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  1. I put the album into iTunes and it allowed me to edit details like the name and took the comma away.
  2. My favorite album by them for sure. Really fun listen all the way through
  3. That’s one of my favorite songs! They nailed that melodic clean sound.
  4. If it wasn’t for Chris’s insane singing abilities, I feel this wouldn’t be as good. They’ve found a way to break away from their consistent heavy form and still keep it a little heavy while having such a refreshing sound to keep us interested. This is what bands should do and take notes from.
  5. There’s a reason why I have the raven from their ‘UWWGTB’ album on my arm. These guys have returned to form and I fucking love it. The lyrics and concept are just awesome, the heavy is back and it’s not all one boring and repetitive album...it’s diverse and really creative and Kyle sounds better than I thought he would.
  7. This album was wrote and created between Shogun and Ascendancy I swear it! What a comeback for real. With such an underwhelming and boring release with Silence in the Snow, these guys really fucking brought it. I’m way more than impressed.
  8. Great track. The ending goes so hard
  9. Better than all tracks on Limitless because I can’t get enough of Jenna’s voice (it’s so pure) and it has full instrumentals instead of pop beats. It will grow on me for sure.
  10. Their sound was their debut album which is their best work IMO. wish they could go back to that
  11. Echo Chamber’s insane clean vocals throughout the entire song or Follow Me’s heavy aspect wins the best song on the record. I can’t pick, fuck this is a masterpiece. Look at where they started with [id] and see where they’ve landed. They’re in a whole new world and they brought us along. Fuck me i love today
  12. Listen to this album and read the lyrics they posted a while back with it. The lyrics resonate to me so much, I like how the concept surrounds the idea of self improvement and strength. God the singing is badass, the heavy parts fucking BRING IT, the riffs are just dirty and the atmosphere is just a lovely new chapter. You can hear that fucking pain in Jesse's voice that I thought was missing in Disobedient. The singles were cool, but each song is a piece to this powerful puzzle they've created here. This is just as special as Diamond, if not a little more. Bless this fucking band. 8.5/10 so far
  13. I don’t think there’s a song on this album about god though. He held that back
  14. Why haven’t I heard of these guys?! They are amazing!
  15. Even better than the last one. So refreshing to hear these guys change it up and still execute it beautifully