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    Hey guys, made my own artwork since I don't like this original one. What do you think?
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    I've been with miw since creatures so I know very well the progress they made and path they took.Disguise is imo one of their best album,technically it's very well produced and mixed (I don't think that bloopers at the end of 2 songs are annoying or anything,they kinda fit)JD from Ice Nine Kills did amazing job and you can feel INK influence in this record.At first I was surprised by this album for having a lot of clean voice songs tho I liked every single one.It's brave move for miw and very succesful imo. I am to stoned to end this,sorry.who cares anyway
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    Release - May 28, 2019 Genre - Alternative Rock, Emo Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Dull (Acoustic) 2. Wrong (Acoustic) 3. Georgia On My Mind (Acoustic) Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
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    Thoughts & Prayers is one of the best songs they've ever done, definitely the highlight of the album for me and an instant go to song
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    I think Legacy is my favorite. I hope it’s a single.
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    c0de is the best track on here. Fucking great song
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    Wrong. Enterprise Earth isnt on here and is way better than The Valley
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