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    Lots of dick head ass comments over a free song.
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    Couldn't get into their last album at all, thought it was meh. sooooooo gonna pass on this too cuz I prefer the older Emery with screams.
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    This. Their melodic side goes best when mixed with some aggressiveness. The last album was a serious letdown
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    I know, i kind of killed it. As is always the case with music fans, you're allowed to love something, but if you dislike something, there must be some silly reason why. I'm clinging onto the past, i hate when bands i like change, i was never a *real* fan, i'm being edgy....whatever. It's like it's impossible that i simply really disliked everything after Meteora, and consider everything after to be generic drivel. It must be motivated by something else, because it's impossible that it's just that simple.
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    Listen to the full length they put out last year asap. Its incredible.
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    It was leaked yesterday and then any and all posts of the song were quickly taken down by Warner Bros, some people were able to save it obviously. It's essentially from the OML sessions and my theory is that there's a chance that they were reworking this song along with others for a new album which explains why Warner went super crazy about it
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    I LOVE this but I’m bias. It would have felt good to of heard Chester on this instead of mike, but I’ll take what I can get since Mike is a hero of mine. I really miss Chester.
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    this new loathe single is really good
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    Quite an assumption to make, and i'd question if anyone on this site has been "involved" with Linkin Park on any level besides listening to their music and going to gigs. Everything Linkin Park did after Meteora was a mix of generic, unimaginative or just plain bad. They had an amazing, unique sound with two brilliant vocalists playing off each other perfectly, but they changed into a band who lost all of what made them great. Bands can evolve and change, some get better, some stay the same level, but with a different sound. Linkin Park? They just got worse. A lot worse.
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    Looking at the comments of just not this song but many other pop songs on this site, there is a MASSIVE bias on here. Not even a small bias but a huge ass one. As a guy who does listen to mainly rock, metal, and some industrial I do love when shit has meaning or some type of substance behind it, but where's the harm in listening to somehing just for the fun of it? The song obviously isn't the most amazing thing but its not even close to the worst she's put out. They sound great, the melody is actually pretty refreshing, and its just a fun song. Thats all it is, just a fun pop song.
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