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  1. Think I'll just go back and listen to The Black instead
  2. Thanks, looking forward to this
  3. Is there by chance the heavier version of Hooligans somewhere in here or just the acoustic?
  4. @TreeInTheWind and I don't care if you think it's a stupid criticism, that's the vibe I got listening to most of the first half of the album
  5. That's a no from me. By the end of it I was glad to be done. To me it sometimes sounded like if The Wombats tried to play like the Arctic Monkeys and butchering it, all the while making the songs for the Happy Days soundtrack
  6. I do like the fact that every album JJ seems to come out trying different things vocally. It's lyrically going back to their early days of not giving a fuck what people think and musically having their same sound mixed with a few punk tunes throughout
  7. Listened to the album titled song and felt I was listening to a heavy Craig David song
  8. Halfway through it, I still like the funky sound mixed in with the heavier parts throughout just feel it needs more heavy vocals every now and again
  9. I went in not expecting anything and still feel let down
  10. I personally was pretty disappointed in it
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