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  1. What is wrong with the band? Where's the sax? Where's the djent? Where is the metal? This is generic modern rock... Too bad, they lost what made them unique and awesome to become just another band with radioplay...
  2. Nice cover. I'll get this... Let's see if the music is as catchy LOL. Remembering Emery when I was a teenager...
  3. Sweet sweet track. Nice... Love the original drummer, Aric Improta, very technical and a drum master on anything he plays (Night Verses, solo)... but this is another level. Nice!
  4. Puciato's electronic side... Read an interview where he said he was waiting for Dillinger Escape Plan to end and start something different a new approach on his inner conflicts and this is the result. Thanks. Should be posted as a highlight and add that it is a Greg Puciato project!
  5. Dead Letter Circus is such a great band, really underrated as many have said. I hear them since I was obsessed with TOOL and was looking for every band influenced by them, then I found DLC. Never disappoints. Thanks KL!
  6. Hell! What an amazing band! nu djenticoremetal. The girl singing has an amazing voice, clean and guttural. Becoming an addict to this! Pisces is an incredible song.
  7. Hell yeah! Get some early Soulfly vibes with this. Loving the band. Thanks!
  8. Nice, thanks... For research purposes only
  9. I love the sense of conitnuity they have... Both songs carry on the topic of the jumpsuit. Loving both songs. Thanks! nice surprise to have this... Waiting for the whole album in October. NICE THANKS!
  10. Really enjoying this... Thanks for this! HEADBANGING DOWN TO THE FLOOR
  11. Beautiful.. Thanks... my preorder is on the way... There is a concert playing the whole album!
  12. Well... Nice, thanks! Still remembering the joke on Deadpool 2 about Dave Matthews ha ha ha
  13. Mr. Tremonti is better off out of Creed! Love this...
  14. Hell yeah! Thanks! This and Ghost's are the most obscure and beautiful albums in 2018. Nice... Lovin' it!
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