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  1. These guys are pretty different from AILD lol. A few thrashy parts from MMI here and there sure, but other than that nahh
  2. Everything about this song is amazing.
  3. Really solid female fronted rock band. This is their darkest album for sure. Definitly worth to check out.
  4. Can't get enough of this ep. This is Lauren Babic at her best
  5. Impressive sound. Really sick band.
  6. Just checked out breathing happiness and wow am I loving this band. Super excited for this full listen.
  7. More great music from Jared Dines. Good stuff.
  8. This album has got me hooked from the first song. Really great masterpiece here.
  9. single

    Calm down edgelord. She had a phase, clearly and now she's back on the right path. That's obvious.
  10. This completely destroys Callouse. This album delivers in every way. It's already tied with my WSS AOTY contender. This band is fucking back.
  11. Are you being BRDSX when he's not here for him?
  12. I guess it's not that surprising that almost all this album blends together. Idle worship and Hard Times stood out but that's really it. Maybe this album will grow on me, but I won't be excited to play this album at all. Oh well, they tried.