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  1. It was a video trilogy. Their new album that includes all 3 + more, is coming out in the summer.
  2. This band is incredible. They have taken every aspect of Metal and fucking transcended into a new level.
  3. This album should be X-Rated. 100% FILTHY.
  4. The album is very Novelists. Compared to Noir, this album is more... "simple." You won't find a song like Monochrome in this album, the nearest thing would be the song Rain. Rain is a masterpiece.
  5. It's songs like Rain and Human Condition that define this band and what makes Novelists my favorite band. I will agree though, the album is too short. I was unfortunately expecting 11-12 songs.
  6. Plenty heavy enough, with a lot of great clean vocals and screams. Really well balanced album.
  7. Thank you, thank you! Been looking forward to this album. Edit: And it was worth the wait
  8. Extremely well made album. My hype was satisfied
  9. Salty? Lol, you're unfortunately right tho
  10. FUCKING HYPPPPPPEEEEEEEE, I might buy this album anyway!
  11. *At least* 10 songs, if not more. Most albums nowadays (even deathcore) have like 12 songs. Oh well, maybe they'll come out with some singles I also have to agree that this album has much more of a purpose.
  12. Bro idk, this album is pretty fuckin' good. Although unfortunately a bit shorter than I hoped, 9 songs is a bit disappointing.
  13. This album is absolute gold. Periphery does it yet again.
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