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  1. Alkaline Trio - Damnesia (2011)
  2. Fuuuck dude this is sad. Wish you guys nothing but the best in life. Gonna have to find a new site for music now 😥
  3. Mod Sun - Karma
  4. Heavens - Patent Pending
  5. The Maguas - Will it Ever be the Same
  6. Really loving this album. Outside in, ohio, and good enough are fantastic
  7. Radnor & Lee - Golden State (2020)
  8. This band fell reaaal hard. And wtf is up with bens voice? My god.
  9. MXPX - Worries (Single) Radnor & Lee - Simple Harmony (Single)
  10. Not bad but doesnt really feel like a pop punk song.
  11. MxPx Self Titled Deluxe Edition (2020)
  12. Wtf happened to this dudes voice? Seems like after LNOTGY they just got worse and worse
  13. Yeah I was wondering that too, I just seen it today someone selling a japanese cd copy of it.
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