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  1. Seems very "okay" so far, Glitch and Deathwatch are pretty good but the rest kind of fall flat for me.
  2. Drift was better, but this is second
  3. If trash lyrics are your thing, Fronz is your man
  4. Not as good as god-tier Drift, but it's better than Augment and Impulse.
  5. Even the official release has the track twice. Ridiculous.
  6. Ordinary Destruction is the exact same as See It Through on this upload?
  7. @DreamAgain you sound ignorant on the situation to begin with lol
  8. It ain’t Attila if the lyrics aren’t overly edgy and cringey as fuck.
  9. Benzaiten's intro is so fucking hype
  10. Found these guys through Spotify weekly one time, really dig Just Exist by them. I'll have to give this a listen.
  11. Why does the download say 320 but the site say 192? Just curious.
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