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  1. Yes! Aaron’s bringing it back to Jamie’s Elsewhere days. Slowly getting there at least. This song is a banger, it never slows down I love it. I love the solo. This is what I enjoy from these guys. Their last 3 albums haven’t really done it for me. This is on the right track
  2. i like that its more consistent than Sweetener. Like EVERY song on this is a banger. I dont want to skip one song. The beats are so chill and its more trap-y and as always her voice is awesome. 9/10 for me
  3. The fact that they just released material even comparable if not better than PII is almost indescribable. Theyre about to release the juiciest album of the year along with AILD. I can’t fathom my feelings for this damn song ❤️
  4. I wish he can hit those highs again, they are just too gnarly. This entire album pwns
  5. Spite + Fit for a king ? Lmao this is stupid good, I love it
  6. She goes from cute and somewhat innocent to trashy and slutty lmao its too bad. Shes hanging with Nicki Minaj too much smh
  7. He could have made a strong return (not really cause everyone hates him now) if he had stuck with screaming. I mean hes a great singer but his balance of screams from D&D was fucking great. This is just meh. All that waiting for this lmao
  8. I feel like Holy Hell won JUST because it’s Architects. Silent Planet and Ice Nine Kills released huge albums. I voted for When The End Began, that album is just a game changer honestly and I can see now it’s way underrated.
  9. It’s very possible that you can do new things that are better than the past material Growth is important.
  10. Honestly LOVE the cleans, but other than that it’s the same stuff. Nothing has been stepped up and like Desk said, it’s all for the sake of a breakdown or two (and ok ones at that). I give it a 5/10
  11. I’m definitely on board with this new sound. Songs have structures and repetition sometimes as long as it’s catchy and upbeat which this is. Love it
  12. Not AOTY but DAMN this record is amazing. I almost have no words. Just yes yes baby. Super talented group. Also it’s about damn time they pump out this record.
  13. FUCK maybe im biased but this whole album exceeded my expectations. Everything is so good! As always, I don't care for interludes so here we go Reboot - Awesome intro, taken from their EP Fortune - Gets straight into it, never slows down, BANGER Shinebox - LOVE the new mix, it just adds so much more now, very atmospheric. BANGER I Am Tetsuo - Probably in my top 3. Love the focus on the singing and the lyrics. Takes a little break from the heavy while remaining balanced Bastard from a Basket - Jesus, fire all the way through. One of the heaviest on the record. The riffs are too killer Nitro - Great single, Obviously the bass and riffs just take over and slap you in the face, heavy asf Tears in Rain - Another one that takes isnt as heavy, but remains balanced. Also focuses on Lauren's singing, the lyrics are so awesome too. Such a solid track Moloko Plus - Garret. Fucking. Russell. Need I say more!? The dude is a beast and just took over this track, Sounds like a Silent Planet song. I LOVE the slow instrumentals in the middle and how it comes back at the end and just finished so strong and teabags you. Hannah - People might just hate this track, but I love it. It's a nice soft change and just lets you breathe a bit before continuing the heaviness and chaos. Very soothing song with the piano. You Were Right - Taken from their EP, remixed and it's still as good as it was on the EP. In this version, Lauren does all the screams. Super solid track still Ian Hates Gretchen - That FUCKING BASS, this song is just all over the place and I LOVE it. My Friends, You Bow to No One - This is how you end a fucking album. I love the length, probably my #1 favorite. It's such a strong ending to a very great debut album. It's heavy, it's loud, the lyrics are just so awesome, they just go well with the music. I was afraid it was going to end too soon then comes back after the couple minutes of silence and just goes so hard. One of my favorite album enders ever. C E R T I F I E D B A N G E R Listen, this is nothing new. They didn't invent anything new. It has already been called generic, but it's like they made 'generic' and made it VERY enjoyable and fun. I honestly didn't find many low points at all. It just stands out way more than lots of other post hardcore records. They set such a super solid foundation with this release. You can hear so many influences and I love that it's all very organic and naturally diverse throughout the entire album while remaining so solid and strong with their intentions with the sounds. They did exceptional work here.
  14. Still better than their atrocious last release. One or two decent songs but the rest was not Coldrain. There was no energy, no effort in it. This was a thousand times better than that record. Sounds like Revelation and before era
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