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  1. I think it stands to note that because I already own all of these releases, this is an amazing band.
  2. It's heavy, it's got tasty riffs, it's catchy, but is it good? Still undecided....
  3. Thank you for making my 20 hrs of Dream Theater music longer
  4. I think I've come to the point where I've already heard everything they can do good or bad. Just do yourself a favor and go see them live if you get a chance, regardless of whether you like the new stuff or not.
  5. Does it make me a bad fan that I enjoy ABR's covers more than new original material?
  6. A new Candlemass song! No more needs to be said. Download and rejoice. Love ya KL.
  7. Okay, I read these comments and then listened to the album/mini-lp whatever the f. Don't do what I did. Let me start with something that seems to be unanimous...The Discovery is an amazing piece of work. This is no The Discovery. I have come to the conclusion awhile ago that BoO gets something right every other release. This is no exception. In my humble opinion the following tracklist would make this a much better and enjoyable listen. 1. Silence the Echo. 2. Analogs In a Cell 3.One Without the Other 4. Disconnectome. A simple EP done right without any fluff. I'll still listen to everything this band puts out but I really do expect more from them than what I get more often than not. Overall 6/10. No hate to those who love each's own. Love ya KL!
  8. I honestly don't know why Disgusting is so hyped all the time bc only half that album is decent along with Agressive but they hit it out of the park with this album when one is looking for music in this style. Just listened three times over and I dont have a complaint about a single song. Personally I enjoy more proggy stuff so I could complain about it being same same at some points but that doesnt take away from how strong each song is individually. I'll be jamming this for a good while. Good job Beartooth and thanks for the leak KL. Y'all are the best.
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