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  1. Its called having an opinion. Don't get so butthurt from someones opinion.
  2. This still sucks. Probably will not like the new album.
  3. After listening a few times ill give it a very light 7/10. Seems to be missing a lot of energy and the guitar riffs aren't that great despite a couple songs. At times some of the songs seem to be quite boring with not much staying power. My favorites are bring me back to life, way down, virginia, where were you when the sky opened up, better light amd consequence of living.
  4. Decent song but doesnt sound like blink at all. Where's the guitar?!?!? And what is up with all that synth??
  5. Can you please post it. Been wanting to hear it
  6. But its suppose to release with the album so idk why there could possibly be problems already.
  7. Wow are you serious?? I wonder whats going on?
  8. Sounds exactly like somethimg from 13 voices. Pretty disappointing single
  9. Thanks for the leak! Really digging it. Curious though how come i have a different album artwork than what is pictured here?
  10. Actually not as bad as i thought it was gonna be. Gonna keep 6 tracks.
  11. This album is fucking horrible. Only kept a couple of the singles as well as the last track.
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