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    They keep getting more whiny and juvenille, but somehow catchier and catchier at the same time
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    Leaked Release - September 6th, 2019 Genre - Post-Hardcore, Emo-Pop Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 01. Steven (4:32) 02. Free Fall Without a Parachute (4:30) 03. Bloody Romance (3:58) 04. Dreaming a Reality (5:00) 05. The Ground Folds (4:09) 06. Handguns and Second Chances (2:21) 07. Bastard Son (4:00) 08. One Eight Seven (4:27) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Hope to see you back round these parts, my Lord. Blessings to thee.
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    Imagine leaving Down & Dirty to join AA. Then imagine ditching AA and spend more than 2 years to release this.
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    Ambition, Ambition, Ambition... Passion, Passion, Passion kid. That's what it takes to make an amazing Fucking ALBUM. No Complaints here. Much better than 'Imaginary Enemy' Why.....They took there time. THE WHOLE ALBUM!. -
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    There really are a lot of great ideas here, and Jason Butler for the most part plays his part well, but based on what is now my second listen, this album feels like "Jason Butler and the letlives." moreso than letlive. It feels like there's him doing his own thing in front of a band that has found itself unable to keep up. There are some golden moments on here, to be sure, like the verses on Who You Are Not, the build on Foreign Cab Rides, and a few key places where the dynamic between heavy and softer pokes its head out (see: the end of Another Offensive song and its transition into the title track) but it also feels like it falls flat a lot of times. This is still a good album, but I would not say it's a particularly good letlive. album.
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