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  1. Thanks! 320 rules. Ready to break my neck on this!
  2. Damn... was excited with QOTSA and Foo Fighters, but then came this album and shook my soul. Lovely music! Pretty convinced this is in the TOP 3 albums of the year. Going by Lord Kingdom's recommendation!
  3. Lovely! Thanks KL! @HelloDarkness, nice gift!
  4. AND Audioslave
  5. B E A utiful! Was hoping for this, every single preceding was great... It's the closest to RATM!
  6. Such an underrated band. Love their sound and their evolution... Thank you very very much. I can sink myself and drown to their music...
  7. Dancing to this! Thanks...
  8. Every Friday, my first item in the TO DO list is checking KL! Thanks for this... Love the band and the album is so great... You rock!
  9. What a great band! Always love their new music... Thanks man!
  10. Thanks! Now I am ready to download it! This sites just keep my Fridays on the bright side
  11. To the colleciton of best bands through 2017. Thank you very much! In love with this!!!
  12. @mR12 why do you leave us? Most of the albums I loved during the past two or three years were uploaded by you. So long my friend and thanks for this... Chelsea is so dark and melodic you don't know if you want to sing to her or just cut your wrists...
  13. It is too damn hard to keep up with Celldweller's discography... he has nothing else to do than keep putting out albums and soundtracks and episodes and all... "It was nicer back in the day..."
  14. What an awesome band! Thank you very much. It is always fun and enjoyable to listen to HACRIDE
  15. I just don't think In This Moment is the same band as before, I see this album as somithing similar to a Female Manson album, with plenty references to The Pretty Reckless (lyric themes) and Lady Gaga (some voice arrangements). If you see it in this view the album is not that bad, but if you expect metalcore you will be deeply disappointed. So enjoy a industrial rock album by a former metalcore band... It's all for the money