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  1. I’ve jammed this wayyy more than I should’ve today. Literally perfect in every way!
  2. I am so ready for this on December 15th it's not even funny! Been listening to into the fire on repeat.
  3. Ya know.....i can't believe i didnt listen to this sooner. Literally Perfect to me.
  4. Spencer, you've done it again boyyyy!
  5. I'm still trying to figure out what this band is...like weird but weird good or?
  6. Hype! Can't wait for this album!!!! All 3 singles didn't disappoint!
  7. Been waiting for this!!! Thanks sooo much LK!!
  8. Yay!!!!!
  9. The end of this song is perfect. I am hyped now. I hope the album sounds like this song, otherwise I'll expect it to suck.
  10. Agreed. Still sad for the rest though
  11. Oh ok then haha
  12. Wait a minute. This is blink 182?! I had no idea!! No wonder I like it haha
  13. Omg this slays. Stargazer is my favorite track!
  14. Not bad, but not good either. Still better than most of their newest album. My favorite chorus with the newest stuff is this track. At least it's catchy.
  15. just got around to listening to this. Pullin' Shades. I absolutely love this album. Perfect imo!