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  1. This is like a more progressive version of all their previous albums into one record infused with more chaos, passion and spirit. You can FEEL it so hard on this one compared to Phantom Anthem. This is top tier metalcore at its finest.
  2. I agree. Hyped it up for too many months only to listen to skits and 6 or so new songs. Also tje songs that are new aren’t anything that special. The beats are nice but not sure if they are 4/5 month wait worthy? Lol. Great album for sure though.
  3. If you followed him, that was his plan all along. It wasn’t a mess, he wanted every song to have a music video and wanted to release it song by song.
  4. Time for some new hesdphones then. Production sounds perfect and crisp
  5. THANK YOU. This song and their last record would have sounded absolutely groundbreaking if they had mixed it themselves like with “My Own Grave”. I don’t get how they just can’t hear the clear difference it is and how more refined and crisp THEIR mix is. I just don’t get it.
  6. Okay so I guess the month of then teasing this song was so fucking worth it. This slapped me so hard
  7. Vocalist is channeling his inner Tim Lambesis for sure. This song is insane and way better than anything off Ark. Love the chaos
  8. I can’t get over this song! It’s basic instrumentally but there’s still so much energy in it. I loooove the cleans and the breakdown was sick. It’s not new but it’s just classic FFAK
  9. The last 3 songs are just perfect to me. The rest of this record feels too artificial and it’s not as memorable. I love their poppier and catchier route (Afterglow, Aquamarine from last album), but most of this just doesn’t stick. The focus on the electronics is just too distracting and takes the energy away. Dead Reflection was their best work IMO, but this fell short quite a bit.
  10. Will forever support and love ABR, but this track just isn’t that memorable. It’s groovy and the chorus is definitely interesting and new, but it seems a little boring to me. Like there really isn’t much going on.
  11. This is the absolute best way to balance cleans and screams, heavy and light parts. Every single song keeps my attention in a unique way. Such a solid variety we got here, boys. Near perfect album.
  12. I tried. I really tried. This album isnt even that bad. It has some good energy throughout, but this band just bores the fuck out of me now. The entire record just blends together and not in a good way. Reminds me exactly like their last record, Violent Noise. 2-3 decent tracks, but none of them have actual replay value. I'm probably never going to spin this record ever again. It's sad that I'm saying this and this is the same band that put out Life Cycles and Deceiver.
  13. Jesus Christ. What a fucking song. This is pulling me more in than their last record. Their last album was great but besides the singles, most songs felt all same-y and all one track. This is just fucking nuts.
  14. I’m honestly so confused with these comments. Like someone else said, this is picking up right where “You Can’t Stop Me” left off. This entire record is just a solid foundation of brutality and showcases what this band is truly made of. With Eddie, this is their best record. Every single song smashes and the energy never stops. That title track really caught me off guard. Holy fuck. Eddie’s highs are so fucking sharp, I love it. I love the tight sounding production as well. 8.5/10 for me. Also, I feel like if this band didn’t release that last disaster of an album back in 2017, this album wouldn’t get the hate it’s receiving. Let’s face it, we can forget about that now, because the boys are back in their niche. Can’t wait to see them on my birthday in May
  15. Does anyone else wish the production/mix sounded crisper? Oh yeah, its a heavy banger, but i feel like its a tiny bit compressed (drums mostly). This has happened ever since they've been on Fearless. Maybe it's just me. Regardless, super excited for this album and love the artwork
  16. Wow this a really great album! Each song stands on its own and has their own personality. Lots of great energy on this record and it’s a lot of fun. Lots of raw expression on here and I’m loving it.
  17. Blind Witness - Force Fed out Feb 21 (via their fb)
  18. Point North is a really solid pop punk group. They definitely deserve more recognition. I saw them live with Stand Atlantic last year and they killed it. This is a great track with a great feature
  19. 1. As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire 2. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 3. Shrezzers- relationships 4. MGK - Hotel Diablo 5. Oh Sleeper - Bloodied // Unbowed 6. NF - The Search 7. Foxblood - Grief & Mercy Sleep 8. Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding 9. Coldrain - The Side Effects 10. Periphery - HAIL STAN
  20. This sounds beyond their last worth album which was fucking amazing. They’re really going towards their own heart raw sound I love it. This band is too consistent
  21. Really great ep here! The singer is from Incredible Me, by the way
  22. fuck yeah. this will be a super solid album. I love the concept and story.
  23. Holy shit, this has to her their best work to date. So much energy and heaviness in this. Craig has so much fun with this band and I’m loving it.
  24. 'i prevail back in the day' lol there is no back in the day for them. Its right now, today. But yes i agree with everything else you said
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