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  1. This is gonna sound crazy but I already like AJ's screams more than Micheals TBH. Also for me at this point, Tyler's singing is just a turn off and in this song it just didnt fit in well with the djenty sound they have now. Its just off putting, his voice and what they did to Micheal. This band is meh. After all this time this is what they could come up with? Oh well.
  2. Compared to her other first singles, this is straight garbage and I really fucking love Tswift. This shit is weak and disappointing
  3. the concept is what we need to listen to, but the execution - i mean what the fuck that shits horrible. what happened to his bars and his awesome rapping? also waste of lots of special guests
  4. I honestly can’t stand this fucking band but that song was DAMN good lmao
  5. Holy hell is it 2011 again? Love this
  6. I swear this is on the verge of metalcore. It’s so heavy and I love it. Shit I thought that Crazy88 was profound but this single alone blows all that out of the water. This is so damn incredible and the energy just never stops the entire song. Im honestly blown away.
  7. Oli ruined his voice and BMTH chose to give in and go pop and mainstream and away from their signature sound that always drew fans in WSS Vocalist ruined his voice and instead of giving in, the entire band chose to evolve with their signature WSS spark while keeping things heavy, raw and authentic. This album makes you think and feel things, I can't say the same for Amo. Please dont compare the two. WSS has always kept their fans in their minds and is doing it right.
  8. This wont be their best album but I definitely welcome and love the new sound they've created, my only complaint is I wish the overall sound was crisper and the mix wasn't muddy. The singles were crisp, but the rest doesn't sound like it. Very enjoyable album though. I get it, it's not as heavy, but the vocalist did have THREE throat surgeries.
  9. Yes! Aaron’s bringing it back to Jamie’s Elsewhere days. Slowly getting there at least. This song is a banger, it never slows down I love it. I love the solo. This is what I enjoy from these guys. Their last 3 albums haven’t really done it for me. This is on the right track
  10. i like that its more consistent than Sweetener. Like EVERY song on this is a banger. I dont want to skip one song. The beats are so chill and its more trap-y and as always her voice is awesome. 9/10 for me
  11. The fact that they just released material even comparable if not better than PII is almost indescribable. Theyre about to release the juiciest album of the year along with AILD. I can’t fathom my feelings for this damn song ❤️
  12. I wish he can hit those highs again, they are just too gnarly. This entire album pwns
  13. Spite + Fit for a king ? Lmao this is stupid good, I love it
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