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    Bunch of new covers up on my channel A Zephyr Sunrise. Hope you guys are having a great December
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    Stabbing in the Dark is up for my Profile video above. Bunch of new covers up last Friday. Here's another. This week's gonna be different. Maybe a Neon Graves cover or two. Still listening and learning a lot of what's been released this year. Stay tuned for what's next
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    New covers have been put up, lol I forgot to say something among some normals I did Rocking The Boat more to come throughout Oct. XD
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    In light of IT chapter twos release and The Silver Scream deluxe being released in October, I plan on redoing my cover of It Is The End. I checked it on the Tube and noticed I messed up a lot. Also there will be a nice list of other INK horrors tracks I plan on covering as well for the first week of October. So stay tuned friends ~A Zephyr Sunrise
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    New Cover of Leave It All Behind by SWS is up on YouTube. Got my internet back in full power. I'm back in business boys n girls
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    who is your avi desk wants to know
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    Hi Dean. I know we talk a lot. but i want you to know. i'm nakey.
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    i just realized that i became a KL donator over 2 years omg. i've been using KL for like almost 5 years now and it's been so helpful to me, so if anyone actually sees these status updates, thank you all so much for doing what you do
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