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    Leaked Release - May 17th, 2019 Genre - Hip-Hop/Rap Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC Tracklist: 1. Nothing Great About Britain 2. Doorman 3. Dead Leaves 4. Gorgeous 5. Crack 6. Grow Up feat. Jaykae 7. Inglorious feat. Skepta 8. Toaster 9. Peace of Mind 10. Missing 11. Northampton’s Child Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    Loving this direction they are going in! Also the singer Jake is the nicest guy youll ever meet
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    Leaked Release - May 17th, 2019 Genre - Alternative Metal/Nu-Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Manic Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    This new track is super solid! Can't wait for them to put out an EP or Full-Length. Thanks for posting 🤘🤘
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    very mellow phc, with a great vocalist (reminds me of a more 'soulful' Anthony Green).
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    I felt the verses were way better than the chorus personally, the chorus felt a bit underwhelming. Overall a good song, but like a few of the comments above state I hope other songs have more impact like "Beautiful Things" and "Forever Yours" off of their debut.
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    Dude hasn't been good since Goblin, not expecting much from this 😂
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    This is gonna be the best day of my all out life
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    Song will definitely be more and more interesting with each listen, it's not "Iowa's levels of heavy" but it's pretty cool and interesting. Masks are cool, except for Corey.
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    Tracklisting: 1. Insert Coin 2. Unsainted 3. Birth Of The Cruel 4. Death Because Of Death 5. Nero Forte 6. Critical Darling 7. Liar’s Funeral 8. Red Flag 9. What’s Next 10. Spiders 11. Orphan 12. My Pain 13. Not Long For This World 14. Solway Firth
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