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  1. Hooked from the intro of the embedded vid and enjoyed everything else to follow. This is really solid. Hoping to hear more from them down the line!
  2. I am just as confused as everyone me else. This was on page #2 of recently leaked for some reason so I thought it just got posted 😅 sorry bout that y'all! This is from 2018 though...?
  3. This is from 2018 though...?
  4. Damn the embedded vid is sick. Gonna have to check this and their part 1! Thank you!
  5. Two tracks deep and I concur. This is fantastic. Vocals faintly remind me of Kane from new Heart of a Coward / No Consequence. But better imo 🤘
  6. That single caught me off guard - definitely caught my attention. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Thank you, sounds promising! Sounds very 00s age metalcore, my favorite 🤘
  8. The embedded track is amazing - definitely checking this out. Thank you!
  9. This new lead singer reminds me a lot of Craig from Escape the Fate in the chorus of this song - that's a very good thing to me. Besides that another fun and solid track, though not as good as Hypa Hypa. Still good in its own right though and I'm excited for the MV to drop 😁
  10. Anyone getting massive FFAA vibes? Like half the album I really thought I was listening to them 😂 Not a bad thing at all to me, as they're one of my favorites. But, idk... Aversions Crown had their own special sound that I love, and I feel like it's just not here as much
  11. I can hear it definitely. Not a bad thing at all imo. Missing Phinehas man wonder they've been up to.
  12. This album is an absolute banger and so unique. Severely underrated!!
  13. Karli Zuffelato, vocalist Alex's fiancè. Relationship goals right there ❤️
  14. This makes me so happy!! Thank you SO much for being amazing as always KL 🖤
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