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    One of the few things in this season I wasn't disappointed about was this soundtrack. This seasons had the best OST. Favorites are "Farewell", "The Bells", "Rains of Castamere (feat. Serj)", "The Night King" among so many others.
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    Leaked Release - March 22, 2019 Genre - Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 01. Head Hunter (2:53) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Release - May 20, 2019 Genre - Rap Metal, Alternative Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. The Truth 2. Introvert 3. The Fall 4. Dead Language 5. Rise Up 6. Head Lights 7. Ill Information 8. Empire 9. Game Over 10. Reality Eyes 11. Believer Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
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    @Lord mR12 do this, but like permanently. Also using "!important" often is no bueno.
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    This is absolutely incredible, the vocals honestly make this album for me. That part at the end of say it to my face where he just whispers cunt a bunch of times is so fucking hard and cool, holy fuck that part makes me want to go crowd kill at a show and I hate crowd killers LOL
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    Wow i can't tell which is worse "ME!" or this shit. KL should make a poll for worst singles of the month.
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    i once wasn't let into a bar while wearing a desolated top i have now found the EP i can crowdkill that fucking asshole bouncer to
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    Loving this direction they are going in! Also the singer Jake is the nicest guy youll ever meet
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