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    Yikes this is awful, and i liked most of "California" That person above isnt too far off, the chorus does sound like Imagine Dragons & in a Blink song that is a bad thing.
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    Couldn't get into their last album at all, thought it was meh. sooooooo gonna pass on this too cuz I prefer the older Emery with screams.
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    The EP was 10/10. This is -3/10 Don't understand those Korn comparisons though
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    Damn, if what you're saying is true regarding this being better than WoDS, then this is for sure going to be truly insane. Color me hyped
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    Release - May 8, 2019 Genre - Pop Punk Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Blame It On My Youth (3:06) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    This. Their melodic side goes best when mixed with some aggressiveness. The last album was a serious letdown
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    While I haven't finished yet, I would agree that this is better than Dying Sun. Definitely going to be jamming this for weeks.
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    I legit though I heard this song before lmao. This uses the exact same production and mix template as Unleashed and the lyrics are the same as every song on Unleashed as well. I mean it's not terrible and I'm sure this will top the active rock charts but it also feels kinda cheap.
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    this new loathe single is really good
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