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  1. Really loving this album. Outside in, ohio, and good enough are fantastic
  2. This band fell reaaal hard. And wtf is up with bens voice? My god.
  3. Not bad but doesnt really feel like a pop punk song.
  4. Wtf happened to this dudes voice? Seems like after LNOTGY they just got worse and worse
  5. Yeah I was wondering that too, I just seen it today someone selling a japanese cd copy of it.
  6. Yes thank you soo much! Album is amazing.
  7. I really do not like bens voice on this song. Sounds very whiny to me. Ehh.
  8. Yeah i feel bad for the band but im going to preorder the album on vinyl maybe a couple times when they launch preorders.
  9. This album is awesome. Nice return to form by NFG. Going to be a killer summer album.
  10. Good single but still dont think its better then getaway green
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