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  1. Very well produced album and I think the mix is the best of all their material. Nothing is muddy or too low. Everything is clear and sounds very pristine. The balance of heavy and light is what is outshining on this album. I am not too mad that this isn’t dirty heavy or anything. It’s actually quite raw and does have some great dirty breakdowns and riffs. Each song is fairly memorable in its own way. Some songs are slower and some are more fast paced. At this point when I think of Beartooth, I think of catchy choruses, relatable lyrics and creative riffs. Caleb hit another one out of the park. Another solid album for the books. Nothing groundbreaking but definitely worth checking out.
  2. I have a strange feeling that it’s Matty. I’m thinking he just got tired of heavy metal and wants to take it easier. I could be wrong
  3. As shitty as this is, I still want lyrics from their challenger album on me for life. This band had a good thing going being heavy and raw and unfortunately they, themselves chose to ruin it just for a few more bucks. If it wasn’t for All That Remains going back to form, I’d be super pissed but it’s whatever. RIP another once great inspiring metalcore band.
  4. That last high scream ALONE tells us that they’re back with a fucking vengeance. That was filthy as ever.
  5. I just wanted them to be heavy again fuck I didn’t ask for ear rape. God damn that was good.
  6. The chorus is amazing and thats my absolute favorite part. I am hoping that they do switch it up like someone mentioned before they get too repetitive. The message is there, the heaviness is there, it all feels like a slow paced riff like their last album. (Amazing album, just a little stale now) That tracklist looks amazing PS: Sam's vocals sound even more raw and improved somehow? Dudes a beast
  7. @Frak The Gods “Em’s diss was childish” Em’s diss that is less than 3 minutes is more creative and genius than MGK’s whole entire career.
  8. You're going to see MGK splattered on the wall from Em's shotty soon and its allll because of this weak ass attempt at a diss at one of the greatest rappers alive. RIP
  9. Strangely, I think I like this more than Jared's solo stuff. This stuff is too damn good.
  10. god just listen to the Wage War in this. It’s so fucking good. Now all I want is to see them together on tour. This album is so hard hitting, the lyrics and cleans just sell me.
  11. Yes Anthem Of the Defeated seems out of place but why the hate? It’s one of the heavier songs and definitely has slipknot inspiration. Short and sweet
  12. More consistent album than Deathgrip. It’s definitely heavier and the cleans are just astounding. I think it’s on par with Creation // Destruction. These guys do no wrong. They’re also super fucking good live
  13. Erra was going to be it until Eminem dropped his album. He destroyed the rest of the choices for me.