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  1. Don’t question it, enjoy the jams mannnnnn
  2. Holy shit this totally flew under my radar. I LOVE IT!! that sax is beautiful GOAT APPROVAL STAMP
  3. pretty good tbh not perfect imo but a good 8/10 i can tell this album will be on repeat for a while for me
  4. I love it! Honestly it’s not as good as their ep but still has memorable moments
  5. Idk why people are hating this. It’s a great track
  6. Thanks for this album KL I LOVE IT!
  7. Deadpool approves. This album is gonna be good
  8. #bestmetalcorebandever I LOVE this single! it screams INK quality
  9. i still can't believe he did it. it's sooo good to have them back imo
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