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    Hey guys, made my own artwork since I don't like this original one. What do you think?
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    I could write a super insightful review, considering these guys are one of my favorites since the Whorror days. But I will just say that I could easily shove this entire album up my ass
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    This is exactly why we make fun of you. The rating is a total nonsense (generally speaking, this isn't about subjectivity anymore) How do you even come up with these numbers?
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    It's embarrassing watching people attempting to "critique" bands such as Motionless in White or I Prevail, especially when it's within the context of "when they used to be good X albums ago". This is the band they've ALWAYS been. They are an unapologetically cheesy metalcore band. That's who they were on their first album and it's who they are now. They were not Deafheaven 3 albums ago. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with loving cheesy metalcore bands, I love lots of em myself. I'm also not saying that you can like one variation of this band while disliking another, but when you start making proclamations about the "glory days" of a band like this as if they used to be at the forefront of progression, it's just sad.
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    I think Legacy is my favorite. I hope it’s a single.
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    I ended up voting for EtS, but this month had quite a few releases that I thoroughly enjoyed: Aaron West, Warforged, AngelMaker, Flying Lotus. Denzel Curry, Carousel Kings, Kurt Travis, WVNDER, Diamond Construct, etc. Really, really enjoyed the Vale of Pnath EP and Daybreak EP's too.
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    Yeah beacuse ITM never released anything prior to this garbage Terrible album and if you're defending it then I assume the worst about you
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    This used to be one of my favorite bands when I was younger, but I just couldn’t get into the last few albums. So far I’m really enjoying this. My favorite song so far is “Where we’re you when the sky opened up.” The guitar and rhythm sounds similar to Angels & Airwaves to me.
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    i love how the site says this and you say "why we make fun of you" great site. 10/10.
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