps and bounds. It's not anti white, it's anti-racism, anti-hate, anti-trump. Flobots have always been a political band much like Rise Against, Public Enemy, Green Day, System of the Down, Metallica, Senses Fail, NOFX just to name a few. I've listened to No Enemies 6x since the leak, no lyrics needed just listen to the album song by song and you'll get the message they are trying to spread. It's right there in the title of the album!
  10. They are really good, I could see them touring with new found glory, state champs and Knuckle Puck in the near future. Thanks for the up @Lord Kingdom
  11. Thanks @mR12, my friend's wouldn't stop bugging me about this fucking album all week.
  12. Feeshmon there's zero files to download, it downloads only as an HTML file with zero music. Can you reupload?
  13. When I download this it only downloads as an HTML file?
  14. Tom leaving blink is by far the best scenario for both parties. Tom didn't want to record the new blink album because he wasn't passionate about blink like he is his own music with angels and airwaves, to the stars media and all the other projects he has coming down the pipeline. Mark & Travis were sick and tired of waiting and they wanted to all record in the same room vs Tom sending stuff through email.
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