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  1. I have been waiting for the instrumental of this for FOREVER. Can't wait to bask in the soundscapes and find stuff I couldn't before.
  2. Such a great vibe. My love for these dudes is endless.
  3. Listened to it a few times today and I'm really digging it. Standout for me is the production, it's so much more polished than SI. Favorite track is 'Nobody Listened'. 'Outliers' is a close second, the ending breakdown is really unique!
  4. Top 4 were played religiously: 1. Circa Survive - The Amulet (Became my favorite album by them, beat On Letting Go) 2. Northlane - Mesmer (Came into my life through divine timing.) 3. Wage War - Deadweight (Stoked these boys had a successful release, deserve every bit of it.) 4. Driftless - Still (Amazing EP, mixed and mastered by Brian Hood of 456 Recordings.) My demons were satisfied this year, such a great year for Deathcore: 5. Oceano - Revelation 6. Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation 7. Veil Of Maya - False Idol 8. A Night In Texas - Global Slaughter 9. Slaughter To Prevail - Misery Sermon (my friend bought the red mask!) 10. Bodysnatcher - Death Of Me
  5. Dreambound. This album and band are incredibly underrated. The guitar work and drumming is beyond stellar.
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