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  1. I like this and all the other tracks by them so far. I don’t care how generic they are, they’ve got a catchy vibe to them so far. Here’s hoping the album is this good
  2. On this fine April fools the lord giveth periphery 4 hail Stan. hail to the king
  3. Don’t question it, enjoy the jams mannnnnn
  4. Holy shit this totally flew under my radar. I LOVE IT!! that sax is beautiful GOAT APPROVAL STAMP
  5. pretty good tbh not perfect imo but a good 8/10 i can tell this album will be on repeat for a while for me
  6. I love it! Honestly it’s not as good as their ep but still has memorable moments
  7. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CONTRIBUTE. KL is our home and if everyone pitched in it would keep the site fresh
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