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Pile - Green and Gray (2019)
A meditation on change and its emotional side effects. Erratic but composed.
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Helms Alee - Noctiluca (2019)
the crushing pressure of the ocean has never sounded so beautiful. lay waste, child.
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Kitty - Rose Gold (2019)
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Daïtro - Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes (Japaneses Edition) (2006)
Everything you could possibly want in a screamo record. The emotion conveyed here is unbelievable, even if the lyrics are in French.
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Saosin - Saosin (2006)
The phenomenal debut record from Saosin if you haven't listened to this album yet I would highly advise you do, great music if you are into metalcore or post-hardcore.
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Brutus - Nest (2019)
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Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Nocebo (2019)
This album will lull you in one minute, and leave your head spinning the next. Or wanting to wake up from this bad dream.
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Vanish - Familiar Faces (2019)
I've never loved a band so fast as I did with this one. Do not skip this album if you like Post-Hardcore. Most likely my AOTY.
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Ten Fé - Future Perfect, Present Tense (2019)
If you're into chill indie rock, Ten Fé is the band for you. Give this one a try!
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Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1 (2019)
This is a beautiful piece of work, truly. It's everything I wanted it to be and then some.

I really love how Foals are not shy to break into new, more experimental/dance/80's synth ground on this record. They do an incredible job of maintaining their signature style while delivering something new.

Although every song is beautifully composed and executed, the highlights for me are In Degrees, On The Luna, Sunday, and I'm Done With the World (& It's Done With Me). I suspect White Onions and Syrups will take some time to grow on me, absolute bangers nonetheless.

As a whole it flows incredibly well.

Foals are at their career best here. Bring on Part 2.

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Grandson - a modern tragedy vol. 2 [EP] (2019)

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Break Even - The Bright Side (2009)
Shine bright, baby shine bright
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Drenge - Strange Creatures (2019)
Drenge's long overdue third album is an ambitious and nocturnal record that delivers on its promise of "a psychological horror movie on wax".
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HEALTH promised a "heavy as shit" album for 2019. They delivered.
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Trenches - The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole (2008)
Jimmy Ryan of Haste the Day doing post-metal? This was a no brainer. Do yourself a favor and listen to this phenomenal record, you won't regret it.
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Outline in Color - Outline in Color (2019)
By far my favorite album of the year so far. Didn't have high hopes for the future of this band after K.C. was kicked out but this went far and beyond my expectations.

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deadmau5 - mau5ville: Level 3 (2019)
Always love Deadmau's stuff. This is one for sure an interesting listen that he went with a rapper with his beats. You should check it out.
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Swallow the Sun - When a Shadow Is Forced Into the Light (2019)
This album embodies overcoming one's grief and pushing on to honor the memory of a fallen friend, even in a world that is falling apart before your eyes.
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Malibu Ken (Aesop Rock & TOBACCO) - Malibu Ken (2019)
Aesop Rock is beyond words. Listen to this if you're looking for something more on the totally fucking weird side of hip hop.
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Amia Venera Landscape - The Long Procession (2010)
Easily one of my favorite albums of all time. Changed the way that I look at music as a whole when it released. Highly recommend you checking this out.
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If I Were You - Inner Signals (2018)
This is by far my favorite release in 2018. Do not sleep on this album if you're into Post-Hardcore.
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MUTEMATH - Voice in the Silence EP (2018)
In case you didn't hear, MUTEMATH came out with a new EP. They're usually hit & miss for me (usually miss), but this is excellent.
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Light Years - Afterlife (2018)
the pop punk underdogs, listen to this album. PLS. They deserve all the love.
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Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs (2018)
Big fan of the lo-fi & unique production coupled with dark, haunting lyrics. The short run time also aids itself to the project's vibe as a whole.
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Crydebris - The Severing (2009)
Criminally underrated and relatively unknown, this metalcore gem needs more exposure. Band members went on to form Rinoa
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