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  1. Holy shit, this has to her their best work to date. So much energy and heaviness in this. Craig has so much fun with this band and I’m loving it.
  2. 'i prevail back in the day' lol there is no back in the day for them. Its right now, today. But yes i agree with everything else you said
  3. Yes! These guys got so much better. The screams definitely sounds like Dennis, and thats a good thing. Great song
  4. This fucked my eardrums real good. Those highs are so damn crispy. The instrumentals is so bouncy. SS has returned. THE BOYS ARE BACK! hOLD UP. That fucking Mix though!! Thats what im talkin about
  5. It’s not just because the lack of screams, remember, but the lack of heaviness.
  6. Completely agree. That’s why I haven’t gone much back to Mortal Coil, because the song formulas in each song were the same and repetitive. This is a nice and refreshing direction for them.
  7. Yep, vocals are just pure amazing, but the instrumentals are so boring, jesus christ. Sounds like it will be better than their last album, thankfully
  8. @Wolfhailey Thanks for the clear 320 update! That shit is clean!
  9. Listen to Under Pressure. But that was years ago. He has no idea how to do that style anymore and it sucks. Its all repetitive like you said, but the potential is there..
  10. yes bby here we go. the pop sound just works for them
  11. Just saw these guys 2 hours ago!! This new song is sick and their other material is all bangers too. They got some crazy energy live. They just stood out to me than other pop-punk bands
  12. Every album these guys have released, I’ve only been able to get into about half of the songs, but this album just blew my mind. What an incredible sound that they’ve found. This works so well for them and that guest feature is crazy!! Such a solid and consistent and fun album. Another AOTY contender, wow just wow.
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