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  1. I've been so excited for this to drop - thank you!! ❤
  2. I'm already doing it now haha On a side note though this takes me back.. Used to love these guys when Radke with them. After their debut album they took a turn to shit imo
  3. Dude these guys were my shit back in the day. This is nostalgic at. Their debut album, Great White Whale, is still untouchable.
  4. I hope that this really is just a peak at what's to come - cause I NEED a full album like this! Any word on a release date?
  5. This is 10000x better than anything on their previous Self titled album. Especially after this single... Stoked to hear where they go with this album.
  6. They pulled a Hundredth, didn't they? You never go Full Hundredth. Especially not a band that was as good as BAAO
  7. I'm currently 4 tracks in, and I'm worried. I feel like they pulled a hundredth.
  8. Thank youuuu!!!! Zippyshare link is down btw.
  9. Dammit. I didn't know it was that short. Still, it'll be an incredibly violent 16 minutes
  10. Must. Have. Full. Album! Shit is so good!
  11. I LOVED their previous ep when they were BDA. I hope this lives up the bar that release set!
  12. The vocals on this remind me a LOT of The Royal. Anyone else? Good album, worth a listen. Or 50.
  13. Can we please get a 320 up in this heezy! Awesome album.
  14. Holy shit the nostalgia is real with this one
  15. VERY important if the album is Like the single above.