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  1. Metallica vocals and Behemoth screams? Why is this band a new thing for me!? Thanks for this new discovery!
  2. I almost cried listening to this at work, not gonna lie. All these songs are new to me, which helps a lot I think. The production is so fucking clean, It's so heavy, crisp instrumentals and gnarly vocals as usual. Every single song is different and just hits you different. Ugh, its now a dream to see this band live in a couple years. The fact that they release this (in japan) and still going to drop a fucking nasty record is just making this year so much better. These boys never know how to slow the fuck down and I love it so much.
  3. This album is the absolute pinnacle of my high school years. There's so much nostalgia packed into this release. This is BFMV at their peak, IMO
  4. Wtf he looks so different lol he’s a man now
  5. These guys have the best choruses. Love the new screamer too, really solid.
  6. I’m so glad these guys are back. This sounds like “World We View” era. There’s a lot of passion and energy in this, I love it. Only thing throwing me off is the off putting production or mix. Guitars kinda sound distorted or something.
  7. Along with Stand Atlantic, these guys just keep bringing us some great energetic pop punk! I hope they announce an album soon
  8. Really great album, but im glad I never bought it. I almost did, until they pulled a stupid publicity stunt on their own release day. Giving in to the internet is such a fucked move. Forgive and forget. 6 years ago, that a lot of time for a person to change. Fuck supporting them now.
  9. I feel as we start to mature and grow up, we start to appreciate more in life. The atmosphere in this record is just touching, to say the least. It’s not all about riffs and breakdowns, it’s about feeling and connecting with the melodies and sound. That’s what you can do here with these cleans and complex harmonies just thriving in the background to create such a storm of a set of songs. This album has a lot of similarities to Polaris’s new album IMO. So grounded, so solid, so meaningful. I understand how it may not “stick” to many folks at first, but with time, it will. These guys are one of a kind in the scene. 10/10
  10. Love Ryan but this just doesn’t seem to fit. Ryan’s screams are too heavy for the production and sound that WCAR have been releasing
  11. Dave is great vocalist but without those highs Ryan gives us, it feels incomplete.
  12. That last minute just destroys. Only thing missing is that heavy production that we heard on their last album or “Pizza”. Otherwise great song
  13. check out H.E.R and Ella Mai, my new favorite R&B Artists, both have that early 2k feels to it. Ella Mai released a song a couple months ago with Usher too, BANGER
  14. I love this band to death, but Hate Me Sometimes stomps these last 3 singles. The production or mix mixed with the synthy electronic sounds just doesnt do it for me. Hate Me is probably the freshest they've ever sounded keeping that raw and bouncy pop punk sound tied with their own sound , but these latest songs are just boring to me.
  15. Had to fight back tears on this one. Incredible return.
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