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    Release - February 6, 2019 Genre - Rock, Alternative Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. We're Not Alright Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes
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    there are thousands of awesome bands in Australia, I think there's something in their food I don't know
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    Hmmm, if I remember correctly this is the project with Joe from Knuckle Puck and the Real Friends guy 🤔.
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    Thank you good sir - I can definitely fucks with this! Chorus definitely has some 2000s vibes to it🤘
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    Most excellent! Loved this album, and I’m happy to hear any acoustic version of any song from it! Thanks!
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    Release - September 14th, 2009 Genre - Metalcore / Post-Hardcore / Ambient Quality - MP3 320 kbps CBR Tracklist 1. The Severing (07:46) 2. Vertigo (07:10) 3. Mononoke-Picture (06:38) 4. Atonement (02:40) Download Support! iTunes
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    A bit of an old one, but I HIGHLY recommend everyone at least check out at least one song from here. This seriously changed the way that I look at music as a whole when it was released, and helped be a gateway into new and exciting genres. Easy 10/10 album if I were to rate it.
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    I mean he said on the email not to share them so isn't this kinda.. disrespectful? Meh I'm still gonna listen haha
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