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  1. If anyone wants to hear the non-acoustic / what's on this album
  2. Reminds me a lot of older darkest hour and my God do I fuckin miss that sound!
  3. I miss old Northlane. Invent Animate was my replacement for them and I don't even know if they're still together anymore
  4. My thoughts exactly! Tenno foreverrrrr 🤘
  5. Upon listening more, I can't believe how much the vocalist reminds me of OG The Bled. So, so good.
  6. This is REALLY good actually. Glad I found this one.
  7. I miss this kind of music. So, so much it makes me sad that it's gone.
  8. Gotcha, thank you. I mean they sound similar but I don't think it's THAT similar. Definitely same amount of vocal range but especially on his cleans you can tell quite a difference from IA. Regardless, I hope it's not true and that another fabulous vocalist has emerged. I'd be devastated if IA is no more
  9. Super hyped to listen to this - their two singles were incredible, not to mention the insane video for No Peace
  10. Hot damnnnn this is SO good. Their last album was incredible and it sounds like they've refined and matured their sound. Those lows are fantastic and I love the cleans - reminds me of good old-school Northlane and Erra... And that says a LOT ❤️ Please tell me they're working on a new album?
  11. Very good song - any word on a new album?
  12. Thank you good sir - I can definitely fucks with this! Chorus definitely has some 2000s vibes to it🤘
  13. Same. Such nostalgia and a unique sound!! any idea when this album drops?
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