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  1. I love it! Honestly it’s not as good as their ep but still has memorable moments
  2. Idk why people are hating this. It’s a great track
  3. Thanks for this album KL I LOVE IT!
  4. Deadpool approves. This album is gonna be good
  5. #bestmetalcorebandever I LOVE this single! it screams INK quality
  6. i still can't believe he did it. it's sooo good to have them back imo
  7. thanks for the 320! Album is my jam
  8. officer down kicks ass. I love them so far
  9. FF was good but not a masterpiece imo. SECRETS self titled may not be as good as FF, but some songs like Fourteen, Sixteen, and The End take the cake on this one. A good listen nonetheless!
  10. A really good listen all the way through.
  11. What a damn masterpiece. While it's short, it's sweet and to the point. Thanks KL Fam
  12. I’ll give them this is the best song on the album so far. That’s not a good thing for ETF though
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