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  1. Dead Letter Circus is such a great band, really underrated as many have said. I hear them since I was obsessed with TOOL and was looking for every band influenced by them, then I found DLC. Never disappoints. Thanks KL!
  2. Had to come back for this after JOY to understand the band better. THANKS!
  3. CLutch rules! Thanks a lot KL! Rocking hard.
  4. I am one of those that if they like a song, get all the discography! Thank you!
  5. Recommended to come here! Loving the band, just found them on YouTube like 20 minutes ago. Thanks @Goth Zero Two!
  6. Hell! What an amazing band! nu djenticoremetal. The girl singing has an amazing voice, clean and guttural. Becoming an addict to this! Pisces is an incredible song.
  7. Hell yeah! Get some early Soulfly vibes with this. Loving the band. Thanks!
  8. Sounds captivating. Thanks... Will add to my chill out collection, and no, it doesn't sound like the more blues/soul approach of her last album (more Winehouse-ish). Nice discovery... It called my attention due to Altered Carbon!
  9. Nice! Love this new approach by Blue October. Love the band for more than a decadeand seen the evolution. This is a middle point between the heavy approach from Approaching Normal and the electronic vibes from Home. Love this. Fear is their most impactful song, for me personally. Thanks!
  10. Jason Mraz - Know. (2018)

    Nice, thanks... For research purposes only
  11. I love the sense of conitnuity they have... Both songs carry on the topic of the jumpsuit. Loving both songs. Thanks! nice surprise to have this... Waiting for the whole album in October. NICE THANKS!
  12. Really enjoying this... Thanks for this! HEADBANGING DOWN TO THE FLOOR
  13. Beautiful.. Thanks... my preorder is on the way... There is a concert playing the whole album!