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  1. Super hyped to listen to this - their two singles were incredible, not to mention the insane video for No Peace
  2. Hot damnnnn this is SO good. Their last album was incredible and it sounds like they've refined and matured their sound. Those lows are fantastic and I love the cleans - reminds me of good old-school Northlane and Erra... And that says a LOT ❤️ Please tell me they're working on a new album?
  3. Very good song - any word on a new album?
  4. Thank you good sir - I can definitely fucks with this! Chorus definitely has some 2000s vibes to it🤘
  5. Same. Such nostalgia and a unique sound!! any idea when this album drops?
  6. Drop the rapping. Besides that I love this, and the unclean vocalist has some awesome screams!
  7. Instrumentally incredible. Vocals are good, but feel like they leave something to be desired. Will be on the lookout for this for sure!
  8. Instant after the burial vibes after hearing that first riff
  9. Wow this was completely off of my radar. Checked the video posted, loved it, downloaded the album, and holy shit is it good. Definitely agree that it has some heavy early bmth vibes to it, which is fantastic imo. Overall super dope album!
  10. Reading through this thread is almost as heated and confusing as gender identity politics 🤣
  11. Please tell me this reminds one of you of Saosins Translating the Name EP?
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