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  1. I just don't think In This Moment is the same band as before, I see this album as somithing similar to a Female Manson album, with plenty references to The Pretty Reckless (lyric themes) and Lady Gaga (some voice arrangements). If you see it in this view the album is not that bad, but if you expect metalcore you will be deeply disappointed. So enjoy a industrial rock album by a former metalcore band... It's all for the money
  2. Downloading to be soundtrack to a pretty interesting date later on today... if ya get what I mean... Ha ha ha
  3. Thank you Lord!
  4. Forgot to put the first word: "Was" waiting for it! Had the page on refresh each day... THANK YOU FOR IT! Really expecting this and got it just now. Lord Kingdom, you are the best Lord there is ha ha ha
  5. Waiting for it to be 320! Heard all the videos and saw they will be in knotfest. They take the best of old-nu metal and incorporate new levels to it so it sounds fresh. Thanks!
  6. This is what Dream Theater means to a new generation!
  7. FIrst tome I heard of him was on Gorillaz's Doncamatic. Love his music... Moody and groovy
  8. Nice link! Those link names are the reason I love KL! Love it!!!
  9. Thanks... It was a while without music from them...
  10. All the comments here made me want to download it. Actually, it was the artwork that called my attention, then I read the description, then comments and realized I need this album. Listening!
  11. So coool! Thank you very much. Ordering the physical version. KL rules!
  12. Thank you very much! I ill isten to it right now...
  13. Made my day! And seems I am the only one here around. Thank you... love this band and have been so hyped about this album. Thank you KL!
  14. Niiiiiiceeeeee! Rocking along to this... There are three bands out there right now that seem like the future of rock: Kaleo, Highly Suspect and Royal Blood. There something about those three bands that make me thing they'll be the real rock bands now competing with the legends...
  15. Sweeeeeet.. .Thank you!