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    Hey friends! Quick little bump here with something maybe some of you would find interesting. About a month ago we were somehow mentioned as a recommendation on a Metal Australian Podcast and we caught wind of it, we simply thanked them for the mention and that somehow turned into a really in-depth interview podcast episode. If you're interested in hearing a lot more background insight to the making of the album/band and just love BTS kind of stories like that, feel free to check it out! It was a lot of fun to do and technically our first interview following the album release! https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ghfjx-a44022?fbclid=IwAR21xt1VhIbO3ISrE2KSn1Kn8wCQNoOTKS6ZsrLArDO9nHJ8IBRzqWFfyKk
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    Excited to hear more from them. Misery was an awesome EP.
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    New Parkway Drive is essentially In Flames in disguise to be honest. For better or for worse depending how you like that kind of sound.
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    Came here to rant about the AOTY 2018, so... Architects
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    This track is a beast, i swear man march is gonna be epic
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    Memphis May Fire Pierce the Veil Sleeping With Sirens In Hearts Wake Escape the Fate Asking Alexandria I See Stars
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    I just want to have a legit discussion with someone that Erra’s problem is not JT v Garrison as much as Erra with no Alan. I feel like they would have retained many more elements of old Erra with Alan, regardless of who’s on vocals. Listen to JT era TIJ to know there’s more to JT’s range and emotion too. But to answer the original question, Converge is who I don’t get.
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    WOW look at all that sharpness, so edgy.
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