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    We put together a poll of all of our monthly winners, along with the top picks from everyone's AOTY lists. You have until 10am EST on January 15th to vote, at that time, the poll will close and we will have our winner! The thread will be open for discussion once the poll results are in. You only get one vote and you MAY NOT change it, so please pick carefully. May the best album win! HERE ARE THE NOMINEES (In no order): The Plot In You - Dispose Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection Of Mice & Men - Defy Beartooth - Disease State Champs - Living Proof Don Broco - Technology blessthefall - Hard Feelings Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream Parkway Drive - Reverence Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping Underoath - Erase Me Trash Boat - Crown Shyness The Story So Far - Proper Dose Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want Erra - Neon Silent Planet - When the End Began Fit For a King - Dark Skies Greyhaven - Empty Black Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare twentyonpilots - Trench Breaking Benjamin - Ember Between the Buried and Me - Automata Architects - Holy Hell Slaves - Beautiful Death
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    Let me preface this update by saying we've had an unusually large number of unusually... unusual leak submissions. From Soundcloud rap singles of the lowest quality imaginable to trap releases no one will download, and everything in between. Therefore, staff felt it was necessary to set some ground rules for leak submissions. I'll start by explaining what we're really looking for when we view leak submissions: What We're Looking For an all inclusive list. Leaks! - The point of this system is primarily to have a place for users to sent in unreleased music, hence "Leak" Submissions. If you have a leak, send it in. Important album releases we missed - Really stressing the important here. Staff is pretty good at knowing when stuff comes out, but occasionally we miss a big-ish release. We're looking for users with an understanding of KL's content (i.e. been here a while) to fill in those gaps for us. So if you're creating an account just to submit already released material, chances are it's not something we're looking for. Thanks, but no thanks. The big, not small, singles - As you very well may know, big bands like to announce and tease singles on social media, inherently making it it harder for KL Staff to track all these bands that have a following on KL. Use your judgement on whether you think it's worth staff's time to review and post your submission. Your own material - We're not necessarily looking for this per se, but we like to think that Kingdom Leaks can be a place where up and coming artists can promote their material to an honest and responsive community. What We're NOT Looking For not an all inclusive list, just some examples. Already released music in low quality audio - Please don't submit low quality music from places like YouTube and Soundcloud...if we wanted these web-rips, we would have ripped them ourselves. For example, if an artist has put out a video for a single but hasn't released for purchase yet, just link the video in the chat and say there's a new single from XYZ artist. We'll most likely hear about it within a few hours and have it posted. No need to rip it yourself unless it's a leak. Small singles - Rather than submitting these, post their YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify etc. in the chat for the exposure! If it starts to gain traction, then it may be posted. Shit - Just generally shit, like the aforementioned "12 views, 3 likes on Soundcloud" rap music in 128 kbps...no one here wants that. Changes to the System Time window adjusted to within TWO WEEKS of release - we're doing this in order to keep content on KL fresh, new, and relevant in time. Old rule - "Please do not submit material released more than a month ago. For example, if today's date is April 15, you may only submit leaks from March 15, onward." New rule - "Please do not submit material released more than two weeks ago. For example, if today's date is April 14th, you may only submit leaks from April 1st, onward." TL;DR - Unless you have something that you really think needs the time and attention of our staff, and should be posted, don't submit it. KL Staff
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    Leaked Release - April 4th, 2019 Genre - Post-Hardcore / Metalcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 1. Coven Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Is it just me or lately KL's been inhabited by an active community whose combined intelligence is probably close to that of a pet hamster, holy shit.
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    Next BMTH will feature Lana del Rey and CJ McMahon.
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    Leaked Release - July 19th, 2019 Genre - Neoclassical Darkwave, Death Industrial Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 01. FAITHFUL SERVANT FRIEND OF CHRIST (04:42) 02. DO YOU DOUBT ME TRAITOR (09:35) 03. BUTCHER OF THE WORLD (06:34) 04. MAY FAILURE BE YOUR NOOSE (04:33) 05. FRAGRANT IS MY MANY FLOWER'D CROWN (05:08) 06. IF THE POISON WON'T TAKE YOU MY DOGS WILL (06:31) 07. DAY OF TEARS AND MOURNING (04:44) 08. SORROW! SORROW! SORROW! (06:32) 09. SPITE ALONE HOLDS ME ALOFT (07:25) 10. FUCKING DEATHDEALER (02:33) 11. I AM THE BEAST (07:54) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
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    Leaked Release - March 29, 2019 Genre - Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. The Game (3:23) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Leaked Release - November 23, 2018 Genre - Metalcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR; FLAC Tracklist: 1. Incinerate 2. Dust 3. Survivalist 4. Cultivation of Infection 5. The Hunt Begins 6. Hard Lined Downfall 7. King of the Arctic 8. Sidewinder 9. No Reprisal 10. One with the Sun Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
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    Leaked Release - November 16, 2018 Genre - Melodic Hardcore, Screamo Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 01. Silence (3:13) 02. Detach (3:14) 03. Let You Burn (2:31) 04. Heart Support (4:02) 05. Hang (3:09) 06. Absence (2:52) 07. Mile Zero (3:30) 08. Hands of Complacency (3:00) 09. Touch (2:43) 10. I Have to See This Through (4:14) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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