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  1. Love Ryan but this just doesn’t seem to fit. Ryan’s screams are too heavy for the production and sound that WCAR have been releasing
  2. Dave is great vocalist but without those highs Ryan gives us, it feels incomplete.
  3. That last minute just destroys. Only thing missing is that heavy production that we heard on their last album or “Pizza”. Otherwise great song
  4. check out H.E.R and Ella Mai, my new favorite R&B Artists, both have that early 2k feels to it. Ella Mai released a song a couple months ago with Usher too, BANGER
  5. I love this band to death, but Hate Me Sometimes stomps these last 3 singles. The production or mix mixed with the synthy electronic sounds just doesnt do it for me. Hate Me is probably the freshest they've ever sounded keeping that raw and bouncy pop punk sound tied with their own sound , but these latest songs are just boring to me.
  6. Had to fight back tears on this one. Incredible return.
  7. the best band to take Tonight Alive's place, Super solid group!
  8. Actually utter garbage. Not like it’s surprising, but damn I miss their memorable and heavier sound.
  9. Except I feel like invisible enemy And the frost was great but the rest of that album felt generic and same-y. This album, there’s more variation. There’s more range from jakes vocals as well.
  10. This is like a more progressive version of all their previous albums into one record infused with more chaos, passion and spirit. You can FEEL it so hard on this one compared to Phantom Anthem. This is top tier metalcore at its finest.
  11. I agree. Hyped it up for too many months only to listen to skits and 6 or so new songs. Also tje songs that are new aren’t anything that special. The beats are nice but not sure if they are 4/5 month wait worthy? Lol. Great album for sure though.
  12. If you followed him, that was his plan all along. It wasn’t a mess, he wanted every song to have a music video and wanted to release it song by song.
  13. Time for some new hesdphones then. Production sounds perfect and crisp
  14. THANK YOU. This song and their last record would have sounded absolutely groundbreaking if they had mixed it themselves like with “My Own Grave”. I don’t get how they just can’t hear the clear difference it is and how more refined and crisp THEIR mix is. I just don’t get it.
  15. Okay so I guess the month of then teasing this song was so fucking worth it. This slapped me so hard
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