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  1. Damn Alex's vox have never sounded better. So happy to hear him do some highs and those gritty cleans are orgasmic 🤘🤘
  2. Yup, I hear it. Not a single difference between the two. Pretty blatant ripoff 👎
  3. I actually really like the screams - they remind me of I Killed the Prom Queen or Feed Her to the Sharks 🤘
  4. Vocalist reminds me a lot of Shields. Which hurts because I really miss Shields :'(
  5. Am I the only one that thinks this album cover is like, the exact same as Lorna's?? Almost as if it's shot at the exact same scene but with the camera panned over 😅
  6. Don't understand all the hate. Never really listened to the previously though so, I don't have any bias one direction or another. But with fresh ears this song came on my Spotify radio and I paused what I was doing to continue listening + look up the video. Super solid song all around in my opinion and hope to hear more like it.
  7. This sounds more Hardcore to me? Anyway embedded was fantastic excited to spin this!
  8. Heard the name before but have never really listened to this. Loving the vocals, pretty unique for this genre! Blown away by that single - definitely checking this out! 🤘
  9. No, Bloodlines "Hostile/Minds" EP - bloodlines with an S, not Bloodline as in this band 😅
  10. Totally confused this post with a band named "BloodlineS" with an S at the end 😅 so, I guess definitely check them out too if you haven't 😂
  11. Their EP was phenomenal - glad to hear more from them!!
  12. Reminds me a lot of Imminence! That being said of course there's an Architects influence but the single sounds incredibly promising.
  13. Been playing borderlands 3 a ton lately so I'm stoked to have found this 😅🤘
  14. Judging from the embedded video, this is going to be a gem. Vocals vaguely remind me of Being As An Ocean at some points, and instrumentally this is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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