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  1. I love the sense of conitnuity they have... Both songs carry on the topic of the jumpsuit. Loving both songs. Thanks! nice surprise to have this... Waiting for the whole album in October. NICE THANKS!
  2. Really enjoying this... Thanks for this! HEADBANGING DOWN TO THE FLOOR
  3. Beautiful.. Thanks... my preorder is on the way... There is a concert playing the whole album!
  4. Lovely thanks... I don't know what to listen first... Night Verses or this...
  5. S W E E T ! Thanks!
  6. Well... Nice, thanks! Still remembering the joke on Deadpool 2 about Dave Matthews ha ha ha
  7. Mr. Tremonti is better off out of Creed! Love this...
  8. Hell yeah! Thanks! This and Ghost's are the most obscure and beautiful albums in 2018. Nice... Lovin' it!
  9. Marry me! Ha ha ha... Thanks! . . . . JK
  10. Everybody is on the post of Ghost's Prequelle... It seems so lonely in here...
  11. Yesterday I was watching Sense8 Season 2 and found a song by Ben Howard and fell in love with it. Today I come here and find they have this. Made my day. Thanks... Will wait for 320, though...
  12. BEA-utiful! Thanks... High on Ghost!