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  1. Anyone getting massive FFAA vibes? Like half the album I really thought I was listening to them 😂 Not a bad thing at all to me, as they're one of my favorites. But, idk... Aversions Crown had their own special sound that I love, and I feel like it's just not here as much
  2. I can hear it definitely. Not a bad thing at all imo. Missing Phinehas man wonder they've been up to.
  3. This album is an absolute banger and so unique. Severely underrated!!
  4. Karli Zuffelato, vocalist Alex's fiancè. Relationship goals right there ❤️
  5. This makes me so happy!! Thank you SO much for being amazing as always KL 🖤
  6. My day just got made 🙌 Everything these guys put out is pure gold! And yes it is a two-part EP. Alex, their vocalist, explained that in releasing a 14 track album, many people will get bored or tired out halfway through. He said that they put incredible effort into each and every song, and so wanted to break it up into a two part EP/album to allow people to thoroughly digest.
  7. IVE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG!!!!!! 💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️
  8. Damn Alex's vox have never sounded better. So happy to hear him do some highs and those gritty cleans are orgasmic ??
  9. Yup, I hear it. Not a single difference between the two. Pretty blatant ripoff ?
  10. I actually really like the screams - they remind me of I Killed the Prom Queen or Feed Her to the Sharks ?
  11. Vocalist reminds me a lot of Shields. Which hurts because I really miss Shields :'(
  12. Am I the only one that thinks this album cover is like, the exact same as Lorna's?? Almost as if it's shot at the exact same scene but with the camera panned over ?
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