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  1. Zippyshare is good but the pop-ups are annoying af...
  2. This release is pure gold! Wiegedood is one of Belgium's most promising metal bands!
  3. Playing 'over again' for the 500th time right now
  4. I love it, Drake always delivers! I just wish it was more than 2 songs...
  5. I heard Crash a few days ago and really liked it, never heard of EDEN before. I'll definitely check out the album!
  6. In my opinion both singles were equally great! Really looking forward to the album!
  7. This is way better than I expected!
  8. I kinda like the videoclip but the song itself is just pure garbage...
  9. Albums of the year: Sorority Noise - You're not as _______ as you think Julien Baker - Turn out the lights Amenra - Mass VI Neck Deep - The peace and the panic Counterparts - You're not you anymore Paramore - After Laughter Gideon - Cold Brockhampton - Saturation II Stick To Your Guns - True View Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the alps
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