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  1. Die Nerven - Fake (2018)

    I think I am the only one that knows this band. I have one of their albums I bought whiel in Germany three years ago. Kinda nice... Thanks!
  2. Thank you lots KL! I was waiting for her sophomore for too long. It is nice. Kimbra is great... love to see/hear her evolution. Nice add to the collection. Gracias
  3. Nope, not good. Nope. Sounds bad. When Jagger met Joss Stone and Marley (Superheavy) it was nice. But this?
  4. Thanks... I gave a listening but really not fell in love. Will try it again tomorrow and see if the eaten elephant has grown on me somehow.
  5. You are right. I started reading all about it after I commented. Yes, it is a chenge of drummer... yet the single for this album sounded to bland for me. Should hear the whole album. Thanks for the comment!
  6. I'm liking the album... But yet there are other better albums recently released. Love the new attitude but I am not liking losing the umpredictibility of drum patterns and time signatures they had on their last album. Enjoying it but not loving it completely. Thanks!
  7. Yeah... It sounds nice, it is more melodic/softer. However, Light the Torch is not a "come back" of a band, as Underoath and BFW, yet it is nice to see Howard back. By the way, I think Devil You Know has more punch than Light The Torch, Just my opinion.
  8. Is it possible to reupload it? I don't know if this is the proper way to ask for it... Both links are down and just found of this band yesterday! Thanks
  9. Nice! After some poppy releases from great bands, this is the true nature of what metal should sound. Was hoping more aggressiveness in Underoath's Erase Me... but I rather get this for the best metal comeback from all the metalcore/posthardcore frenzy from the 2000s. Hands down best metal album yet in the year. lml
  10. Dope! I follow him on the YouTube channel where he does rap / hip hop breakdowns (hiphopdx). Thanks KL for this. Loving this, the style is nice, real rap with old school influences.
  11. I am listening to this as some sort of "homework"... From the video I am not really feeling this. Thanks!
  12. Sweet... Thanks... Nice choise for the weekend.
  13. I mean, at least please check the video... you might like it... Don't judge a book for it's cover literally.