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  1. Its still Spite and its still solid Deathcore, but its just missing that insanity and range of vocals and blast beats that their old stuff had. Cant say I'm too hyped
  2. YES! J.T brought back Texas in July vocals. His range is super incredible and it has been supremely wasted on Erra's last 2 records, so this is VERY amazing to hear such a song with so much power, energy and passion. The quality of this is superb and contains the essence that Augment had but with JT's vocals and its a beautiful thing. I hope to EVERYTHING their next record sounds just like this song
  3. Yeah, thats the ONLY thing holding me back. There's a HUGE difference between the first 2 singles, and its simply the quality of the mix that makes it not as enjoyable and that sucks because these guys are legends in musicianship and song writing
  4. Dont get me wrong. I'm glad this band returned to their 'heavier' side, but wheres the melody? Wheres the rhythmic prechoruses and killer riffs with personality like 'Let's Cheer To This'? Cmon, this is so damn basic, its just boring. Yes there is some screams, yes there is riffs, but it all feels forced and rushed. There is no personality and vibe from this. They listened to their fans and brought back the heavy, but feels like they just want to push something out just for the sake of it. All the girl on youtube will be like "FINALLY OLD SWS IS BACK" No...No, they're not with their shitty verse-chorus-verse-chorus-chorus- stale bullshit.
  5. Amazing song. but why is the mix on this song and the last not as good as 'My Own Grave'? It just bugs me, its a different quality and its not as crisp as My Own Grave. Nevertheless. so hyped for this album, because its 3/3 now
  6. I was not prepared at all for this. I might love this more than Captors. That’s how good this record is. So much soul and passion in the entirety of this. Like it’s been said many times, there’s not one filler song and each song is unique. This album is HUGE boys, don’t sleep on this.
  7. holy hell these guys can do no wrong. so damn catchy and such a good tune!
  8. Downside: same structure as their other material Upside: This structure fuckin BANGS for them and is very enjoyable The one time a metalcore band stays consistent and everyone bitches. God I love this band
  9. This is gonna sound crazy but I already like AJ's screams more than Micheals TBH. Also for me at this point, Tyler's singing is just a turn off and in this song it just didnt fit in well with the djenty sound they have now. Its just off putting, his voice and what they did to Micheal. This band is meh. After all this time this is what they could come up with? Oh well.
  10. Compared to her other first singles, this is straight garbage and I really fucking love Tswift. This shit is weak and disappointing
  11. the concept is what we need to listen to, but the execution - i mean what the fuck that shits horrible. what happened to his bars and his awesome rapping? also waste of lots of special guests
  12. I honestly can’t stand this fucking band but that song was DAMN good lmao
  13. I swear this is on the verge of metalcore. It’s so heavy and I love it. Shit I thought that Crazy88 was profound but this single alone blows all that out of the water. This is so damn incredible and the energy just never stops the entire song. Im honestly blown away.
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