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Underrated band, underrated record.
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One of the first bands to introduce me to the Pop Punk genre. Henry's vocals are some of the best I've heard in a long time. Favorite track of the album is "This Song Is Dedicated To Nobody".
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This is the first time I've actually liked anything of his and it was a pleasant surprise for me. Hence why it's my Staff Pick this round! Don't sleep on it.
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Absolutely love this album, the atmosphere and bone-crushing heaviness are awesome.
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Dark, atmospheric production throughout and solid lyrical content to boot. A watertight mini-album for Pusha T.
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What a massive surprise, solid album, and potentially a top contender for AOTY.
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A bold and solid album released by the aussie boys
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One of the coolest Sludge/Post-Metal albums I've heard in a while. Check it out if that sounds appealing to you and disregard the 80s hard rock looking album art, it's not representative of the sound.
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Great album if you're into Mellow Rock/Chill Rock. Was surprised hearing it actually. Will be checking out the band in the future. Love Black Cloud a lot.
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This album is the perfect mix of Alternative, Indie, and Pop! Each track is very well done and meaningful. Favorite track is Crush.
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I had never heard of these guys before this EP. Boy am I glad I know them now. This is a heart pounding musical experience. It's heavy hitting with glorifying riffs and vocals. Give this a look if you haven't already.
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This is one of the best Metalcore albums I have ever listened to, these boys just get better and better with each album they release. Do not sit on this, these lads deserve all the recognition in the world for this.
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These guys are insane. Not only did they release an album with no singles or promo whatsoever despite their relentless touring, it is also fucking great and one of their best yet. The fact that they made a video for every single song is just the icing on the cake.
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Always loved Taken's stuff. Was shocked they released this. Would recommend If you're into Hardcore stuff why not check it out.
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One of my favourite releases of the year so far! A major step up from Heavy Head!
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I could never get into Dr. Dog until this album - their best work yet!
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A great mashup of punk and emo! Recommended if you like Jawbreaker.
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Really good indie album, one of my favourites of the month. Check it out if you like kinda post-punky, shoegaze-y indie/alternative rock!
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One of the best Singer/Songwriters i've ever listened to. Soft vocals, acoustics/piano tracks and an uncomfortable amount of emotion...what more can a sadboi ask for. If you like to cry, check this out.
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Really great rock Instrumental album I say. If your intro Rock Guitar Riffs as well as instrumentals I say check this out. Always like checking out instrumental rock.
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If you like Emmure and like me, upset we haven't heard anything new from them, this will hold you over. This is an amazing EP with powerful vocals and gut busting instrumental work. Don't sleep on this fantastic release. I can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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Definitely feelin' some Eternity Forever vibes on this. Tom Misch really knows how to make music groovy af. Don't sleep on this! Favorite track: Tick Tock.
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Mind blowing stuff from these guys, do not sit on this! AOTM for me for sure.
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I have never heard of these guys until I posted this album. Definitely check these dudes out if you like groovy, djenty, Progressive Metalcore. You will not be disappointed!
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I highly recommend checking this out. Super interesting and unique mix of indie pop, industrial and electronic music.
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